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Which city in the United States is suitable for the elderly?
Which city do Americans think is better for the elderly?
A financial technology company has made its third annual study on migration patterns in the United States over the age of 60.
Here is a list of the top 10 cities Americans like to visit after retirement.
Henderson, Nevada Henderson ranked first among the most popular cities for retirees in 2018. It is reported that the city has 2,341 retirees "immigrants", of which 3,191 moved to the city, 850 moved out after retirement.
Nevada is one of the most retiree-friendly States because there is no income tax.
San Antonio, Texas San Antonio is a new addition to the top 10 list of retired cities.
With no state income tax, retirement income tax, warm and suitable weather, a large number of cultural facilities and delicious food, etc.
, Americans are deeply loved.
After counting all the seniors who are about to move in, the net number of seniors in San Antonio has increased by 2,306. Scottsdale, Arizona This is a very holiday-friendly city, famous for its resorts, golf courses, galleries and food venues.
It is not only the choice of many elderly people after retirement, but also the choice of people of all ages.
Last year, the city ranked only in the top 25 of the most popular retirement cities, and this year Scottsdale soared to third place with 1,834 net immigrants (773 last year).
The survey found that living in Scottsdale is more expensive than other Arizona cities, with medium-sized housing costing more than $1,300 a month.
Mesa Arizona Mesa in the Phoenix metropolitan area is an ideal sanctuary for many retirees in Arizona, where the cost of living is low and the average family cost of living is less than $1,000.
The City topped the list last year, but it dropped to fourth place this year because of the rising rate of elderly people moving out.
Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas, known as the "Casino City", can be regarded as the "adult playground" of the United States.
Nevada has a low land tax and no tax on retirement income.
It is one of the best retirement states in the country from a tax point of view.
According to the latest statistics, 4,387 retirees have decided to settle in Las Vegas.
Gilbert, Arizona Gilbert spends a lot of money and may be better for a slightly wealthy retiree.
According to Census Bureau data, the average house price in Gilbert is more than $1,400 a month, and the average house price is more than $300,000.
Thurpris, Arizona Arizona has several cities on the list of the most popular retirement cities, thanks to the state's abundant sunshine throughout the year and the attractive condition of tax-free social security income.
Raleigh, North Carolina About 2,015 elderly people relocated to Raleigh.
In terms of tax revenue, North Carolina is only "moderately friendly" to retirees, but the weather is good all year round.
Eugene Oregon Eugene is the only city in Oregon on the list of pension cities.
One disadvantage of moving to Eugene is that the median house price here is $267,000, about $60,000 higher than the national average.
Pioria, Arizona The last city on the list is ArizonA.According to the Census Bureau, 1,384 elderly people came to Peoria, north of Phoenix, and 338 moved away.
Houses in the city average less than $1,200 a month, higher than nearby Mesa, but lower than Scottsdale or Gilbert.
Lower living costs, warm weather and beautiful scenery are the main factors that many Americans consider when deciding where to retire.
Of the 28,614 cities surveyed in the United States, the top 10 cities ranked by virtue of their respective characteristics.
It is worth mentioning that although Florida has no city in the top 10 most popular cities for retirees, the Sunshine State, with 84,663 retirees, is still the largest state attracting retirees to settle down.
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