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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How hot are European investment immigrants?
Xiao Ming collects data analysis of European immigrants.
Let's take a look at these changes and changes in the investment immigration market.
At the same time, this is also an investment guide, hoping to give investors some thinking and inspiration!
Let's show you the data.
Analysis of High Net Value Population The latest data show that 67,000 people have assets of more than 100 million yuan, and the number of millionaires has reached 1.09 million.
Among them, Beijing has 192,000 millionaires, accounting for 17.6% of the country, ranking firSt.Guangdong and Shanghai ranked second and third with 180,000 and 159,000 respectively.
Industry Attributes of High Net Value Population Business owners:
about 600,000 people, accounting for more than 50% of the millionaires.
In the group of entrepreneurs, enterprises account for 60% of all their assets, and cash and stock investments account for 18%.
Golden Collar:
Including the senior management of large enterprise groups and multinational corporations.
They have high annual salaries, company dividends, etC.to ensure a stable high income.
Gold collars account for 20% of the millionaires, about 218,000.
20% of the assets of the gold collar are cash and stocks, and 50% are self-owned property.
Real estate speculators:
15% of the millionaires, whose assets are mainly used to invest in real estate.
Professional shareholders:
Professional shareholders account for 10% of the millionaires, 30% of their assets are invested in stocks and 20% in real estate.
Asset Analysis of Investment Migrants The main source of assets is their own accumulation.
Wage income, return on investment and company operation are their main sources of wealth.
The accumulation of wealth from the previous generation is in the minority.
Among them, 31% is salary income, 27% is investment return and 23% is company operation. commercial returns dominate the source of immigrant assets.
_Reasons for Investment Migration Education is the primary consideration of immigration.
One is the financial reason.
The difference in tuition fees between international and domestic students in many countries has been equal to the cost of immigration for several years.
Second, foreign students are getting younger.
More and more parents realize that it is very harmful for their children to leave their parents when they are too young.
Therefore, they hope that the whole family or at least their mother will accompany them in the past.
_5. Major obstacles to investment migration_ Waiting too long in the process of applying for immigration is generally considered the biggest obstacle, and more than a quarter of immigrants feel the same.
Language barriers and difficulty in integrating into the mainstream society are also major difficulties for immigrants.
The decision to emigrate may be due to factors such as education, environment and food, but the decision to emigrate to a country is largely due to easy access to green cards and simple procedures.
_Migration intermediary selection_ Professional counseling and record of success are the most important considerations for migrants when choosing migration intermediaries.
Because once the application fails, it not only wastes a very long waiting time, but also makes it very difficult to apply again.
_attributes of investors_ The majority of people who want to emigrate are males, aged 20-29 years, and the ratio of 30-39 is very high.
From the age point of view, the number of affiliated applicants and foreign students aged 20-29 years accounts for a large proportion.
30-39 is the main applicant.
The main provinces are Beijing and Shanghai, followed by Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shandong.
The data also show that Europe has gradually become one of the preferred areas for global migration, with 72 million overseas migrants living in Europe, and the European migration market has become increasingly hot!
Europeans have been paying more attention to the domestic immigration market.
Therefore, considering the factors such as asset allocation, comfortable quality of life and the environment for children's growth and education, investors can say that choosing Europeans is the most cost-effective choice.
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    ABOUT new-york local customs, tourist attractions
    Wall Street
    New York city, the Southern District of Manhattan extends from Broadway to the East River a large street name, no more than a mile long, only 11 meters wide, is the "Wall Street", English.
    The rule of Holland, built a defensive wall here.
    British off the Dutch, having built street, hence the name.
    This is the big monopoly organizations and financial institutions, the General Administration of the New York stock exchange, the American stock exchange, investment bank, government and municipal securities dealers, trust companies, the Federal Reserve banks, utilities and insurance companies as well as the headquarters of the United States Rockefeller, Morgan and other big business of banking, insurance, railway, shipping, mining, manufacturing and other large companies, has become the financial and securities of the United States and the world trade center, as Wall Street in general often synonymous with monopoly capital.
    Monopoly capital from the United States dominates politics and economy.
    Wall Street has become a symbol of American monopoly capital, financial and investment highly concentrated.
    New York Kennedy International Airport, John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport (full name: John F- Kennedy International Airport English), is the main international airport in New York city, is the world's largest one of the airport is located in New York, Queens on the shore of Jamaica bay.
    From New York airport and New Jersey port authority operation, administration and management of LaGuardia Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, New York metropolitan airport.
    The airport was built in 1942 July 1, 1948, the first commercial flight, and in July 31st officially named New York international airport".
    In November 22, 1963, President John Kennedy was assassinated in December 24th, the airport was renamed Yue Han Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport in honor of the first president;
    subsequently, the International Air Transport Association Airport Airport update for JFK.
    Kennedy International Airport has 8 passenger terminal operations.
    The terminals with U shaped pattern around the central region of the airport parking lot, hotel facilities, power supply facilities.
    AirTrain and roads are connected to each terminal.
    New York Palace Hotel is located in the central business district of Manhattan, is a luxury hotel in Manhattan.
    It is near the famous Fifth Avenue Sax, from St. Patrick's cathedral (St. Patrick s cathedral) and Rockefeller center (Rockefeller center) only a few steps away.
    The hotel was built in 1882, was originally the Willard family (Villard) of the palace, has experienced vicissitudes of history, in 1981 to become the The Palace Hvar Hotel officially opened in 1992, costing millions of dollars for the re decoration, unique history of the Willard family still gives the deeper meaning of The Palace Hvar Hotel.
    This room is divided into two types of traditional and modern style, can feel both classical and modern feelings.
    New York Palace Hotel hotel has a total of 55 layers, a total of 813 rooms and 86 suites, the Royal Plaza is the most important area of about 450 square meters, built in accordance with the French Louis fifteen palace style, the window overlooking the Fifth Avenue and the Pulitzer fountain, study and equipment are round and oval hall, palace of a living room, a gym, entertainment room, grand piano, full of valuable books with a fully equipped kitchen, suitable for their own private chefs travel rich, $30000 per night.
    The New York Palace Hotel
    Necessary to Reason: one of the most luxurious hotel in New York
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    city Attractions: New York [New York]

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