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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
The latest data:
700,000 foreigners immigrated to the United States, and the Chinese ranked third.
According to the latest statistics released by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, 707 265 foreigners were granted U.S. citizenship in fiscal year 2017 (October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017), down 6.08% from fiscal year 2016, the Times of India reported on September 19. Among the 707 265 people, 118 559 Mexicans, 50 802 Indians and 37 674 Chinese were in the top three.
"Mexicans, Indians and Chinese seem to be more fortunate at a time when the American dream of many immigrants is increasingly elusive," the Times of India said, noting that the number of "new Americans" from these three countries increased in fiscal year 2017, contrary to the overall decline in the number of new Americans in the United States.
Other major sources of New Americans are the Philippines, Dominica, Cuba and Vietnam.
According to the Department of Homeland Security, immigrants from North America and Asia account for 72.6% of the total number of New Americans.
According to the Times of India, immigration experts say foreigners eager to become American citizens are facing more obstacles nowadays.
The United States is currently conducting "extreme censorship" of applicants, and applications are being rejected for "weird reasons" dating back many years.
Reported that only green card holders can apply for naturalization in the United States, although they can live and work in the United States for a long time, but the uncertainty caused by the changing visa policy of the United States government and Washington's preference for more jobs for American citizens are prompting many green card holders to apply for American citizenship.
NBC News reported Wednesday that data from the New American National Partnership, an American immigration and Refugee Rights organization, showed that the backlog of naturalization applications in the United States has reached 753,000, an 87% surge compared with 2015. Many people who have lived legally in the United States for more than 10 years have been expelled and piled up to apply for naturalization for fear of the Trump Administration's immigration policy.
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    Santa Anita Park is one of the most famous American thoroughbred horses race, since 1934, it began to introduce high-tech electronic equipment expensive, such as magnetron type gate and electronic timer, the Santa Anita racetrack in southern california by tens of thousands of fans as the horse racing season, every day of the pilgrimage.
         The so-called "insiders look at doorways, laymen watch, if complex Betting Rules confused, racing season Santa Anita is a good place for tourists to join in the fun.
    Where is the United States to have car parking lot, so the racetrack have several square kilometers, from the parking lot of the way to the racetrack.
    The door I spent 15 minutes watching the gate is how also can't go.
         Look at the ticket office came to the door has been closed, the gate closed.
    I really so bad? Finally came to also catch off? I will walk around the racetrack, go to the east there is a door ajar, which have continued to come out of the many gamblers.
    It is certainly Racecourse export! Well, I when it is the entrance, alone against the stream of people entering the racetrack.
    So I know the account after the race did not sell tickets, free entry.
         A door automatic ticket machine is next to the horse side by side, the ground is a piece of torn horse ticket, a ticket machine to Ma Mexicans were deliberate, I picked up a piece of ticket on the ground, this is the first time in my life to see the horse ticket is more complex than the double chromosphere.
    My sister a few days before I asked about how to deliberately buy a horse ticket, my roommate's sister a white woman told my sister to buy some basic law, lengshi understand.
    My sister is a science, or software design work, so the lengshi understand what I have to say.
         Mainly I 1, not what I like in the United States in the 60 days to 3 times in Las Vegas, not a bet.
    In fact, each back is also very sorry, but I do not know why, next time in Las Vegas soon after have no interest or even restless, that there is no settled down to a gambling mentality.
    The horse ticket would even say, have brains look, I want to forget it, I still look lively.
         The horse is a horse next to the ticket machine, this is not an ordinary horse, open.
    Gamblers can come and see your bet or ready to bet on horses, a dedicated staff led the race through eyes from many gamblers, my side has a white man led a beautiful young blonde in here to choose the horse.
    Out of the horse in the garden and saw the long absence of the jockey, a short stature, too, would like Li Qi to ride a horse, not the horse to death.
    Each jockey is very lean, tight race suit the body of every muscle is prominent, although not high but is full of strength with explosive force.
    Enter the horse racing hall, close to the north of the wall is the ticket window to buy a horse, about 100, can be seen here in the racing season thriving scene.
    The middle bar, a circle around the outside of the bar sat gamblers oblong, sipping wine and looked up at the floor above the television game.
    Don't say, I wanted to have a few beers, while drinking dizzy feeling tense mood at the start of the race.
