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CRS Initiation + China's Anti-tax Avoidance Provisions, Stricter Overseas Assets Inspection "China CRS" officially attacked!
Since September, the Mainland will exchange information with Hong Kong and Macao, and the relevant information of Chinese individuals'overseas accounts in France, Britain, Germany and other countries will also be grasped by Chinese tax authorities.
With the addition of anti-tax avoidance clauses in the new personal income tax law, Chinese individuals who use overseas accounts to evade taxes will be severely punished, and the risk of being inspected will be greatly increased, especially for those with high net worth of more than $1 million.
What is CRS?
Simply put, CRS is the standard for governments to cooperate with each other and inform each other about the property information of tax residents in their own countries, so as to jointly combat tax evasion by taxpayers using transnational information opacity.
With the acceleration of the process of economic globalization, the phenomenon that taxpayers hold and manage assets through overseas financial institutions and hide their earnings in overseas financial accounts in order to evade the tax obligations of resident countries is becoming more and more serious.
In order to effectively punish cross-border tax evasion, tax authorities in various countries have decided to join forces to exchange information automatically and exchange tax-related information on financial accounts of non-tax residents.
What's the impact?
At present, the automatic exchange of CRS tax-related information between China and more than 60 countries or regions under the MCAA agreement has been activateD.With the exchange of tax-related information of financial accounts between China and other countries and regions this year, it will directly affect Chinese tax residents who hold overseas financial accounts.
Their following information will be available to the regulatory authorities and there will be no escape.
Overseas Agency Accounts:
Financial institutions, including depository institutions, trusteeship institutions, investment institutions and specific insurance companies.
Asset information:
Deposit accounts, custody accounts, cash value insurance contracts, annuity contracts, equity/bond yields of holding financial institutions.
Personal information:
Name, sex, date of birth, account and account balance, place of tax residence, annual payment or inclusion in the total amount of the account.
For example, if a mainlander wants to buy financial products from a trust company in Hong Kong, the trust company will require it to comply with CRS regulations.
That is to say, the trust company has the responsibility to inform the relevant departments in the Mainland of this information.
In this way, the mainlander has to declare how much income he earns in Hong Kong in the mainlanD.Similarly, Hong Kong citizens must declare the products they buy in the MainlanD.Even if they do not declare, information will be disclosed.
However, non-financial assets such as real estate, jewelry, antiques of calligraphy and painting, airplane and yacht are not covered by CRS.
Progress now?
In March of this year, the media revealed that a large number of overseas accounts were frozen, including the big international banks such as HSBC and Hang Seng Bank of Hong Kong.
Many companies and celebrities in mainland China have also been interviewed by major financial institutions and banks in Hong Kong.
They are required to fill out the Self-Certification Form, verify their accounts, submit audit reports and financial statements, etC.If they fail to provide the required materials, their bank accounts will be frozen.
As early as more than a month ago, foreign media released important news.
New Zealand and Australia's major commercial banks froze thousands of accounts and asked to confirm whether the account holder belongs to foreign taxpayers, including a large number of Chinese residents.
China, Australia and New Zealand were among the first to exchange information in September.
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    ABOUT missouri local customs, tourist attractions
    Overview of Missouri State University
    School website: http://www.missouristate.edu
    Address: 901 S.
    National Ave.
    Springfield, MO 65897 Missouri State University, the second University in Missouri, is located in Springfield.
    Its predecessor is Southwest Missouri State University.
    It was upgraded in 2006 and renamed Missouri State University.
    It is the largest state university in the State University system.
    State University.
    It has a long history and has been judged by Princeton Review as the best business school in the United States.
    It is the largest business school in its neighborhood.
    Missouri State University has seven branches: College of Arts and Arts, College of Business Administration, College of Education, College of Health and Public Service, College of Humanities and Public Affairs, College of Nature and Applied Sciences and Graduate School.
    There are more than 150 undergraduate courses and 47 postgraduate courses offered by universities, many of which are top-notch in the same kind of courses offered by state universities.
    Undergraduate courses include: Accounting, Advertising and Advocacy, Agricultural Business, Agricultural Education, Zoology, Art and Design, Art History, Biology, Biomedicine, Business Education, Chemistry, Children and Family Development, Civil Engineering, Clothing and Textiles, Community and Regional Planning, Computer Information System, Computer Science.
    Dance, entertainment management, entrepreneur research, Environmental Physics technology, environmental science and policy, ethics and social policy, etc.
    Postgraduate courses include: Accounting, Management Studies, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Media, Communication Science, Computer Information Systems, Consulting, Defense and Strategic Studies, Early Childhood and Family Development, Education Management, Educational Leadership, Primary Education, Physical Therapy, Botany, Botany and Agriculture, Project management, psychology, etc.
    Missouri State University (formerly Southwest Missouri State University) is a famous university with a long history of one hundred years.
    It is the second largest school in Missouri.
    It has over 21,000 students and 700 teaching staff, 150 undergraduate majors and 43 postgraduate majors.
    The COBA Business School of Missouri State University was named the best business school in the United States by the Princeton Review in 2006. It is also the largest business school in Missouri and its surrounding five states and even in the United States.
    More than 95% of business school professors have doctoral degrees.
    The most proud of them is that many professors have made great achievements in teaching, research and other fields.
    They are the academic leaders in the United States.
    At the same time, they also have rich practical experience in business management.
    The university is recognized by the North-Central Higher Education Commission and the Federal Education Commission, and its MBA degree is certified by the Federation of International Business Schools (AACSB).

    Walk into Tully University
    Official website: http://www.drury.edu/
    School Address: 900 North Benton Avenue Springfield, Missouri 65802, USA Dudley University was founded in 1873, located in SPRINGFIEL, Missouri.
    It is certified by the American Higher Education Commission.
    The Chinese Ministry of Education recognizes the Higher Calendar as a well-known private university in the central part of the United States.
    The campus of the Central College of the University covers 80 acres and is located in Chuntian City.
    It is very convenient for students to live and study.
    Springfield, Missouri, is located in the Midwest of the United States, about three hours'drive from St.
    The average temperature in summer is 25.8 C and in winter is 3.5 C.
    At present, there are more than 4800 students in the school, including students from 17 countries.
    It has 50 specialties and advanced modern educational and research facilities.
    Drury University ranks first in the Midwest University of Journalism and World Weekly for five consecutive years, and 96% of DRURY undergraduates find jobs or go to graduate school for further study.
    The Center for Freshmen Policy Research in the United States was named "Outstanding University" and commended DRURY for its exemplary work in helping freshmen.
    Dow Jones Brown Education Publishing House is one of the best and cheapest universities in the United States.
    DRURY won the World Student Entrepreneurship Team Competition in Germany for two consecutive years.
    The Independent University Council of the United States awarded DRURY Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Science Education.
    Drury University offers a compulsory course on global observation in the 9th and 21st centuries.
    Undergraduates receive a second major in international research besides their degree.
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