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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Where do high net worth immigrants go?
According to a survey of high net worth families in China, 37% of high net worth people said they were considering immigration in an interview, while 14% of high net worth people thought they were global citizens in the interview.
Where have these high net worth EXCELLENTS moved?
According to statistics, more than one fifth of the permanent population in Canada are immigrants.
One generation of immigrants accounted for 21.9% of the country's total population.
Why does this country attract immigrants so much?
Because it is brave enough!
The Living Environment of Canada's "Wealth" If the living environment is regarded as a wealth, Canadians are the happiest!
Look at the blue sky, white clouds, green mountains and green waters.
Do you have any postcards in one shot?
There is Prince Edward Island to the east.
There is Niagara Falls in the south.
There is Banff National Park in the west.
The northern lights.
Natural Resources of Canada's "Wealth" Canada's fresh air and natural water are undoubtedly a treasure.
Canadian water is clean and pure, and tap water can be drunk directly.
The air in Banff, Canada, can be sold for money.
The price of the limited edition bottle has been stir-fried to 20,000 Canadian dollars.
Does it feel like earning money every breath?
Canadian "Fortune" Food Canadian cuisine is rich and colorful, with a variety of delicious and characteristic cuisines.
Ontario has good quality wine and ice wine.
BC province has super delicious blueberries.
Quebec has maple syrup.
The Residential Environment of "Wealth" in Canada Many people choose to emigrate to Canada's comfortable living environment.
It doesn't matter if you can't afford a luxury house.
Chinese people's favorite two-garage independent house, Invincible View High-rise Apartment, More responsible building management, more reliable landlords, Neighbors are friendly and communities are harmonious.
Knowledge of Canada's "Wealth" If knowledge and culture are compared to wealth, Canada will be a rich country.
Various public resources are abundant and accessible.
Public libraries are free and easy to borrow.
Various public museums, Museums of art and science are regularly open free of charge.
The Order of "Wealth" in Canada Canadians are civilized and orderly, and people in the streets and alleys are very orderly.
Canadians like to queue up without jumping in the queue.
Bus queues need not be crowded and ticket queues need not be rushed.
It's okay to bring a bicycle and a pet to the car!
Cultural Life of "Wealth" in Canada Canadians know how to enjoy life and have plenty of spare time after work.
Skating, skiing and ice hockey.
Riding Golf and swimming in hot springs.
It can hardly be more abundant.
There are countless other activities.
Toronto Caribbean Carnival, Rainbow Parade, Calgary's Cowboy Day.
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