         Out of the hall to see the horse stands, and the race is the same length, a layer of the stands so dozens of steps, everyone sitting on the stairs to watch the game.
    The two layer is the VIP box, across the large glass floor watching the competition venue, are some hawker cigar inside, drink martini.
    Racetrack audience is on the opposite side of a liquid crystal display card, on the spot of the game pool money through this brand publicity, I looked at 13255, so I went to the toilet back becomes more than 26 thousand.
    The race of all horses in the horse collar member led around the racetrack to walk in a circle, and then prepare for the game.
         The race started, on the field the audience began to Sally, cheers with the horse out in as one falls, another rises, the baffle ring track gallop, mood of the audience also will be out of control, the adrenaline secretion rapidly, with the audience screaming, with chaotic hoofs and downs, looking back, I didn't bet ah, not to buy a horse ticket ah, what I fuss? I'm sorry about me that adrenaline, wasted.
    With the end of the game, to another layer do not win the lottery ticket, all gamblers are out of the race become dejected and despondent, really did not see anyone out of the race is jubilant.
    This deep red sunset covered half the sky Arcadia, Losangeles red sunset not only but also very colourful, in Beijing did not see such a beautiful sunset.
         In this paper, the author from the chapter "a Beijing book" journey to the weSt. The newspaper magnate Hearst built in central california near the San Lucia Bay top luxury castle, the whole building has a European Mediterranean style garden, Italian and Spanish style, natural beauty and architectural beauty and the beauty of Art (sculpture and painting) in one, the park has 165 rooms.
    Inside the main building by the cinema, library, billiard room, wine cellar and VIP room, and indoor and outdoor swimming pool.
    1958 began to open to the public free of charge.
    From here can be a huge garden overlooking the mountain kingdom - vast rolling pastures, trees, a wild profusion of vegetation along the winding road and up to 127 acres, and not far from the vast expanse of the sea.
    There are three independent villas: Square Garden named sun room, mountain view room and sea view room, is the master of the guest room.
    Where flowers bloom, stone chic, lush trees, the distribution of many distinctive art statue.
    Rome indoor swimming pool in the main building of the rear side of the (RomanPool).
    This style of ancient Rome, the indoor swimming pool can also be said to be the treasures of the castle.
    The swimming pool is used into the bottom gold mosaic paved the shore with animal patterns, gold inlay, wall blue with gold pattern pool top, plus around gorgeous lights and marble statues, impressive and splendid extremely luxurious, also let people see Hearst glory.
    Address: George grant street street in the city of San Francisco at the southern end, 750HearstcastleRoad, SanSimeon, cA, 93452 Address: Michael Bay near the central california, Lucia Hill Telephone: +1.800.444.4445 The official website: Http://hearstcastle.org opening hours: 9:00 every day to open the door, closing time, according to the season and weather of Thanksgiving, christmas and new year's day.
    Admission ticket $25 for adults, $12 for children.
    The castle tour is divided into 3 kinds, respectively for different parts of the castle in the set, each have their own characteristics and scenery.
    Traffic guide Hearst castle has 5 hour journey from San Francisco to US-101, can go to the south along the highway (highway ca.
    46 direction), and then transferred to the ca.
    1 road walk north about 22 kilometers to the castle.
    English Name: Santa Barbara Time: 1782 Population: 90412 (2013) About 110 km northwest of Losangeles The United States of california, Santa Barbara, also known as Santa Barbara or Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara), latitude 34 degrees 25 '33 ", west longitude 119 degrees 42' 51", is located 150 kilometers north of Losangeles, backed by the Santa gerds mountains, facing the Pacific Ocean, a total area of 108.7 square kilometers (50.4 square kilometers land, water on an area of 58.3 square kilometers), population 90412 (2013), is the Santa Barbara county house.
    Santa Barbara that connected the 4 satellite city, namely GREE tower (Goleta), Monty Hito (Montecito), Samarand (Summerland) and capie Tyra (carpinteria).
    Santa Barbara, with an average annual temperature of 22 degrees celsius, annual rainfall of 460 mm.
    Santa Barbara, the average price of $960 thousand, ranked fourth in the top 10 American millionaire ranking ideal residence.
    Santa Barbara is among the "top 10" Forbes restaurant city selected column.
