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Which majors are most popular in German universities?
Immediately Mark these hot majors!
Many people say that liberal arts students should go to France to study, because the French art atmosphere is strong, while science students should go to Germany to study, because Germany is a powerful industrial country.
The major of mechanical engineering, automobile manufacturing, communication and information, architecture and so on in German universities have always been the classic majors we choose to study abroad.
1. Mechanical Engineering Subject introduction German mechanical specialty is the largest specialty in Germany.
The importance attached to it by German universities is clearly reflected in the research funds invested in it.
Taking Aachen University of Technology as an example, by 2007, 5448 students had registered for the major of mechanical manufacturing, and about 20 scientific researchers, with an average research fund of 224,000 per person.
This is enough to show the expectations of German society and universities for this major.
At the same time, universities spend more money to build first-class experiments, which greatly improves the competitiveness of students.
For our excellent students in science and Engineering in China, it will be easy to learn.
Prospects for Discipline Employment The number of German machinery manufacturing enterprises is much larger than that of automobile manufacturing and chemical industry.
As a traditional manufacturing industry in Germany, it has won countless honors for Germany, and now it has maintained a leading position in the same industry in the worlD.Most of the enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises.
For those who want to stay in Germany after graduation, the chances are greater than those of automobile manufacturing and chemical industry.
This major will have an excellent employment prospects both at present and in the future.
Recommended Universities:
Top10, a German mechanical major, was selected according to German Economic Weekly.
The top three are:
Aachen University of Technology, Munich University of Technology and Karlsruhe University.
2. biology Subject introduction Biology is the science of studying organisms.
It describes and studies various forms of organisms, life phenomena and their relationships.
Starting from the characteristics of organisms, this discipline has four main branches:
botany (theory and doctrine of plants), zoology (theory and doctrine of animals), microbiology (theory and doctrine of microorganisms), anthropology (human comparative biology from the perspective of space and time, the relationship between human beings and primates).
Prospects for Discipline Employment Most of the biologists without a teacher's certificate (ohne Lehram tsabschluss) work in universities and research institutes.
In addition, it can also go to pharmaceutical factories, chemical factories, food factories, breweries, leather products factories, textile factories and federal and state organs responsible for the implementation of environmental and health protection laws and regulations.
They can also work in the media, publishing houses and other places, which is a very good job prospects for German students studying abroad.
Recommended Universities:
According to QS German University Biology Ranking, the top three universities are Munich University, Heidelberg University and Gottingen University.
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    ABOUT arizona local customs, tourist attractions
    Grand canyon National Park is located in the western United States Valley in the western United States numerous canyons, especially in the Grand canyon of colorado as the representative of the natural landscape is very famous in Grand canyon National Park, the most interesting place is south, this time came here to play, of course to the southern margin of the fun.
    Southern Grand canyon National Park is the most fun place - Southern wants to go to Grand canyon National Park to play, you need to first select a suitable place to stay, so as to reach the southern margin of the scenic spots within a short period of time.
    My hotel is located in Las Vegas of the MGM Hotel, starting from here in the morning only one hour will see the entrance of Grand canyon National Park.
    Southern Grand canyon National Park is the most fun place - Then go through the entrance, South to go by helicopter to Grand canyon National Park.
    Then advance a helicopter on the plane, apart from me, there are three peer tourists.
    With the aircraft flying at high altitude, we soon came to the south of Grand canyon National Park is the most fun place -.
    The beginning of the second day seems to be the first day of the replica is only sent out first exploration of a climate after we just jumped out of bed in the.
    When Yaki Point arrived, found on highway 64 and Yaki Point has been closed due to heavy snow, but we analyze those roadblocks are the first day of release, today is yet to come and get rid
    So we bypass the roadblock to Yaki Point.
    this time finally pays off, we see the whole process of the sunrise.
    However, we see the sunrise is not the most concern, then the big bottom journeys more exciting.
    We choose a path called Kaibab under trailhead in the Yaki Valley, just around Point.
    To see where we are enthusiastic, immediately dispelled half, the trail is covered with snow, and the surrounding is the abyss, without any protective railing.
    When 3 foreigners cliff let's help the camera, I saw people armed with poles, non slip spikes, when you want to beat a retreat, but it has been suggested that the first gradually go back to try, if too much risk.
    After all, the trip is not easy, who are willing to abandon it easily, we start the four valley.
    Grand canyon Happy Tour Don't step a few steps, I saw a sign 1 "warning: do not attempt a day arrived in colorado River and back".
    Grand canyon Happy Tour At that time I was a bit confused, because we are ready for reciprocating within a day, but the Raiders said 4 hours, so let's put it at one time, ignoring its existence to move on.
    Walk up rather than look so terrible, at least to feel many wide.
    A beginning of our most careful, the road is steep and slippery, and often.
    The edge of the road in the snow covered by U are unclear in many corner if not careful see, is likely to be a free fall along the fault.
    Because we pay attention to road risk, busy feet, actually often forget to enjoy the scenery along the way.
