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Experts predict 10 trends in Spanish real estate development!
What will happen to Spanish real estate in the next few years?
Industry experts summed up ten trends, in their view, these trends mark the future trend of real estate.
These include the rise of rents in big cities, the increase of financing conditions, the potential for price increases, the investment of international capital in domestic assets and the impact of Britain's de-Europeanization on Spain.
1. Average Price Rising Trend Spanish real estate companies generally believe that the average price of Spanish real estate will continue to rise, in addition, different geographical locations are expected to widen the price gap between various properties.
For example, the prices of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and tourist attractions are expected to reach double-digit growth trends.
2. Revenue Trends Recently is a rare active period, a large number of speculation groups arrived in Spain to dig for golD.With the economic recovery, house prices show a rising trend, rental income is also increasing, but with more and more people sharing the spoon, the future income situation may be difficult to reach the current peak level.
3. Rent Trends in Big Cities The rental market will continue to rise with price and profit as its attraction, mainly due to the recovery of the economy and the employment market.
This also means that property with good geographic location will be more popular in the early leasing market.
4. Spanish market is still attractive to investors Thanks to the recovery of the economy and the employment market, and the current favourable financing conditions, Spain will be an attractive investment market.
According to industry insiders, the industry is up nearly 4% annually, mainly driven by rent and shortage of supply.
5. More interesting places are Madrid and Barcelona.
These two major cities have become Spain's most attractive centres for all industries:
residential, commercial and office.
On the other hand, the former is the capital and the latter is the main tourist attractions.
6. It's getting harder and harder to get cheap Industry insiders generally believe that:
"Given that prices in some areas have reached pre-crisis highs, it will be increasingly difficult to find cheap opportunities to trade.
" 7. Loan terms will increase Low-cost financing has boosted housing sales in recent years.
In addition, these conditions will become more expensive as interest rates in the euro zone rise.
In addition, we should not overlook that some of the fees that banks need to charge for providing mortgage loans to customers, such as handling fees, will increase accordingly.
8. Spain still has an advantage in the international market Over the next few years, experts predict that Spain's domestic market will continue to be the focus of some big companies, either through fund investments (mainly from Britain, France and Germany) or private investors, and that this situation will continue to be maintained, benefiting from integrity, economic stability and the protection of existing laws.
9. Merger of capital So far, alternative investment capital (such as student dormitories, high-end residential buildings, shared services) will be paid more and more attention, because they currently provide higher returns.
According to industry analysis, investors are more interested in these properties.
10. Britain's departure from Europe will only affect Britain itself.
Industry insiders believe that the negative impact of Britain's exit from Europe has been overestimated by experts.
Therefore, they believe that the impact on the EU will be far less than expecteD.That is to say, there will still be a large number of British people coming to Spain to invest in housing.
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