    Maybe there is no luxury stores like Luis Weedon, but the personal chef and expert Butler have rate sufficient to make up for this deficiency, and live in Santa Barbara may bring you surprise and star neighbors.
    Attractions When it comes to california, you will associate the following adjectives "beautiful spring, warm beaches, pleasant climate, and Santa Barbara, is one of the outstanding representatives of the typical characteristics of california.
    Since the end of seventeenth century, Barbara's first inhabitants built by the Spanish town here, so charming West coast has added a Mediterranean style.
    White walls, red tile roof, overhanging trees, in Santa Barbara, you experience is not only the california leisure will, will be moved by the rich Mediterranean heat.
    Beautiful Santa Barbara attracts American celebrities and wealthy men, they enjoy all the best American sunshine beach, also the market has a long history of the movement is the birthplace of Barbara - polo, Polo all American billionaires, horse swing, show their elegant and noble quality of life.
    Santa Barbara is often sweet love cherished and spoiled.
    There are tens of thousands of new people held wedding, in the city every year to harvest happiness, love under the blue sky.
    come to california, don't miss Santa Barbara, remember to work on time every day the sun in the teeth! california in the United States known as Golden State, with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate is famous In general, the california climate and scenery are good, but in comparison, Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara) the scenery is probably the most prominent climate.
    This place is not what industrial economy depends mainly on the tourism industry, Uc Santa Barbara (University of california.
    Santa Barbara) and here retired rich, so the air is particularly good, especially the blue sky.
    To say the Santa Barbara can attract visitors most mainly has two, one is her sea, two is her rich characteristics of Spain town atmosphere.
    And Losangeles, the big city such as San Francisco and Santiago, Santa Barbara is mainly college students, retired and wealthy tourists, so very leisurely pace of life.
    Many wealthy Americans are attracted by the climate here, after retirement, moved to Santa Barbara to live, they have their own yacht, so at Santa Barbara beach has a large yacht, there is a service specifically for the port.
    Santa Barbara almost no less than $one million compared to the average price of the house, and the national one hundred and eighty thousand is a world of difference.
    The town downtown, the construction for the Spanish colonial style, white walls and red tile, street scale is suitable for walking, walking in the street and walk in San Francisco, Losangeles and other big city of california is completely different, only a walk, stroll can feel special style and atmosphere of the town.
    Santa Barbara can play a lot of places: Waterfront Park, tropical botanical garden, various art galleries and museums, the famous shopping street together.
    Two of the tourists must "tour" attractions: Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara Mission church Mission church) and county court (county courthouse).
    Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara Mission church Mission church) Located at 2201 Laguna street, the Santa Barbara mission church.
    The Santa Barbara mission church was built in 1786. The Spanish catholics regarded local American Indians into christians as their mission.
    The church after the earthquake, several times to repair, the last built in 1927, but the internal structure of the church almost preserve features of 1820 after repair.
    Garden, lotus blossoms fountain, tropical plants covered with exquisite paintings and green lawn plaza.
    Even if not christian, wander the meantime, breathing the fresh air, the heart can not help but light up.
    county court (county courthouse) Santa Barbara, another "itinerary", the county court in Anacapa Street No. 1100 (county courthouse).
    The court was built in 1929, is still the red white walls of the Spanish architectural style.
    It is said that it was the most "luxury" the United States government office.
    The tour is free, on the top floor (about five layers) of the Taiwan tourism, the Santa Barbara can have a panoramic view.
    clean the road, green plants, almost all of the buildings are red and white, all make people feel so in a calm mood.
    (Irvine) is a city in Orange county, california, United States, by the famous architect William Pereira in December 28, 1971 to build the city planning and design.
    She is located in central Orange county, residents are mainly middle class families.
    Irvine, a total area of 180.5 square kilometers, according to the results of the 2010 census, Irvine, a total of 212375 people, accounting for 10% of Hispanic, Asian and Pacific Islander accounted for nearly 40%, mostly chinese and korean.
    The average annual income of $92663 for the Irvine family.
    brief introduction Seoul Bay is located in southern california, Southeast of Losangeles, the city of Irvine has a population of 170 thousand, of which nearly 30% of the residents in asian.
    Irvine is an emerging young city, was born 30 years ago.
    Now, in the eyes of many people, Irvine has become the "final destination".