    I stood Look around, the sky above the cloudless, the yellow cliff is sparse pine in Berlin, covering the local arm tanguticus - chu wind F looks down again, is deep, just look at a look, legs began to limp;
    while the bottom path looks all the more steep, plus around the different viewpoint the slope of the gravity field direction seems to have changed, the focus also will be unstable, the body as to be unable to restrain the emotions the abyss sucked, so I hurried to take the mind, continue to move forward.
    canyon De chelly National Mounument is located in Arizona Territory of Indian reserve center, the canyon is also translated as Xiao gu.
    The Dixiao Valley covers an area of 83840 square hectares, about 339.3 square kilometers.
    De chelly is a Indian Navajo Spanish transliteration, meaning "rock".
    In Dixiao Valley National Memorial Park can not only enjoy the Grand canyon, the ancient Indian ruins, can also look up the 229 meter high stone spider, the spider stone for spider woman named, with her knitting technology to teach women wachow well-known, far and near.
    Tourists may in the scenic area, only in the local Indian tour guide to accompany or park patrol into the scenic tour.
    Mention of Arizona Indian reservation, have to mention the Navajo country (Navajo Nation).
    Navajo is an Indian in the country is the United States, the Navajo country, is a semi autonomous Located in northeastern Arizona, southeastern Utah and northwestern New Mexico, was established in 1 June, 1868. The area of 71000 km2, a population of 173987, in addition to live on the reservation in the population, and quite a few scattered throughout North america.
    The capital Window Rock window stone.
    The main economic sources of ore, wool textile, tourism and handicrafts, has its own elected president and humble presidential palace.
    1, Xiao Gu Dixiao Valley National Memorial Park blogs Some people say the most beautiful Dixiao Valley spring, canyon full of wild flowers in full bloom;
    also a wild profusion of vegetation, some people say the intoxicating autumn Dixiao Valley, colorful autumn leaves the entire canyon with a riot of colours.
    But I was on the early winter Dixiao Valley has a special liking, especially appreciate is the mysterious sense of the vicissitudes of life.
    Especially the emotion of the branches, leaves are no longer completely occlusion, revealing their vigorous curve, like Indian character printing with red and yellow phase around the valley and hui.
    This gave us the guide and the local Indian jeep driver brother Bobby pointed to my camera and told me: "every autumn I have to take a lot of groups, these members are back with your camera with a tripod."
    I quickly waved his hand and said, I am not pro (Professional), just an amateur.
    I think he is a professional photographer and hardcore photography enthusiasts.
    They and the general tour is different after dark night view into the canyon, designed to shoot cool moonlight flute Valley, the early morning of the second day morning to return to filming in the morning canyon.
    Dixiao Valley National Memorial Park blogs We arrived at that time too early, in the presidential palace staff also didn't go to work.
    After we took a photo in a pedestrian around a middle.
    aged woman, Navalho (later she introduced herself was Navalho's secretary of state, but forgot to write her name) to open the gates of the president's palace invited us into the presidential palace to visit.
    The Secretary of state is to tea and coffee, and give a detailed description of the Navajo country's history, politics, culture and education in all aspects of the situation, and finally forget enthusiastically please use the inside of the Restroom.
    I was deeply touched by the simplicity and enthusiasm of the Indians, but also very envious of the Navajo Indians have such an amiable and easy of approach to the Secretary of state.
    9, the presidential palace in the living room.
    The photo on the wall is the beauty of Navalho in china Dixiao Valley National Memorial Park blogs 10, within the presidential palace Dixiao Valley National Memorial Park blogs 11, the presidential palace across the hundred meters is the famous stone window, named after the capital.
    Dixiao Valley National Memorial Park blogs The window stone sculpture in front of the movie "wind in the language of the role, to commemorate and thank Navalho for the people of Indian.
    According to records of the military in World War II the telegraph has been the Japanese password deciphered, then I do not know what smart think use in Navajo Indians in secret.
    The us will not only invited a Navajo, and English Indians came to the us Army, responsible for the password into Navajo sent, the move baffled Japanese intelligence officers for the us made distinctions won in battle.
    The movie "wind language" that is based on the historical facts of adaptation.
    12 in the morning, the window of stone f you love the Western scenery, then the American natural landscape must be very yearning.
    Want to go to American tourists, if you can see into the Indian settlements, it is indeed a wonderful trip.
    Want to travel to the United States on the way into the lives of Indians?
    So let us transit network lead everyone into the American flute Valley, while watching the American magical scenery, feel the vicissitudes of life!
    Into the Indian settlements - West Dixiao Valley West Indian flute Valley is located in the living area, where the scenery is very beautiful valley overlap.
    covers an area of 83840 square hectares of land distribution with many natural formation of the landscape, the mysterious land where the ancient legend of Indian, which is the widest range of spider rock legend, spider spider woman named for stone.
    When you get involved in the Dixiao Valley, walking in the way will see engraved in the cliff paintings, the painting depicts the earliest Indian understanding of this land, the character portrayed vividly.
    Want to feel the Dixiao Indians live in the valley, you can choose to live in the Sacred Valley Hotel, this is the creation of a hotel interior decoration of the Indians, Indians live performance of the most incisive.
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