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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
The list of the world's most livable cities is released in 2018 Australian Residential Environment Good air, fresh environment, livable, beautiful beach, sunshine and sea, these keywords once became the synonym of Australia.
WHO research shows that Australia's living environment is much better than most parts of the worlD.Its air quality is 5.4 times higher than the international average standarD.The PM10 index is only 13 micrograms/cubic meters.
At present, the normal value of China's PM10 standard is less than 150 micrograms/cubic meters per day.
Australian Children's Education Of course, in addition to the living environment, but also have to talk about the education of children.
Australia's education has a perfect system, and its quality of education can be regarded as the world's first-class level.
All courses are designed according to the abilities and needs of the educatees, so that each student's expertise and potential can be brought into full play.
Universities represented by Australia's Eight National Congresses have consistently dominated the rankings of world universities represented by QS and Times.
Perfect Social Welfare System All aspects of Australia's welfare system are quite perfect, especially in the medical field, it is enviable.
Australia has the world-renowned Medicare system, which ranks second in the worlD.Normally, when Australians go to see a GP, 80% of the chances are that they do not have to pay out of their own pocket, because the cost is paid directly by the Australian government.
In addition, with the signing of the Sino-Australian Free Trade Agreement, Australia's economic dependence on China is increasing.
The time difference of 2-3 hours between Australia and China has brought great convenience to business people between China and Australia.
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