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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Why do immigrants conduct background checks?
Will it disclose privacy?
When we apply for formal immigration projects approved by other governments, relevant agencies will conduct background checks on immigrant applicants, referred to as "back tone".
Seeing the word "investigation", many applicants will murmur in their hearts:
to investigate my background, what exactly are they investigating?
Does that even reveal personal privacy?
In fact, the immigration background survey is a necessary step on the way to immigration.
The immigration bureau can issue the immigration pass only when it confirms that the applicant meets the immigration requirements of the country.
Moreover, the immigration background survey also takes into account the applicant's privacy information, so it generally only investigates the applicant's social background and criminal background.
Specific Contents of Immigration Background Survey According to the content of the survey, there are several types of immigration background survey.
1. Investigate the authenticity of the applicant's kinship For example, whether the birth certificate of the applicant is true or not, and whether the marriage relationship is true.
Documents often found include household registration books, identity cards, passports, family relations certificates and other documents.
Of course, there will also be some special cases, such as many friends in China now have to divorce in order to buy a house.
On these issues, we do not need to deliberately conceal, as long as we can make a real notarization of marriage history, do not submit false information.
2. Investigate the applicant's social background and criminal record The Immigration Department will require applicants and their families to provide evidence of no criminal record in the country where they have resided for more than 12 months over the past 10 years.
If you are unable to submit a certificate of no criminal record, the application will be affecteD.Due to the perfection of credit information system, except for criminal offences, if the applicant is a "limited population" or "seriously dishonest population", some items that are strictly audited are handled at lunch.
One particular point to note is that if the applicant is a so-called PEP (politically sensitive person), or is a party member, you need to report truthfully.
If the applicant's political sensitivity is too high, it can not meet the requirements of investment immigration.
Generally speaking, the ordinary Party members will not affect the handling.
3. Investigate the source of funds for applicants Some immigration projects require applicants to declare the source of funds, and the applicants must submit their own certificates, including company documents, water sheets, bank running water, income certificates, etC.In some immigration projects, the Immigration Bureau will call the tax bureau, the Industrial and Commercial Bureau or the bank to confirm whether the documents submitted by the applicant are authentic and valid, and whether the fund account meets the declared amount of funds.
In some countries, the applicant's funds must be deposited in the declared account at the beginning of the application and must be invested with the same funds in the future.
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