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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Easy and Easy European Countries to Migrate in 2018 With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, immigration has become a new way of life that ordinary middle-class families can choose.
Today, Xiao Ming is going to take a look at the European immigrant countries with simple conditions and low barriers in 2018. 250,000 Euro Treasury Bonds Immigrated to Malta In August 2015, Malta's Investment Residence Plan was launcheD.Investors can purchase 250,000 Euros of Malta A-class bonds to fulfill the dream of a four-generation immigrant to Europe.
In February 2016, rules for the implementation of national debt immigration were promulgated, and applications from all over the world were formally accepteD.In July 2017, Malta's Ministry of Justice issued the latest policy of Malta's Investment Residence Plan, the most important of which was the removal of the time requirement for departure and the age limit for children, which brought great convenience to many investors and their families who wished to apply for permanent residence in the European Union through residence in Malta.
250,000 Euros Home Purchase Immigrants to Greece On July 9, 2015, Greece passed a new immigration bill.
Non-EU citizens who buy more than 250,000 euros in Greece will be able to take their spouses, children under the age of 21 and parents together to get a Greek "green card".
Really realize one person investment, three generations of immigrants.
Permanent residents can also apply for naturalization if they meet certain residence requirements.
Greece's 250,000 home purchase immigration project is the most cost-effective immigration project in Europe.
300,000 Euro Cypriot Home Purchase Immigrants In 2009, the Cyprus government took the lead in introducing a 300,000 Euro housing purchase scheme for foreign applicants, enabling the whole family to live permanently.
The right to permanent residence policy has attracted more than 1 billion euros of overseas investment, nearly half of which is contributed by the Chinese.
More and more Chinese are attracted by Cyprus's relatively low threshold, favorable immigration policy, and no livable environment.
At the same time, Cyprus has been chosen as a permanent resident based on the consideration of children's future education.
In addition, Cyprus passport (EU passport) is available for the purchase of property worth more than 2 million euros locally in Cyprus.
From 2008 to 2018, the Cypriot government issued about 3 300 passports to foreign investors, 1685 of which were issued to investors themselves and 1651 to their families, such as spouses, children and parents.
More and more Chinese rich people chose to immigrate to Cyprus.
Half a million euros of home buyers immigrated to Spain.
On September 27, 2013, Spain enacted a new immigration bill, which opened a wider door for investment in immigration projects; on July 31, 2015, the bill was updated to achieve three generations of immigrants.
Residence permits can be obtained by investing in real estate in Spain.
The application procedure is simple.
Real estate (apartments, villas, shops) can be rented, and the rate of return on investment is high.
500,000 Euros Home Purchase Immigrants Portugal The Portuguese Investment Immigration Program (ARI), also known as the Gold Residence Permit (GRP), was issued on October 8, 2012. The investment requirement is to purchase real estate in Portugal not less than 500,000 euros.
Real estate types and quantities are not limiteD.It can purchase residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural housing.
It can purchase one or more sets of real estate.
It only needs to satisfy the total amount of property purchased not less than 500,000 Euros to emigrate.
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    The United States of San Francisco, because of its beautiful scenery and famous all over the world, it also provides a world.class shopping experience.
    Whether it is Vitoria style boutique, or square corner retro shops, or San Francisco Bay boutique outlets are always waiting for you people.
    Here is not to be missed several shopping "San Francisco hot shop": Union Square Union Square is a famous landmark in San Francisco, it is not only the city's transportation hub, but also the entertainment culture center.
    Here gathered a large number of well-known department stores and various boutiques, from world brands to local designer brands, everything.
    For example, Burberry, coach, Kate, Spade, s, Neiman, Marcus, Macy 'Nordstrom, Prada Saks and Fifth Avenue.
    In addition, there is also some "hidden surprises".
    In the Union Square near the Maiden Lane, there are many style outdoor cafe and high-end boutique.
    For example, chanel, Marc Jacobs and Yves Saint Laurent.
    In the shopping, people can also enjoy the delicious food of all over the world here.
    San Francisco shopping guide Westfield shopping center in San Francisco Westfield shopping centre is located in the San Francisco Union Square not far away.
    The indoor mall has more than 200 top brands including Abercrombie & Fitch, crocs club, Monaco, H&M, Kiehl, s, Nordstrom and Banana Republic In addition, there are the characteristics of every kind of restaurant, can let people enjoy the delicacy while shopping in.