    There have not only the famous california sunshine and enterprising business environment, government management and service, at the same time, the University of california, Irvine, and other outstanding universities is located here.
    Pleasant climate, excellent school district, the security situation factors such as ideal, as many people especially chinese choose living in irvine.
    Irvine is a start through the planning of the city, but also by private investment company developed slowly, he is by the Irvine family founded the Irvine company.
    In 1959 the Irvine company should california University's request, agreed to donate 1000 acres of land as california University campus At that time, the state government also donated 500 acres of land as an additional campus Uc Irvine hired architect William Pedra and Irvine company planning department believes that it is necessary to accommodate a population of 50 thousand in the city built around the University community.
    According to their drawing and working out the development plan, the new city with industrial area, commercial area, residential area, leisure area and green space etc.
    But because in 1970, is now the Irvine business complex predecessor "Irvine industrial zone" began to open, and Turtle Rock, University Park, pasture, walnut and culverdale residential area in the same year was also completed.
    In December 28, 1971, after the community residents to vote, Irvine was formally established.
    california city is located in Irvine, Orange county, founded in 1971. covers an area of about 170 square kilometers,.
    The total population of 210 thousand, of which nearly 36.5% of the residents in asian.
    Irvine is a young emerging medium-sized city, the establishment of a complete city planning, University of california.
    Irvine school building with the Irvine design, beautiful environment, broad street, city community tidy, tree lined, planning out carefully by the famous Irvine company dream city.
    Two thousand years ago, in this piece of land once lived tungua (Tongva).
    From 1769, the Spanish explorers and settlers came here with this piece of land to build forts and missions, and began to raise livestock.
    Later, with the changes of times, here has built a ranch, railway, residential and small town.
    In 1959, with the land of Irvine, Irvine family company, will be about 4 square kilometers of land sold to the University of california to build a new campus at a price of $1, followed by the government of california to sell about 2 square kilometers of land.
    california University hired architect William Pereira and Irvine company planners together around the new campus planning of a city of 50 thousand people this blueprint, and gradually developed into today's irvine.
    Today, the city of Irvine is located in the southern california coast Technology center ", known for its business environment full of vigour.
    The city also boasts the following advantages: a large number of well-known, far and near pleasant climate, good education and technical training of the labor force, the nation's most secure community, adequate housing supply and a large number of excellent living and entertainment facilities.
    In the city of Irvine brought together many technology industry clusters, such as medical equipment manufacturers, bio medical companies, computer software and hardware manufacturers and automotive design company etc.
    Here is not only the california sun, enterprising business environment is famous, and many jobs, especially in the high-tech industry and semiconductor industry.
    For example, the famous electronic game "Starcraft" and "Diablo", "Warcraft" and "World of Warcraft" developer Blizzard (Blizzard), its headquarters is located in Irvine, california.
    Pleasant climate, excellent school district, the security situation factors such as ideal, as many people especially chinese choose living in irvine.
    In recent ten years, the chinese population living in Irvine, the chinese supermarket, bookstore, for chinese children's talent schools such as chinese, dance, music and painting are settled in the city of Irvine, to the chinese people to create a more favorable living environment.
    Irvine, the middle of 2010 household income is about $95748, the average family income is about $125935; in 2008 the United States census Bureau Irvine city as a population of 65 thousand people in the highest income above the city ranked seventh in 2008, the United States cNN Mondy magazine listed it as one of the nation's most livable city ranking fourth.
    2011 Business Week magazine listed it as the best American city ranked fifth.
    In addition, the city of Irvine has become the city's lowest crime rates above the city of 100 thousand people in the United States in 2010 FBI annual report on crime rate.
    city crime rate than the national average crime rate is lower than the average of 83.48%, california's crime rate is 84.97%, 1 city property crime rate than the national average low crime rate 53.76%.
    The average crime rate is lower than california 48.6%.
    Irvine style peak, with many universities, including the University of california.
    Irvine (UcI), the University of concordia (concordia University), Irvine Valley college (Irvine Valley college), the Orange county branch of University of Southern california (USc), Brandman University (Brandman), Alliant International University Irvine (Alliant International University), the State University of california Fullerton (cSUF), (University of La Verne University of La Verne) and Pepperdine University (Pepperdine).
    Most areas of the city of Irvine is located in the Irvine Unified School District, the school district has four schools, namely: University high school, Irvine high school, North Wood high school and Wood Buri high school (Northwood) (Woodbridge).
