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3. Environmental Science Major Subject introduction Germany is a country that pays great attention to environmental protection.
The cost of wastewater treatment in Germany is much higher than that of water supply facilities.
Air monitoring stations are located all over Germany, providing 24-hour automatic monitoring of air quality.
Many students are enrolled in environmental protection majors in universities along with the environmental protection craze.
They are generally divided into environmental science majors, environmental engineering majors and resources and environment science majors.
Prospects for Discipline Employment Now, Germany has nearly 10 billion mark of environmental loans every year, and enterprises have invested between 6 billion and 8 billion mark of environmental protection every year.
Germany's environmental protection technology and products have accounted for 21% of the world market.
It is a very good decision to choose the major of environmental protection science to study in Germany.
Recommended University According to the ranking of environmental science majors of German universities in 2017, the top three universities are Aachen University of Technology, Gottingen University and Humboldt University in Berlin.
4. Law Major Subject introduction The German law specialty has inherited the rigorous education style of Germany.
Among the many German University specialties, the German law specialty has been welcomed by more and more national jurists by virtue of its rigorous academic attitude.
The German law major is basically divided into two directions:
Staatsexam (National Examination) and M agister Legum (LL.
Among them, a system similar to LL.
is also called Aufbaustudium (Advanced Learning).
The degree of the national examination is similar to that of the Chinese undergraduate and postgraduate students.
The required time for graduation is 12 semesters (six years), but the criterion for graduation is whether they can pass the first national judicial examination in Germany; LL.
is the same as LL.
in Britain and the United States.
One-year schooling system (with a few two years), six or seven courses, and five or more courses with "good" can take part in the graduation defense (the requirements of each school may be required).
It's different.
Prospects for Discipline Employment Germany is the representative country of the continental law system, and the German code is the reference basis for many countries of the continental law system to formulate the code.
China is also a country of continental law system, so it is very beneficial for students studying law in Germany.
Recommended University In Manager Magazin's ranking of law majors, Minster University ranked first, Freiburg University ranked tenth, and Bonn University ranked eleventh.
5. Medical Specialty Subject introduction German medical specialty is one of the best majors in Germany to study abroaD.In Germany, the Chinese medicine specialty ranks firSt.Pharmaceutical industry is also a strong project in German industry.
The turnover of pharmaceutical industry ranks second in German industrial turnover, and Bayer Pharmaceutical ranks fourth in European pharmaceutical enterprises.
Prospects for Discipline Employment If you majored in medicine (including dentists), congratulations on getting a job in Betbezahltest after graduation.
Medical students in Germany have a high entry threshold and difficult to graduate, so their salaries will not be low after graduation.
Secondly, MINT-Studieng nge (Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwis Senschaft, Technik) college graduates also get good income in their first job.
Recommended University The University of Heidelberg has a Medical Research Institute of the Max Planck Association and a cancer research centre in Germany.
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