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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
America, Canada, Australia or Europe?
How should immigrants choose?
Many applicants are very confused about the choice of destination for immigration.
Today, a comparison is made between American, Canadian, Australian and European immigrants, which attract the most attention of investors, for the reference of applicants.
Immigration policy In recent years, traditional immigrant countries have resisted foreign investors, such as the United States cut the number of immigrants in half, restrict the immigration of relatives, New Zealand prohibits foreigners from buying houses to control house prices, Canada's adjustment policies and so on.
Various countries have introduced various policies to restrict foreign investors.
Greece and other European countries welcomed overseas homebuyers.
Since 2015, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and other European countries have relaxed their immigration policies and introduced investment immigration policies characterized by "short, flat and fast" to attract more investment applicants.
Under the circumstance that Chinese stock market is capricious and investment risk can not be controlled, it has become a wise choice for more and more Chinese investors to "copy down European real estate + family overseas identity + children's education preference".
Greece currently only needs 250,000 euros to buy a house, three generations of a family can obtain permanent residence status, free public education and other benefits, free access to the European Union, is currently one of the most cost-effective immigration projects in European immigrant countries.
housing price Traditional immigrant countries, such as the United States, Canada and Australia, have relatively high housing costs, while Greece has the lowest housing costs in the whole of Europe.
It only takes 250,000 euros to buy 1 to 3 downtown properties.
Secondly, for the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries, housing maintenance costs are simply easy to buy and difficult to maintain.
American, Canadian and Australian real estate taxes are generally high, and the annual cost of housing maintenance is astonishing.
In contrast, the Greek house tax is simple, there are no other complex costs, the tax is only a fraction of the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries.
Green Card Gold Content Green card can be popularly referred to as a Permanent Residence Permit for foreign citizens.
Holding a green card means that the holder has the right of permanent residence in the issuing country.
At the same time, holding a green card can be exempted from entry visa for a certain period of time.
For many immigrants, the right to permanent residence is one of the purposes of immigration, and now the easiest destination for permanent residence is Europe.
Obtaining permanent residence status in any European country means that you can enter and leave the country at will without having to issue a separate visa.
Europe is a veteran capitalist country with a long history, and the EU economy is also an important economy.
First-class education, business and military customers are indispensable.
The United States is the world's police, not to mention all aspects of strength, the two are equal.
But if you acquire the immigration status of a European country, you can walk in 26 European countries at will.
In addition, European identity has more advantages.
 Immigration to Europe can create better educational conditions for children, which is the ultimate goal of many immigrants.
The right of permanent residence means that people can enjoy the educational resources of European countries as well as the local residents.
In European countries, the language of instruction is usually a combination of local language and English.
At the same time, there are a large number of international schools using British and American education system and teaching in English.
If they attend public schools, immigrants can enjoy government subsidized tuition fees, which are determined by the amount of family income.
In addition, the "high welfare" feature of Europe has been praised, and even some people say that the welfare of Europe can enable residents to live a well-off life without working.
This feature is attractive to immigrant applicants.
There are many welfare projects in Europe, which can be described as "full coverage" from birth to old age.
Generally speaking, they are divided into child care subsidies, family difficulties and housing subsidies.
Speaking of 10,000 words, which country is more suitable for you?
This varies from person to person and needs to be assessed according to the applicant's immigration needs and family conditions, and finally a suitable plan is made.
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