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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    California is a state American Western Pacific coast. The North East in Oregon, Nevada and Arizona, south of Mexico, West by the Pacific ocean. Area of 411013 square kilometers, the name of the name from a small island in the Spanish legend.
    The northwest corner of California have red Wood National Park; a Yosemite National Park, Jens Canyon National Park in eastern Sierra Nevada foothills west slope; southeast of Death Valley National Monument, the Joshua Tree National monument.
    The state flower is the Jin Yingsu (Golden Poppy). The state bird is the California quail (California Valley Quail). The state tree is the California mahogany (California Redwood). The motto is "I have found it" (I have found it).
    California is located in the southwestern United States, Mexico to the South and the Pacific Ocean to the West and north to Oregon, east of Nevada and adjacent to the southeast and Arizona.
    State of California

    Alias Golden State
    Administrative region class state
    USA belongs to western area
    Under the jurisdiction of Losangeles area, San Francisco
    Government resident of Sacramento
    Area of 423970 square kilometers
    A population of 40120000 (2013)
    California dialect of English
    Climatic conditions in different climate of North and South
    The state public train station train station
    License plate code CAL
    The population density of 87.85 people / sq km (2013)

    Climate and area: 423971 square kilometers of state area, ranking third in the United States 50. Is a temperate climate, humid and rainy winter, the average temperature of 7 degrees Celsius to 17 degrees Celsius; summer dry, sunny, the average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius to 26 degrees celsius.
    Urban population: California national population density is the highest in the state. It has a population of about 3769 million (in 2011), ranking first in the nation, as a Chinese national is the most concentrated area, Sacramento (Sacramento), major cities in Southern California have (Los Angeles) and (Santiago), the major cities in Northern California is San Francisco.
    History: in 1542-1579, Portuguese and the British people has came to California Adventure, began in the late 18th century, Spanish missionaries gradually established settlements.
    1846-1848 years of the Mexican American war ended, California was divided into the United States and Mexico, today's California and Mexico. California joined the United States in 1850 to become the United States thirty-first states.
    Economic indicators: California is the largest state of the U.S. economy, in 2011 GDP was $19589, accounting for 13.08% of the proportion of the United States GDP, ranking first in the state of the United states. 2011 per capita GDP51972 us dollars.
    Trade situation: foreign trade occupies an important position in the economy of California, accounting for about 25% of California's gross domestic product, and second of American States in export trade (first in Texas).

    2011 total exports of foreign trade 159 billion 350 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 11.3%. The main export products for civil aircraft and parts, electronic products, industrial machinery, computers, transportation tools, precision instruments, oil, etc.. California products to the world's 224 countries and regions, mainly in Mexico, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, China Hongkong, Taiwan, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Holland, etc..
    Japan is the largest investor in California, the other major foreign source countries are: Holland, the United Kingdom and germany. Foreign investors in the main areas of investment in California is very wide, there are manufacturing, service and wholesale. Investment in manufacturing is concentrated in the high-tech industries, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, computer and electronic industries. Foreign investment in the service industry is mainly concentrated in the bank, the foreign bank's assets in the total assets of the Bank of California accounted for 1/5.
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