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What are the exceptions of Canada, a big educational country?
When it comes to studying abroad, our first impression is that there are four major countries in Britain, the United States, Australia and CanadA.Today, Xiao Ming is here to discuss with you what excellence Canada, a big educational country, has.
Energetic investment in education funds In Canada, education is considered an ideal way to achieve a decent life and promote personal growth and happiness.
In this regard, every year the government invests much more in education than in other countries.
Canada's Finance Minister has said that protecting the good future of children and youth is Canada's top priority, and access to education is the basic tool to ensure the success of this task.
From the perspective of investment, this task is indeed successful:
the proportion of education expenditure in GDP in Canada is much higher than that in Germany, Britain, France and other developed countries.
The country's strong support has also led to the rapid development of education:
Canada and Finland are tied for A in the Global Report on Education and Skills, ranking second among 16 developed countries.
High Quality Education Level As we all know, teachers are a highly respected profession, especially in Canada, where they have a good working environment, perfect medical insurance and pension plans.
But it's not easy to be a teacher in Canada.
It takes at least six years to get a degree in teaching, and another eight to ten years to get a regular joB.In addition, teachers are constantly looking for additional teaching qualifications to upgrade their education level.
Such strict training keeps teachers at a high level and ensures the quality of teaching.
True "teach with pleasure" Play is the first lesson for children in CanadA.There is evidence that games can improve children's language ability and their ability to explore, think and solve problems.
The Canadian Board of Education believes that games in schools and in life provide the basis for children's intellectual, physical and emotional development and pave the way for the future.
For preschool children, schools will guide children to explore the surrounding world and environment actively through role-playing and other games.
After school, Canadian educators not only advocate that children learn while playing, but also try to avoid rote memorization in teaching.
They also educate children through activities that involve teaching and enjoyment.
Preschool Reading Program Beginning in 2013, Canada has proposed a fund plan, 1000 books before Kindergarten, which allows children before the age of six to participate in free of charge as long as they register on the website.
The original intention of this fund plan is that educators believe that reading can effectively stimulate the development of children's brain.
In order to realize the benefits of early reading, the Foundation encourages and promotes children to read through free reading activities, and hopes to foster relationships with parents through reading.
At the same time, reading can also help children acquire critical reading and writing skills and language skills, which is also crucial for children's academic.
Rich Social Practice Activities Statistics show that in Canada, over 58% of young people aged 15 to 24 volunteer.
To graduate from high school, teenagers must do enough volunteer hours required by the school.
In order for their children to graduate smoothly, the whole family will participate in volunteer activities.
Most people in Canada have made volunteer work a habit.
Statistics show that 54 out of every 100 Canadians aged 35 to 44 have volunteered.
Advantages of Bilingual Teaching Canada is bilingual and English and French are the official languages.
The more languages students master, the wider their horizons will be and the more opportunities they will have to reach out to the knowledge of the world.
After reading these, I believe you can see why Canadian education has been able to maintain the world's leading level.
Canada, without expensive school districts, heavy homework and frequent examinations, is a truly "paradise of education".
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    Why American companies only pay off
    Who says Americans will not be very careful in reckoning live?
    The spread of economic crisis torrent away from Wall Street, among many Americans as if the night will learn to tighten my belt.
    As you how businesses, discount price, everyone put the money tightly in the hand, the hand is not shot.
    The mall in addition to yell, but hang out signs and almost crying, "price, price, money, the bottom price".
    In addition to the children to buy holiday gifts of money can not province, other expenses to be saved.
    This year, the most important Wujin purse.
    A couple of people doing it, but millions of consumers chibidaigou, its effect is magnified millions of times.
    This year, the price of Americans is not unusual.
    The United States housing down for more than two years has not bottomed out.
    The recent car prices again, the three major us auto manufacturing company will not government emergency are shaky.
    Gasoline prices all the way down.
    Back in August last year chinese to see the Olympic Games before, the price was $4.05 a gallon, christmas had anterior gas station, the price is only $1.69 per gallon.
    Economists are encouraged that now is the best time to buy a house, buy a car.
    Turn a deaf ear to the americans.
    The economic downturn, more people believe that "hard to buy or not to buy".
    Because they cannot read why all in price.
    It's no wonder that the us economy will encounter such a large range of price, since the great recession of 1933 firSt. Economics thinking of wage rigidity The capitalist market economy should follow the economic law that commodity will pile up in excess of requirement price.
    But the wages in the United States market is an exception.
    It is rarely affected by the economic depression.
    The economy is not good, the boss may rise less or do not pay up, may simply dismiss some employees, but seldom to existing staff wages.
