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Why does Ireland rank among the top 10 in the 2008 Global Innovation Index?
On July 10, 2018, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Cornell University, the European School of Business Administration and the Global Innovation Index Knowledge Partners jointly released the Global Innovation Index (GII) ranking.
The report shows that Ireland has promoted to the top 10 most innovative economies in the world, while Switzerland continues to dominate and China has entered the top 20.
Among them, the top 10 countries in the 2018 global innovation index are the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the United States, Finland, Denmark, Germany and Ireland.
The theme of the 2018 edition of the Global Innovation Index is "World Energy, Innovation is the Key".
This paper studies the necessity of broadening innovative work on climate-friendly green technology in the context of rising global energy demanD.Forecasts show that by 2040, the world's demand for energy will be as much as 30% higher than it is today, and the traditional approach of expanding energy supply is unsustainable in the face of climate change.
This year is the 11th edition of the Global Innovation Index.
The Global Innovation Index is a detailed quantitative tool to help global policymakers better understand how to stimulate innovation activities in order to promote economic growth and human development.
The global innovation index ranks 126 economies according to 80 indicators.
GII's 80 indicators explore a wide range of innovative visions, including the political environment, education, infrastructure and business maturity.
Ireland, which ranks in the top 10, is particularly good at sustainable energy development. combining energy with high technology is the main trend of innovative business development in the future.
Yale University is composed of undergraduate Department (here used to the "Yale School", match) Graduate School and ten professional schools, and students are always the main body and the teaching of the school center.
Like other American universities, one or two grade students at Yale is no matter what major to learn, even in grade three or four were selected in the direction is focused on by the Expo has formed the breadth of knowledge on strengthening depth, lay the foundation for further graduate or professional school.
From the provisions of the design and elective courses, until the incumbent president Lai Wen (Richard C.
Levin) speech on different occasions, you can clearly see that the undergraduate teaching at Yale have always adhere to the general education is often said "here" (liberal education).
Talk about the problems of general education, and made me think of a hundred years Chinese bitterly at all and are due to lack of accumulation into the dilemma.
A university is an educational institution after long-term accumulation and gradually developed in the west, it has its traditional humanistic spirit.
But in China, the establishment of university is to learn western advanced technology, in order to cultivate fuguoqiangbing talents, from the beginning of the one-sided utilitarian tendency.
50s to the Soviet Union to study results reinforce the professional direction of personnel training.
Therefore, professional personnel training only on manufacturing tools, and not pay attention to education as an independent individual to fully develop their own problems.
A pre-school was decided by the specialty of college students, it is sent to the university personnel production line processing of "material", whether he or she does not love or love is not suitable for the professional, professional once decided, that person must be made into useful professional workers.
Liberal education makes not the so-called "useful" talent, its purpose is to cultivate students' ability to expand their understanding, reasoning and feelings.
It does not teach what special skill or knowledge, but only to enrich students' mind, prompting them to critique their own development ability and independent thinking, making them less bound or try not to prejudice, superstition and dogma.
Therefore, the general education is for the purpose of education itself, it is not for any particular purpose service.
In a commencement speech, Lai Wen pointed out, Yale does not intend to make a batch of only in operation, finance and business entrepreneurs for the 21st century, or only know how to manipulate the media do effective communication among politicians.
Yale is the 21st century to cultivate man, they have the ability of creative thinking independently, have the ability in addition to their master professional knowledge on broader issues.
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