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Besides IC, LSE and UCL, what other top universities are there in London?
For a long time, Britain has been recognized as the birthplace of elite education in the worlD.Its educational quality and research level are in line with that of the United States.
In Britain, London has the largest number of top universities and the best quality.
So, besides the well-known universities such as Imperial Institute of Technology (IC), London Political Science and Economics (LSE), University College London (UCL), what are the top universities in London?
Now let's take a look with Xiao Ming.
KCL, King's College, University of London Four-year undergraduate degree recipients in China can apply for Kings'postgraduate courses.
Most courses require a degree of 2:
1 or more.
Kings generally accepted a minimum GPA of 3.3-3.5 if the student's school adopted a GPA score.
Hot majors usually give priority to 211985 universities, and the average score is higher, usually at least 85%.
Royal Holloway UniversITy of London Royal Holloway is located in the suburbs of London.
It is a small number of schools located in London and has a large campus.
Perhaps ranking is not an advantage over other London universities, but if you have ever been to Royal Holloway, you will definitely choose it.
It has been rated as the top ten most beautiful campuses in Britain.
Royal Holloway joined the University of London family in 1900 and became an independent college.
The major of information security is the first in the worlD.It cooperates with Oxford University to build a national network security research center.
Soas Founded in 1916, the Asia-Africa Institute is an important think tank in Europe to formulate strategies for Asia and AfricA.It is the only higher education institution specializing in Asia, Africa, the Near East and the Middle East in Britain.
Colleges are basically liberal arts majors, history, art, politics, economy, music ranking is basically the top 5 in the UK.
Students who like to study liberal arts can choose SOAS.
Internationality is the characteristic of Asia-Africa College, which trained a considerable number of diplomats, justices and senior officials in its early years.
The admission criteria given by the school authorities are to have a very good undergraduate background and score.
There is no clear list and score of schools in mainland ChinA.However, it is suggested that students applying for SOAS have a background that matches their major application and is more academiC.The score is 83%-85% and above.
It is more suitable for students who like to study and specialize in liberal arts.
Brunel University Brunel University is also a university located in London, in the western suburbs of London, is a rare university with a campus in London.
The admission criteria for Teaching-type master's degree are as follows:
the undergraduate level is required to reach 2:
2, which corresponds to 70% to 75% in ChinA.The top 500 is 70% and the top 500 + is 75%.
The admission criteria for a degree obtained through self-study and distance education are the same.
City College, University of London City, University of London, has a teaching and research history of more than 120 years.
Founded in 1894, it was granted a royal charter in 1966 and officially joined the University of London in 2016. The City College of London University is situated on the north side of central London, adjacent to the City of EnglanD.City College of University of London is closely linked with well-known multinational companies and first-class British local companies.
The employment rate of school graduates has been among the highest in the UK.
CASS Business School is very famous and ranks first in the UK.
University of Westminster The University of Westminster is located in London, formerly the Royal Institute of Technology, founded in 1838. Universities are well-known and good at media and art majors.
Applicants must have successfully completed their undergraduate degree courses in Chinese institutions accredited by City College, University of London, with excellent results.
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