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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Global Big Man Invests in Spain In January 2015, Wang Jianlin entered Spanish football.
Wang Jianlin initially invested 45 million euros to buy a 20% stake in Atletico Madrid Club.
On June 5, 2014, Wang Jianlin bid 260 million euros for the landmark Spanish building in Madrid.
In 2012, Russian President Vladimir Putin bought a 15 million ($190 million) residential project in Spain, covering 18,000 square meters, with perfect facilities, which can be called a king-level residence.
In 2012, Warren Buffett bought the insurance business of Caixa Bank of Spain for $600 million.
In 2012, Mexico, Argentina's world champion, purchased four million homes in the Castefell villa area of Barcelona.
In 2011, famous singer Yongqi Liang bought a seaside villa on the Mediterranean coast of Barcelona and stayed in Barcelona for at least three months every year.
In 2009, famous soccer star Ronaldo bought a two-story rural villa in Madrid, covering an area of 861 square meters and costing 4.7 million euros.
Global Famous Enterprises Invest in Spain In August 2017, Blackstone announced that it had purchased 51% of Volkswagen Bank's non-performing assets from Santander Bank for 5 billion euros, together with its original 7 billion euros in real estate, making it the largest real estate holder in Spain.
The company has been involved in the Spanish real estate market since 2013. The deal is considered to be a good medium- and long-term prospects for the Spanish economy, which has been recovering for four consecutive years.
Market analysts believe it is Blackstone's "brave bet".
In January 2015, George Soros, an international fund manager, invested 500 million euros to buy a stake in the Spanish International Bank.
In March 2014, hedge fund giants Soros and Paulson joined in investing in a Spanish real estate company with a total of 184 million euros.
In 2014, following a 400 million investment in 2011, the Canadian PSP Fund again invested 140 million to photograph the whole building of Paseo de Castillana 200 in Madrid CBD District.
In October 2013, Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates'fund bought 6% of the large Spanish construction company FCC for 113.5 billion euros, becoming the second largest shareholder of the company.
In August 2013, Goldman Sachs Fund and Azora purchased 3,000 Spanish apartments for about 200 million euros.
In November 2012, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) (601398, stock bar) bought the old building of Recoletos Avenue in Madrid's central government district for 21.8 million euros and transformed it into its headquarters in Madrid.
In August 2012, Blackstone Group, an American private equity fund, purchased 18 apartment buildings in Madrid for 125.5 billion euros.
On February 23, 2011, CITIC Heavy Industries (601608, stock bar) formally acquired Spanish GANDARA Company.
In 2011, the Canadian PSP Fund invested 400 million euros to buy several real estate projects in Spain.
Celebrity companies around the world are taking the lead, which undoubtedly stimulates Spain's growing economy.
BBVA's Research Centre predicts that housing investment will rise by 6.5% this year, far more than the 2.2 percentage point forecaSt.By 2018, investment growth will also reach 6.4%.
The above forecast shows that they are optimistic about this year's housing investment.
According to the real data, the investment from January to March increased by 1.6% compared with the previous quarter, and increased by 6.3% compared with the same period last year.
Spain, with its well-developed technology, top-level education, high-quality living environment, beautiful natural scenery and the social security and welfare system at the forefront of the world, is letting more investors find his charm.
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