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How to organize therapy abroad 1. Confirmation of coverage of health insurance Before you go abroad, you need to confirm that:
Does the treatment belong to the benefits you enjoy in your country?
Do you need authorization from your health insurance company (most hospitalizations require authorization) Are your treatment expenses reimbursed?
If so, please confirm the reimbursement rate.
2 Seek medical institutions for treatment You can find a medical institution to provide treatment in another EU country by:
Ask your local health insurance company Ask your country's or therapeutic country's national contact points about the planned medical system Look for a medical institution directly by yourself Mesa Verde National Park is a North American Indian cultural relics reserve, located in the southwest Colorado desert and Canyon rock zone, covers an area of 20 thousand and 100 hectares.
Opened in 1906 as a national park, and the establishment of specialized management agencies.
Mesa Verde National Park is a man-made building for the protection and the establishment of the national parks in the United States, located between the southwest Colorado Montezuma Valley and the Mancos Valley, there are more than 4000 sites, the main attractions include the cliff palace, spruce tree house, cliff palace.
Mesa Verde, the Spanish word for green platform, as of eighteenth Century the name of the Spanish explorer.
About 2000 years ago, a Indian tribe called ANASA Karzai in the establishment of small kingdoms.
At first they were built of rough pit houses, as the earliest settlement and farming for the indians.
In order to avoid the other tribes after the invasion, began to migrate to the canyon on both sides of the stone quarry mountains, precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, stone walls, Gouzhi cliff stone, known in history as the cliff dwellers.
The park remains of Indian architectural monuments are mainly two most concentrated and maximum: one is the cliff palace, a spruce tree house.
The former is built around eleventh Century, like a modern apartment building form, 2, 3, 4 layers of several specifications, a total of more than 200 rooms.
In the cliff edge of the palace, is also covered with many circular underground chamber, for the tribes or worship in social activities.
These buildings have been abandoned for 700 years, but still can be seen on construction scale and technology skills that year.
Spruce tree house is the second largest construction site, built around twelfth Century.
A total of more than 100 cliff houses.
There are 500 houses around the house, used to worship the temple of the sun and balcony house, house, house, Sunset Tower, cedar house echo chamber etc.
Because of these stone houses were built in the visitors on the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, a startling burglary must climb the ladder or to fear the escalator down to the basement.
In addition there are also developed in both sides of the canyon slope terrace, built in the valley in the pond, some ruins painted murals.
Piyou Park Museum, the museum collection of these tribal handicrafts, such as black and white pottery pattern sleek, Yuanyang cup, cup, vase and even handle.
At the end of thirteenth Century, occurred between drought and tribal fighting in this area in recent years, the 1 of them give up their homes, the survivors fled their homes, leaving the village.
In early nineteenth Century it was gradually from the settlers or local herders found.
These monuments are a symbol of Indian continent civilization highly developed, for the understanding of Columbo discovered America before the American Indian life is very valuable, but also a historical and cultural tourism landscape.
UNESCO has listed it as one of the world's 12 major places of historic interest and scenic beauty.
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