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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
In addition to municipal and stamp taxes, other tax-related expenses for housing purchases in the UK include:
Ground rent:
The rent depends on the type of house (mainly the number of rooms), the area and so on.
In theory, 200-2000 pounds per year is the common level.
Land registration fee:
According to the type of house, Zoople website shows that the current UK property registration fee is between 40 and 910 pounds.
Letting income tax:
Rent income tax is essentially a part of personal income tax in Britain.
Actual rental income tax needs to be deducted from tax exemption costs.
According to current standards, it includes loan interest repayment, property fees and so on.
However, according to the new policy promulgated by Finance Minister Osborne before 2015, interest repayments on loans can not be used to offset rental profits from 2020.
Property sales tax:
Although this fee is incurred during the selling stage, unless you are sure that the British property you bought will not be sold for a lifetime, you should consider it, which currently accounts for 18-28% of net income.
Of course, there are other non-tax extra fees that must be considered when buying a house in the UK:
lawyers'fees and property transfer fees, loan interest generated if buying a house with a loan, property valuation fees ranging from 350 to 1300, etc.
, which are no longer detailed here, after all, related to the specific provisions of the fee-paying service providers.
However, it should also be emphasized that in the current British housing policy, overseas landlords (foreign citizens who do not live in the United Kingdom and do not hold British passports) can apply for the corresponding annual tax exemption in the United Kingdom according to the actual country of residence and income.
At present, Chinese residents living in the United Kingdom can enjoy a housing allowance of 106,000.
In fact, for the UK, which has relatively perfect development in the field of real estate investment, there are many preferential policies for foreign investors.
At the same time, the original tax regulations are relatively mature.
Naturally, for self-help and investors, they are quite suitable countries for real estate investment.
It's not hard to explain why the UK real estate market has remained stable after leaving Europe.
According to the latest data released by Halifax last Monday, prices in the UK have just risen by 3.3% in the year to July, exceeding economists'forecasts by 2.6%.
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