    Arguably, the profits of the company to reduce wages should decline.
    Why does not comply with the wage relationship between supply and demand of economic law?
    Pay for the company also can save cost, why American company staff can be a fire, but not willing to give the existing employees to pay way to avoid layoffs?
    Pay can avoid or avoid layoffs.
    We are flexible wages is not the best of both worlds?
    This problem seems simple, but actually it is a famous problem facing economists for years.
    The American economist never discussed the problem of love with a simple and easy way.
    They love to study the problem "more scientific way", such as the use of complex mathematical models and abstract theories.
    Economists have designed various economic models to explain the wages in the United States economic environment is not feasible.
    In the labor market, wages should be like all other commodities, determined by the relationship between supply and demand of labor, labor demand, high wages, and wages is low.
    But the reality is that the lagged changes of external economic environment of wages, often cannot sensitively reflect the changes of labor supply and demand and make timely adjustment.
    Economists refer to this phenomenon as "wage rigidity principle".
    They believe that wages should also can float up and down;
    the enterprise believes that if the salary is too low, the employee will choose to leave because they don't think they work better than a low paid job.
    Thus, economists concluded that cuts harmful, it will let companies want to retain valuable employees to move.
    In addition, other economists explained that the company some senior employees are not willing to take a pay cut, put pressure on them to management "called for the dismissal of newly recruited stafF- In fact, in recent years, American companies have layoffs first cut the senior stafF- Senior staff high salary to become the company's turnaround burden, rather than the relatively low wages of new employees.
    Some people believe that the United States trade unions, labor contract and government minimum wage regulations, restrictions on wage volatility.
    The other model and "escape model" and "relative wage model" and "implicit contract model" etc.
    These so-called economic models are not self breaking debate.
    The number of economists Yale University economics professor Durummenbyu Leigh proposed to wage rigidity is the most compelling and most creative interpretation.
    Puma is the United States one of the most outstanding mathematical economists.
    He served as the "Journal" quantitative economics editor for many years in the micro foundation, general equilibrium theory, with infinite nature of macro economics has made a significant contribution.
    He studied the existence, has the infinite nature of the economy and the nuclear equilibrium equivalence, the labor market, the number of major theoretical issues of Optimal Monetary Equilibrium of numerous commodity economy.
    The wage rigidity to the number of economists like Li Biao to explain, will not allow the layman who ruzhui clouds?
    Li Biao himself said that he had in his study "wasted years" works, trying to explain the economic recession, American companies would rather not pay cuts why.
    In the "old" paper heap after nothing, he decided to ask the company and enterprise decision-makers.
    In addition to teaching and research, he devoted his spare time to interview the company bosses.
    The interview lasted 8 years, interviewed 336 managers.
    The last node integrated book, the title is "the recession why wages are not reduced?
    The final conclusion in the book to eye.
    opening: "with one exception, our findings do not support any existing economic explanation.
    The exception is that wage cuts would greatly damage the morale of staff, to combat the enthusiasm of their work."
    The economy is not good to pay, will let employees produce management suspected of looting.
    Although the fire will hit the enthusiasm, but its effect was less severe than the pay cut and long.
    The interviewed managers believe that employees will pay up to inadvertently confused in mind.
    A manager said in an interview, "fired employees may feel more bad.
    However, they have been out of the gate, the mood is not the worst I worry about.
    I am more concerned about how to stay in the company staff in the mood."
    The economy is not a problem, often the right and wrong is clear "mathematical" problem.
    2006b2b.com all rights reserved.
      Apply for admission peak of well-known universities in the United States to prepare in advance language achievement
    Every 2~4 months is the American college Admissions autumn peak, plus in recent years is the United States visa "golden years", many prospective students from years ago began to focus on the United states.
    The reporter understands, only a golden sunshine abroad service center, there are more than 80 students apply for admission for the fall in the center now has more than 50 students get admission notice.
    There are many excellent 30 students gain admission to top universities, such as carnegie Mellon University, University of Washington, Pennsylvania State university.
    At the same time, there are a lot of students received scholarships every year 6000 to $15000. These students can apply to schools, Golden Sunshine International, deputy general manager Li Yunxian said: "they have in common, is a time for comparison before, their latest before 1 months of this year had done well at the same time, the school application;
    and SAT scores for language."
    Manager Li is in high school, I hope the next fall into the American school students suggested that before October of this year, the first TOEFL, IELTS and SAT exams, and then choose to apply for American universities.
    Usually 12 15 April will be able to know the results of admission.
    "If you want to enter the top 50 American universities, the best new TOEFL score of 100, IELTS 7 points, up 2000 points or so SAT1 part of it."
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