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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
6. Economics major Subject introduction As one of the seven economic powers in the West, German economy ranks first in Europe (equal to the sum of Britain and France).
Its total economic output is second only to that of the United States and Japan, ranking third in the worlD.It is called "the locomotive of European economy".
GDP accounts for one third of the EU.
Its domestic universities attach great importance to the teaching quality of economics.
Prospects for Discipline Employment Take Cologne University as an example.
The Department of Economics of Cologne University has more than 10,000 students.
It is the largest department of economics in Germany.
Aojielong University is the uncrowned king of economics, and is favored by employers.
It is the champion of BWL (Business Economics) and VWL (National Economics).
Recommended University In 2018, Thames Higher Education adopted 13 stringent measurement indicators to judge the world's "management University rankings", especially the leading universities in the fields of "business, management, accounting and finance, economics and econometrics".
Top3 universities in Germany are Mannheim University, Munich University and Bonn University.
7. Electrical Engineering Subject introduction Electrical Engineering covers almost all engineering activities related to electronics and photons, and the employment scope is very wide.
Even in Germany, the supply of electrical engineering professionals in high-tech exporting countries is in short supply.
Therefore, there is no problem that excellent electrical engineering students can not find jobs, and the future development momentum is rapid.
Prospects for Discipline Employment Mainly engaged in electrical engineering related system operation, automatic control, power electronic technology, information processing, test analysis, research and development, economic management and electronic and computer technology applications and other fields.
Electrical automation is widely used in factories.
It can be said that electrical automation is the only thing that is indispensable in factories and the pillar of factories.
If you are more proficient in electrical automation, the employer will immediately ask you, no matter what unit, it is better to use the electronic factory, because the electronic factory uses automation, programming and design every day.
If you are serious about the requirements of working conditions, the best thing is the Electricity Bureau.
Good welfare and high salary.
Then there is the design institute, which is relatively easy to work.
The hardest part is the Engineering Bureau.
Because it's going to run around with the project site.
But wages are not low.
It can also turn to automation, electronics and other directions.
The most important thing is that you will never worry about finding a joB.Although the first few years were bitter, they didn't take much money.
But as your work experience grows, your salary will increase rapidly.
Recommended University In 2018, Germany ranked the top three in electrical specialty:
Munich Polytechnic University, Karlsruhe Polytechnic University and Aachen Polytechnic University.
8. Information Major Subject introduction Informatics is a science, technology and application that deals with the processing and transmission of data and information through automation/utilization of machines, especially digital computers.
Informatics is closely related to mathematics and electrotechnics/electronics.
But we can also regard it as a basic discipline to study the technical, organizational and social problems that arise in the development and application of information processing systems.
Prospects for Discipline Employment The employment scope of graduates majoring in informatics is mainly data processing/computer technology (hardware and software) companies, companies producing systems (IT systems) for information technology and telecommunication technology, companies providing systems and services for information technology and telecommunication technology, such as production systems and software companies, service companies in IT industry, information processing consulting companies.
In addition, information graduates can also work in IT departments of organizations using information processing systems, that is, they can find jobs in IT departments of different industries, such as research and development institutions, production planning and control institutions, enterprise organizations and so on.
In addition, there are also a large number of employment opportunities in the public service sector.
Recommended University Dresden University of Technology; Caru Institute of Technology (formerly University of Karlsruhe); Berlin University of Technology; Damstadt University of Technology; Hanover University; Aachen University of Technology; Brunswick University of Technology; Stuttgart University; Munich University of Technology, etc.
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