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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What is the difference between Australian education and Chinese education from the perspective of family finance When it comes to money and wealth, what are the traditional Chinese ideas?
Most parents work hard all their lives and save money to leave their children a fortune.
They don't want their future life to be troubled by money.
This proverb has been interpreted very well.
But what is more memorable is the phrase that the intimate relationship between human beings should not involve money.
"Everything, once linked to money, becomes impure.
Think about it.
If parents don't give you the accumulated wealth, do you think they don't love you?
After you have the ability to work, do not seal red envelopes for filial piety to your parents on New Year's Day?
Does anyone think you are not filial?
I don't know when it starteD.Money has become the only criterion to measure love.
Unlike traditional Chinese thinking, in Western countries, they believe that it is a sad thing that a person still has a lot of wealth until he dies.
Take Australia for example.
Reluctance to deprive children of the process of accumulating wealth Australian parents think that the process of accumulating wealth is interesting, life is like a game, making money just to maintain the needs of life.
Enjoy the love and hatred that the world brings you, joy and sorrow are the most important.
So everyone deserves to enjoy the game from zero.
Even their children do not want to deprive them of the right to accumulate wealth and explore the world and society.
Australian parents believe that their responsibility to their children lies in guiding them to establish correct world outlook and values from an early age.
In the period of study, we should provide them with all possible conditions to become better people, have the capital to accumulate wealth and explore the world in the future.
It is better to teach people to fish than to teach them to fish.
Although this is a classical Chinese saying, Australians have done a thorough and incisive job in educating their children.
Australians love donations, but also a kind of Education Australians are especially fond of donating money.
They think that if they have extra money, they should donate it to help those in need, not to leave it to their children.
According to statistics, Australia has hundreds of billions of dollars in donations every year, 80% of which are individual donations, and 70% of them are ordinary people.
Last year, Australians made voluntary contributions of 30 billion yuan, and 81% of Australian adults, or 14.9 million Australians, made charitable contributions.
In addition, about 4 out of every 9 adult Australians volunteered in 2016, and the total length of time spent on volunteering was 932 million hours.
Of course, it does not mean that Chinese people do not have love, but that social patterns force people not to donate easily.
It is not the people in need who are afraid of helping, but a group of deceivers who can only use their brains to fatten up.
In Australia, both individuals and organizations will be very honest when they want your donation.
In the letter to you, it will clearly state the purpose of the money, how much it is, who it is for, how many people it is used and how it is used.
The point is, effective!
Shortly after you donate, you will see a playground for children with your strength and a school with your stamp.
Moreover, the transparency of charitable funds in Australia is so high that any citizen can check the accounts.
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