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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
The latest data:
700,000 foreigners immigrated to the United States, and the Chinese ranked third.
According to the latest statistics released by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, 707 265 foreigners were granted U.S. citizenship in fiscal year 2017 (October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017), down 6.08% from fiscal year 2016, the Times of India reported on September 19. Among the 707 265 people, 118 559 Mexicans, 50 802 Indians and 37 674 Chinese were in the top three.
"Mexicans, Indians and Chinese seem to be more fortunate at a time when the American dream of many immigrants is increasingly elusive," the Times of India said, noting that the number of "new Americans" from these three countries increased in fiscal year 2017, contrary to the overall decline in the number of new Americans in the United States.
Other major sources of New Americans are the Philippines, Dominica, Cuba and Vietnam.
According to the Department of Homeland Security, immigrants from North America and Asia account for 72.6% of the total number of New Americans.
According to the Times of India, immigration experts say foreigners eager to become American citizens are facing more obstacles nowadays.
The United States is currently conducting "extreme censorship" of applicants, and applications are being rejected for "weird reasons" dating back many years.
Reported that only green card holders can apply for naturalization in the United States, although they can live and work in the United States for a long time, but the uncertainty caused by the changing visa policy of the United States government and Washington's preference for more jobs for American citizens are prompting many green card holders to apply for American citizenship.
NBC News reported Wednesday that data from the New American National Partnership, an American immigration and Refugee Rights organization, showed that the backlog of naturalization applications in the United States has reached 753,000, an 87% surge compared with 2015. Many people who have lived legally in the United States for more than 10 years have been expelled and piled up to apply for naturalization for fear of the Trump Administration's immigration policy.
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    The United States of california center in many valleys, waterfalls, lakes, glaciers, glacial famous Yosemite National Park, to show us the world rare by glaciers and large granite relieF- It is 600.4000 meters above sea level, also found many rare plant and animal species survival.
    The world's few places like Yosemite Valley, a small place can have so many strong grand beauty, it is a 12 km long masterpiece of nature, the varied landscape, beautiful, no wonder the great naturalist John Muir exclaimed: "God always seems to be here as Kung Fu beauty.
    Yosemite Valley nestled in the central Sierra Nevada in the state of california, many splendid natural beauty home.
    Alpine mountain scenery, tall Sequoia crown special Valley scenery, all that John Samet Siti has become a rare natural scenic spot.
    Naturalist John.
    Muir was so described here there is a beauty: "only by hand built temples to be rivaled."
    John Samet Siti is icy into, in the late glacial age, huge ice cut cut bare mountains, steep cliffs and a huge monolith.
    The Great Lakes Plain Valley by meltwater Huicheng by sedimentation and the formation
    Today, after full of flowers covered with Grass Valley, around the waterfall is strange.
    The geographical evolution is still in progress, is still in the rising Lake silted up.
    The natural biological evolution, the survival of the fittest by tall Sequoia Sequoia is very remarkable, refractory, periodic fires for Sequoia, it is necessary to clear the ground, the fire can be dense plants, the young chinese fir growth.
    The level of scattered natural scenery with stunning beauty, in the area of a large number of animal and plant growth.
    Here is the Merced River and waterfall, 739 meters high in Jose Miti falls, this is the world's third longest waterfall.
    There are many beautiful dome and mountain landscape, is the world's largest and most magnificent rock -- most of John Muir Jose Miti to become a part of American concern and to establish the United States forest protection policy he was a key figure.
    In his life he spent most of time in Mountain Areas -- especially Yosemite roaming to describe the natural wonders over there.
    The great American photographer Ansel Adams successfully played the role of mountain wilderness publicity, he filmed the Yosemite and each local environment in different seasons and different tone of black and white photos.
    Unforgettable is El capie Staw.
    This is a vertically upward from the bottom up to 1099 meters of granite wall.
    A small part of Yosemite Valley is an area of 3080 square kilometers with national park iose grain.
