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    ABOUT ontario local customs, tourist attractions

    Ontario north to Hudson Bay, Quebec to the East, West meets Manitoba, South is with the United States of Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York States is bounded. Ontario border with the United States basically is a river or lake, from the St. Lawrence River in the west lake forest until the East Cornwall. Which include the Great Lakes in the Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario (Ontario since then named, Ontario "in the Iroquois language is beautiful lake of mean). There are about two and a total of more than one hundred thousand kilometers of river in Ontario province.
    Largest city and provincial capital of Toronto, is the Ontario lake on the West Bank of the so-called "golden horseshoe" of the main members of the urban belt. The Canadian capital of Ottawa province in the easternmost of the Ottawa river. The main river is the Ontario border between Ottawa and Quebec two provinces.

    A large number of immigrants from all over the world, especially to the immigrants in Toronto, are rapidly making the province's cultural diversity. About 5% of Ontario's population speaks French.

    The province's industry mainly for manufacturing, Southeast of the city with the national industrial center. The main products are automotive, steel, food, electrical, mechanical, chemical and paper. Science and technology industry is also very developed, especially in the area near Markham, Waterloo and Ottawa city.

    Reason: Toronto the most photogenic Market Point Pelee National Park is located in southwestern Ontario, founded in 1918, covers an area of 15 square kilometers, is a major Canadian must see attractions. It is Canada's most southern tip, is also the most special park, the park has a large area of wetlands and swamps, is to watch the birds and butterflies in the ideal place. Park has the original Avenue, the long beach, the high ecological reeds and prolonged suspension bridge, along the suspension bridge ahead, exposure to the endless reed, feel very comfortable. National Park in mixed with a variety of plant and animal forms, wetlands, Carolyn nano state jungle forest and grassland animal husbandry in South America and beach four, the variety of ecological environment for a variety of diverse dynamic plant growth and breeding provides a good condition. Squirrels, raccoons, weasels, mink, snakes, and a total of 100 kinds of birds, including woodpeckers, Huang Ying, swallows, owls, towhee, cuckoo, perched on the. Because of the wide variety of birds. Many of them are from the South American bird watchers usually in spring birding, in addition to all the year round in this life of birds and a large number of migrating birds, even have the opportunity to watch the blackpoll warbler.

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