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Top30, the world's most suitable city for long-term development, has 15 cities in North America, accounting for half of the liSt.However, only Tokyo (13), Seoul (28) and Singapore (29) made the Asian liSt.There is no city in China on the list.
TOP30, a city with long-term development potential in the future " According to the 2018 Urban Dynamics Index Survey, the top ten cities in China and the United States have six cities, including San Francisco, Silicon Valley and New York, ranked No.
1, No.
2 and No.
3 on the list, Boston ranked No.
5, Los Angeles No.
6 and San Diego No.
10. Canada's Toronto ranks ninth in the world and Canada firSt.Vancouver ranked nineteen and Montreal ranked twenty-sixth.
The report chooses cities at the forefront of innovative economy by considering such factors as high-tech enterprises, education, environment, transparency, infrastructure and international patents in a city.
We can't use traditional industries to measure the future prospects of a city, but we should focus on high-tech industries and whether the city can attract high-tech industry talents; whether there are enough science and technology enterprises, whether large enterprises or small and medium-sized enterprises; whether there are enough high-tech education strength, such as high-tech institutions of higher learning with excellent strength in the field of science and technology; whether there are enough science and technology enterprises or not; Has the younger urban trend; whether suitable for the development of high-tech industries fertile soil; whether there are enough advanced equipment, such as convenience facilities, etc.
, the city's degree of automation, science and technology is high enough; whether there is enough strong international influence, the city's high-tech research and development products get enough international recognition.
Speaking of Colorado, you must have heard of here is the outdoor sports paradise.
Every winter, skiing is more and more people will be here to have come here, and of great momentum mountains, no haze in the sky and snow.
In Colorado, there are richly endowed by nature altitude 58 mountains, which fly in the 4 km above the annual average; there are 300 days of sunny sunshine; there are a variety of interesting activities in addition to skiing; there are abundant geothermal springs and glittering rivers and lakes.
The best ski resort in the United States ("America s Best Skiing) - the state of Colorado is absolutely true.
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