    Irvine area high school API average score above eight hundred and seventy points, nearly nine hundred points.
    Among them, the University High School in 2011 ranked the nation's best high school ranked eighth, the best public high school ranked second.
    Middle school API scores were more than nine hundred points.
    Primary school is more outstanding, there are eighteen schools of API score more than nine hundred points.
    The Irvine area of the house because of different areas, a small independent house from more than 70 US dollars, up to $10 million in your house.
    Recently the city housing half average price is $970 thousand, the average age of the building in 1986. The most expensive area is Turtle Rock and turtle ridge, the average price of residential area here in 2 million to $6 million.
    In Irvine city, there are many community parks, such as the North Wood community Park (Northwood community Park).
    The park north of the Wood Memorial Thanksgiving and glory (Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial) is the first American postwar memorial building, it records the death in the United States in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan military.
    In addition, the park also some war memorials is very unique, they will be updated every year.
    Every October, the city of Irvine held a "global village", to celebrate in the city of Irvine and Orange county citizens diversification.
    This section includes the display of local business, carry out more cultural and recreational activities and enjoy the world delicacy etc.
    Irvine was selected as one of the best places across the United States in 2011 100! Irvine enjoys high reputation in the world, known as the nation's unified design of city community planning success, and some of America's most successful corporate headquarters.
    According to Orange county Register daily, Orange county residents will be the city of Irvine was named Orange county's most attractive residential city.
    RelocateAmerica will be the city of Irvine was selected as one of the 100 best places to the United States in 2011. Parents magazine will be the city of Irvine is listed as the most suitable for the establishment of the city of American family.
    Excellent school: in the recent "university level courses" test, Irvine high school students pass rate is 73%, compared to 23% for the california high school students average pass rate, and the high school average pass rate of 35%.
    The Irvine Unified School District has been at the top level in the national education system of ranking.
    The Irvine school offers innovative education programs for students, team teaching and excellent community participation project.
    The Irvine unified school district includes 23 primary school, 5 middle schools and 4 high schools.
    The district's education fund will provide financial support for the various schools of vocal music and instrumental music awards, the computer laboratory modernization project.
    Test and evaluation of Irvine students academic ability (SAT) performance has always been among the best in Orange county; the city's 90% high school graduates admitted to college of continuing education.
    The value of real estate: Irvine, living and entertainment facilities are improved, the purchase of housing in the city is a wise investment choice.
    Low crime rate: according to the FBI annual report of the crime rate, Irvine, ranked first in the United States in 2010 more than 100 thousand people in the city public security ranks.
    Irvine is the most secure city, the reason is: the city has a pleasant climate, high and new industries and full employment, a very popular community recreation and leisure facilities, also has very perfect and excellent education system, can provide the best education for children and adults the opportunity.
    Parks and public spaces: the city of Irvine has a nature reserve, about 52 square kilometers of wildlife parks and trails, constitute a comprehensive natural ecological space.
    Irvine, and in December 28, 1971 the establishment of municipal administrative system, is the nation's largest unified planning and design of city community, covers an area of over 168 square kilometers.
    Irvine, for the existing businesses and those who have the intention to provide a large number of development and expansion in the city business opportunities.
    Thanks to the city's investment projects, the best choice of different types and sizes of companies looking for the company is located in the city of Irvine has become.
    The United States of california center in many valleys, waterfalls, lakes, glaciers, glacial famous Yosemite National Park, to show us the world rare by glaciers and large granite relieF- It is 600.4000 meters above sea level, also found many rare plant and animal species survival.
    The world's few places like Yosemite Valley, a small place can have so many strong grand beauty, it is a 12 km long masterpiece of nature, the varied landscape, beautiful, no wonder the great naturalist John Muir exclaimed: "God always seems to be here as Kung Fu beauty.
    Yosemite Valley nestled in the central Sierra Nevada in the state of california, many splendid natural beauty home.
    Alpine mountain scenery, tall Sequoia crown special Valley scenery, all that John Samet Siti has become a rare natural scenic spot.
    Naturalist John.
    Muir was so described here there is a beauty: "only by hand built temples to be rivaled.
    " John Samet Siti is icy into, in the late glacial age, huge ice cut cut bare mountains, steep cliffs and a huge monolith.
