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"Short-term Development Cities" ranked first in India In another "short-term development city" ranking, we saw many Asian countries.
Nanjing, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Tianjin, Chengdu and other Chinese cities also made the list.
Surprisingly, the three cities in Beisheng and Guangzhou did not rank among the long-term development cities, and even in the short-term development list, they did not rank high.
Instead, many cities in India surpassed China.
There are also cities like Seattle and Singapore, which both rank as the biggest black horse.
This also shows that the two cities are suitable for both short-term development and long-term development potential.
The ranking is based mainly on the growth rate of the urban economy and the real estate market, according to Jones Lang LaSalle.
According to the reports of Visual Capitalist and World Economic Forum, although with the process of globalization, economy, technology and cities are developing at an unprecedented speed, not every city can do a good job in guiding the urbanization settings.
Jeff Desjardins, founder of Visual Capital, said that in an increasingly digital and globalized economy, cities must be able to attract high-end talent, promote innovation and remain competitive.
Failure to do so would have dire consequences.
In order to maintain competition in the new future, these cities need to invest and utilize their own technology, material, digital links, quality of life and sustainable development.
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