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What signals are behind Greece's further deregulation of capital?
According to Reuters, Greece's finance minister said that Greece planned to further relax capital controls as soon as possible and expected to lift all restrictions imposed three years ago.
In an interview with the Naftemporiki newspaper, Euclid Tsakalotos said, "We will soon introduce new capital controls," but did not specify the time.
Through this new easing policy, we will complete the second regulation on cash withdrawals and bank account opening.
We will enter the final stage of the complete deregulation of capital.
The third and final regulation is about the restrictions on the transfer of capital abroad.
Greece imposed capital controls in July 2015 to prevent the capital flight of its banks.
At the height of the debt crisis, Greece faced bankruptcy and exit from the euro zone.
In June, the Greek Ministry of Finance raised the monthly withdrawal limit for Greek savers from 2300 euros to 5000 euros.
The amount of money savers can carry out each time has also increased from 2300 euros to 3000 euros (whether in euros or other extra currencies).
Moreover, since July 1, the limit for individual depositors to remit money overseas has been raised to 4,000 euros.
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    ABOUT kansas local customs, tourist attractions
    Topeka The central American agricultural state.
    Area of 213 thousand square kilometers.
    The population of 2 million 495 thousand (1991).
    The capital of Topeka.
    The largest city in wichita.
    In 1803 a part of the land acquired from france.
    Statehood in 1861. Almost to the ground, the East is the central lowland area, 300.400 meters above sea level, in the western part of the West Pacific is the original, the most up to 1200 meters.
    A temperate continental climate, annual rainfall of 1000 mm from the east to west is reduced to about 400 mm.
    Often with drought and sandstorm.
    Agriculture and animal husbandry was much farm.
    Wheat accounted for about three of the farmland in the two production ranks first in the country (1980).
    Followed by maize, sorghum, oats, etc.
    Livestock to cattle feeding mainly for dairy cattle, sheep, etc *.
    The mining industry in petroleum and natural gas important.
    Industrial food processing (mainly flour), petroleum processing etc.
    Victor is a famous national aircraft industry center.
    By the influence of Puritanism, from 1880 to 1948 the implementation of the prohibition law, now on Sundays and holidays still can not buy wine.
    Nelson - Atkins Gallery The United States and Kansas: Nelson Atkins Museum A piece of grass planted on the slopes, from afar, to see is not a $196 million Art Museum (the structure of four points on the ground, only five Tripitaka) crystal glass box part visible on constructed buildings.
    Early in the construction stage, this work can be begun on the deviant, but also the only way design, worthy of the Museum's collection that America's top art.
    Wichita Wichita is located in Sedgewick county, Arkansas the Kansas River, is the largest city in the state of Sedgewick county and county seat.
    The city is a major us aircraft manufacturing center and cultural center, has five aircraft manufacturers and Mcconnell air force base, it is also known as the "air capital".
    Wichita, established in 1863, after the south to the north from Texas to open new shipping cattle through here and the "cow town", is now the state's center of famous culture, media and trade.
    As the Kansas cultural center, Wichita is a Museum of history and art Museum located in Wichita, Kansas Art Museum, the largest Museum of art collection to 7000 pieces.
    Victor and the Sedgewick county Historical Museum focuses on the Wichita and Sedgewick county history, and history of related items.
    Sedgewick county Zoo is the most famous animal Wichita watch, you can enjoy a variety of 500, about more than 2500 cute animal, one of Kansas's best outdoor tourism destination.
    Reason: the largest city in Kansas
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Kansas: [Kansas State]
    Wichita city attractions: [Wichita]

    Mushroom rock state park Mushroom rock state park is located in the us state of Kansas Yan Shan area, although the area is only 5 acres, but it has some of the most bizarre Balanced Rock on the earth, such as mushroom rock, huge rock, rock shoes, countless other different shapes.
    Mushroom rock is the biggest bright spot here, it is like a giant mushroom, look at it, the child may think of "Alice in Wonderland" in smoking a hookah caterpillar lying on the rest above.
    Mushroom rock is like a work in progress, unfortunately, when at the end of this work, the rock structure will come to the end of life.
    Although weathering and rain is a very slow process, but after years of vicissitudes, they can also have a significant impact.
    In the mushroom rock body, we can easily see harder and more dark Dakota sandstone - "cap rock" how to protect the more soft color stone brighter as the base.
    In fact, the narrow base was once a part of different strata, the strata erosion after long time, largely gone.
    Mushroom Rock State Park
    Reason: Kansas, one of the most famous wonders of Balanced Rock
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Kansas: [Kansas State]
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