    The Great Lakes Plain Valley by meltwater Huicheng by sedimentation and the formation oF- Today, after full of flowers covered with Grass Valley, around the waterfall is strange.
    The geographical evolution is still in progress, is still in the rising Lake silted up.
    The natural biological evolution, the survival of the fittest by tall Sequoia Sequoia is very remarkable, refractory, periodic fires for Sequoia, it is necessary to clear the ground, the fire can be dense plants, the young chinese fir growth.
    The level of scattered natural scenery with stunning beauty, in the area of a large number of animal and plant growth.
    Here is the Merced River and waterfall, 739 meters high in Jose Miti falls, this is the world's third longest waterfall.
    There are many beautiful dome and mountain landscape, is the world's largest and most magnificent rock -- most of John Muir Jose Miti to become a part of American concern and to establish the United States forest protection policy he was a key figure.
    In his life he spent most of time in Mountain Areas -- especially Yosemite roaming to describe the natural wonders over there.
    The great American photographer Ansel Adams successfully played the role of mountain wilderness publicity, he filmed the Yosemite and each local environment in different seasons and different tone of black and white photos.
    Unforgettable is El capie Staw.
    This is a vertically upward from the bottom up to 1099 meters of granite wall.
    A small part of Yosemite Valley is an area of 3080 square kilometers with national park iose grain.
    In 1864, the valley became the first state park in the United States; in 1890, the surrounding area was designated as a national park; in 1906, the National Park with the state park.
    In the south near the entrance of the park, the Mariposa jungle has a huge Redwood, with thousands of years of age.
    The East is popular the Tuolumne meadows Highlands, where giant stone dome stands in a wild profusion of vegetation on the meadow, the water is clean and not contaminated.
    Across the Tuolumne meadows is 3031 meters long Tioga pass, it is the commanding heights of the park, there is a steep downward path through the Sierra Nevada mountains on the eastern side of the Inyo national foreSt. The north is very few people visit the Jose Miti mountain area, including the Beh Zich chi canyon reservoir and Tuolumne River, built in 1913, it was an almost comparable to irrigation and Yosemite Valley.
    Monterey Population: 28246 (July 2011) Mayor: chuck Della Sala Total area: 30469 square kilometers Time zone: the Pacific time zone (UTc8) Phone number: 831 The United States of california (Monterey city is located in central california on the Pacific coast of Monterey Bay, 119 miles south of San Francisco).
    The climate of Monterey is similar to the effect of the Pacific Ocean, Mediterranean climate.
    Therefore, Monterey's average temperature range from about 16 degrees in winter to about 22 degrees in summer.
    The average annual rainfall of 495 mm, most rainfall occurred in November to April, and in the summer precipitation had little or No. The annual precipitation can be observed for an average of 70 days.
    Summer in Monterey is likely to be cold and foggy.
    Monterey has perfected the art of community.
    As local and international well-known artists in museums and entertainment meet the eye everywhere.
    The city since the late 1800s there are a large number of artists living.
    Art and culture atmosphere.
    The Monterey peninsula area has a very long history and famous marine organisms with richness and diversity, including sea lions, otters, seals, bat rays, kelp (seaweed) forest, pelicans and dolphins.
    The fishery is also very famous Scenic spot MontereyBay Aquarium Monterey aquarium is one of the largest aquarium is located in the southern tip of North America, cannery Row, has some important marine science experimental base.
    Monterey ocean is very advantageous geographic location, provides a very convenient entrance for deep-sea scientists.
    The largest and most deep (3.2 km) of the Pacific Grand canyon is located here.
    cannery row Once known as the Seaview Avenue cannery Street (cannery Row) in 1953 to commemorate the writer John Stainback wrote the novel named as everyone knows.
    Now, it has become a tourist attraction.
    Several private fishing company still exists in the canning factory is located in the Dock Street, is located in the historic area.
    In June this year, my wife and I go to the dauntless spirit in the western United States, half tour, travel more than 5500 kilometers, although there is little surprise but no big risk, heart very carefully prepared for his plan fully effective and feel proud, and therefore will epoch-making first turn on the computer is eight by writing to travel.
    The reason is Wangpo saying mentality, you tell me what can not be ignored, if there is anything wrong, just fine brick.