    In 1864, the valley became the first state park in the United States;
    in 1890, the surrounding area was designated as a national park;
    in 1906, the National Park with the state park.
    In the south near the entrance of the park, the Mariposa jungle has a huge Redwood, with thousands of years of age.
    The East is popular the Tuolumne meadows Highlands, where giant stone dome stands in a wild profusion of vegetation on the meadow, the water is clean and not contaminated.
    Across the Tuolumne meadows is 3031 meters long Tioga pass, it is the commanding heights of the park, there is a steep downward path through the Sierra Nevada mountains on the eastern side of the Inyo national foreSt. The north is very few people visit the Jose Miti mountain area, including the Beh Zich chi canyon reservoir and Tuolumne River, built in 1913, it was an almost comparable to irrigation and Yosemite Valley.
    Monterey Population: 28246 (July 2011) Mayor: chuck Della Sala Total area: 30469 square kilometers Time zone: the Pacific time zone (UTc8) Phone number: 831 The United States of california (Monterey city is located in central california on the Pacific coast of Monterey Bay, 119 miles south of San Francisco).
    The climate of Monterey is similar to the effect of the Pacific Ocean, Mediterranean climate.
    Therefore, Monterey's average temperature range from about 16 degrees in winter to about 22 degrees in summer.
    The average annual rainfall of 495 mm, most rainfall occurred in November to April, and in the summer precipitation had little or No. The annual precipitation can be observed for an average of 70 days.
    Summer in Monterey is likely to be cold and foggy.
    Monterey has perfected the art of community.
    As local and international well-known artists in Museums and entertainment meet the eye everywhere.
    The city since the late 1800s there are a large number of artists living.
    Art and culture atmosphere.
    The Monterey peninsula area has a very long history and famous marine organisms with richness and diversity, including sea lions, otters, seals, bat rays, kelp (seaweed) forest, pelicans and dolphins.
    The fishery is also very famous .
    The old city of Santiago Old Town, not only is the birthplace of Santiago, is also the first Europeans to settle the.
    Here is full of Spanish style buildings, restaurants and all kinds of traditional flavor of Mexico, reflects the city experienced the vicissitudes of life, but also reveals a profound historical and cultural heritage.
    The old city retains the ancient buildings and quiet life in nineteenth century.
    There are more than 150 shops, 17 award.
    winning restaurants, Museums and historical sites.
    In addition, there are free live performances, professional theater, artisans, galleries and shops are within walking distance.
    At Old Town, really a little glad not to participate in the Mexico border tour at their own expense.
    Here is also full of rich Mexico style.
    Although it is a tourist attraction, there are more than 150 shops and 17 restaurants, Museums and historical sites, still retains the ancient architecture and quiet life in nineteenth century.
    Nestled in the lush trees and other unique exotic flowers and rare herbs between houses, small and unique, exquisite and unique.
    This garden, like a cross - the town of Mexico in nineteenth century.
    The old city is more important Mexico style elements can be found everywhere, also became the culture tourist attractions.
    And here is close to Mexico, many residents are descendants of Mexico and Spain, so there will be a stroll in the old city to the illusion of Latin america.
    The classical fine buildings, who took the vicissitudes of the trees, the history display, those dressed in costume shop, and those with the guitar sing the old songs, those who seem can still jingling carriage, who watched couldn't catch a colorful candy in your mouth..
    The city retains many ancient buildings, churches, shops, restaurants, cinemas, streets, urged to hold all kinds of huge cactus flowers and a wild profusion of vegetation, which accounts for almost every restaurant in the front yard.
    The old city is to buy some good local crafts of Mexico, is a good place for the taste of Mexican food.
    In the old city can also see a variety of street performances.
    Mexicans love playing guitar.
    Sing, intoxicated.
    In the old city and enjoy the feeling of the Mexico culture, diet, life, arts and crafts, is really pleasant.
    Give people a very old city garden, farm, very pleasant atmosphere, here is very relaxed, in the old town, even the time seems to have slowed down, so that people can appreciate ancient and elegant, classic and leisurely, even timeless romance..
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