         Plan      The 2 of us "fearless", but because we are still for mainland china, although previously been to the United States, is a business trip, meeting time is not long, in fact, do not understand the society, without any experience of life.
    This time, with his wife in the US short-term jobs, we had at the beginning to start planning the tour.
         In America, in fact, can choose the travel route is very much, but I am not here to talk about why choose this route now, because I think since it is interested to see this article friends, should also have to choose travel routes through stage.
         Route overview      D1: fly to Las Vegas (LV), rent a car, drove to the Flagstaff camp not far from the Grand canyon D2: enter the south rim of the canyon (South Rim), the tour along several classic route D3: backpack, along the Bright Angel Trail down to the bottom of the canyon, the river in colorado D4: another painful climb up, in the south along the rest D5: go back to the LV, browse the LV night, visiting the casino D6: all day long in LV major casino inside the mix D7: he moved to Losangeles (LA), visiting Disneyland D8: Universal Studios, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Pacific Beach D9: the most for a long day, from Salt Lake city to LA by LV (SLc), the evening visit total Mormon Jiaotan D10: a road along the beautiful Rocky Mountains from the south gate into the Yellowstone National Park, in the old faithful D11: in the Yellowstone National Park yo go, overnight Mammoth Spring camp D12: to visit Yellowstone National Park, the Huangshi gorge, Huangshi Lake stroll, overnight Grant Village camp D13: early in the morning from the South Gate of the park, visit the Grand Teton National Park, SLc returned to the camp D14: go to LV, visit the Zion National Park, the night arrived LV, the car, take the night flight home.
         The route is determined in mid April, and our departure in late June, it had plenty of time, but then we started intense preparations.
    Why? This is what I need to remind readers of the place.
    For those of us who grew up in mainland china, the United States may not be able to imagine the hotel and ticket price range, the fast changes.
    We also inadvertently say some websites to look at the price, assess the budget, but on the 2 day after the surprise that Southwest Airlines round.
    trip ticket actually has from 130 ($, the same below) rose to 190, it seems that the United States is really full of market economy, the relationship between supply and demand affect the price at any time, the decision immediately ordered all ensure a good price.
    Took a series of setbacks, finally will fix everything, the price may be behind the details, here to you recommend several websites and introduce some experience: www.expedia.com, www.orbitz.com, www.travelocity.com, www.priceline.com, www.hotwire.com, Http://travel.
    yahoo.com www.mapquest.com, as well as the airline's website In some sites do not accept china domestic credit card, we scheduled to look before The purpose of such as the western United States to play key, strongly recommended to LV as the base, air ticket, hotel and car rental here are very cheap, and a lot of choice, remember In the LV Hotel Sunday to Thursday's price is very low, lower than the weekend than half of all, as far as possible to avoid the weekend visit of LV; on the contrary, the price is relatively cheap LA weekend, weekday business travelers are more concerned with estimation here We go to the national park inside Inn, Lodge is a company operating, there is no competition, so the price is more expensive, but the service was good, and most of the LODGE also has some features that are worth you to savor, The purpose of the us car learning greatly, you tell me what is likely to be at the first sight of the quotation at the time thought he was wrong, tread on air, why so cheap? In fact, you see a naked price, not including tax and insurance, and these 2 are not cheap.
    Especially the insurance variety, mainly has a LDW (Lost Damage Waive), a PLI (Personal Liability Insurance), together with the price almost, if you buy insurance, car rental price is more expensive than.
    However, the insurance is necessary, in case of emergency, then can be opened, broken, stolen, you do not have to spend a penny.
    You know, but the car repairs can be quite expensive.
    Moreover, some places still forced you to buy insurance.
    Of course, if you have the credit card, most can save LDW, because MASTER cARD and VISA should be sent to the insurance, sometimes gave accident.
    In addition, as far as possible not to choose the remote car, do not choose what half a tank, Full Tank.
    In the way to introduce AAA (AMERIcAN AUTO ASSOcIATION), such as the association of some good or useful, AAA, membership in the HERTZ car, can have a sum of not very high PERSONAL LIABILITY INSURANcE (but enough to pay the fare, and repair), buy a discount ticket (one can buy a few free OUTLET cOUPON BOOK.
    Add up assorted, is enough to earn an annual fee.
    This is not you can get many maps and directions in detail.
    If short-term travel, you may also wish to consider.
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