    Westfield shopping center in San Francisco is set in one of the idle away in seeking pleasure city landmark shopping center.
    San Francisco shopping guide The church area (Mission District)
    The church area (Mission District) is one of the oldest neighborhoods in San Francisco city, one of the most fashionable blocks at the same time.
    The name of its origin in 1776 and will create Spanish missionaries of St. francis.
    Along Valencia street, everywhere here shop and decorated with exquisite retro chic cafes, restaurants, bar art bookstore.
    Universal Studio Hollywood's "Harry Potter" theme park opened!

    The honourable Harry Potter fans, come to visit!

    In order to celebrate the "Harry Potter's magical world" in Universal Studios, at the opening ceremony, also held a fireworks show.
    Universal Studio Hollywood has become the Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, second Harry Potter of the United States in the world. In addition, Osaka in Japan, there is also a Harry Potter's Magical World Amusement city.
    The United States of Florida Harry Potter's magical world The earliest "Harry Potter's magical world" on 2010 in Florida, Orlando open, 2014 also opened the "Diagon Alley" theme park.
    The Hogwarts Express: passengers will be in Hoge aboard the Hogwarts Express train to Hogsmeade "London" Diagon Alley The Leaky cauldron: the book said in the backyard and knocked a few, you can find the door into Diagon Alley Into Diagon Alley theme park, fans can finally stand in the famous wizard in the bank, this moment is really exciting.
    The tourists will be with a 60 feet (about 18 meters) of the dragon face to face contact, to explore underground labyrinth of Gringotts vault, is said to also see voldemort.
    can participate in the park carefully designed a journey of escape, is "death" in Harry, Ron and Hermione find Voldemort in Gringotts soul fragments, then fled the scene of the wizard bank.
    The experience of the whole 360 degree scene features, 4K HD digital animation, the most advanced 3D stereo projection effect and field effects, as if into another world, to find magic items defeat Voldemort, fled with Gringotts and three young magician.
    The first thing that came into Gringotts spirit is true to life Into the hall, listening to Berg and then to find the Horcrux chatter without stop, like a hero.
    Underground mine: tourists will feel as if they were Harry, Ron, and Hermione to escape And in the book 0 retail stores, the characters of rich interactive, full of sense of participation, super true.
    Universal Studio Hollywood Harry Potter's magical world Harry in Hollywood, Potter's world, Florida Orlando elements of magic magic world not one less.
    The park will include the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts castle and the horse good beast roller coaster in 3 major areas.
    "Harry Porter forbidden journey" fantasy family coaster "eagle flying horse" as Universal Studio Hollywood's first outdoor roller coaster debut.
    Enjoy the delicacy of the world, three broomsticks, and full of magic bar PigHead, radish and butter beer shopping cart.
    The experience and the purchase of genuine goods, including wands, robes and other "from the magical world of Harry Porter" collection.
    Enter the theme park, will first see the Hogwarts Express Through the door, see the snow covered "Hogg Maude village" referred to as Hogg Maude, is the only one of all the wizard village.
    The village shop, restaurant
    You can taste the butter beer in Hogsmeade Restaurant
    Magic shop
    can choose the magic wand and robe
    Selling books in magic shop "Honeydukes candy"
    It can buy a magic food, mentioned in the book of chocolate Frogs, Bai Diquan bean taste.
    "The hippogriff" roller coaster
    Hagrid's motorbike
    Small Gryffindor
    Japan Osaka Universal Studios Harry Potter's magical world
    Osaka is located in the Universal Studios theme of Harry Porter in USJ district is now second only to the United States "magic world".
    The Harry Potter film "Huogewo Ibaraki" as the prototype of the castle open a few months on the growth, has attracted many tourists come in a throng.
    Have an overwhelming scale Harry Porter theme in detail not only excellence, using the latest 4K image technology is to let visitors enjoy the world's highest level of recreation experience.
    Harry Potter in the movie the principal rooms, classrooms, etc by the magic shop eleven reduction theme area can also enjoy the movie 0 "butter beer", "chocolate Frog" magic specialty.
    carrying the Hogg Watts magic school students come to Hogsmeade station "Hogg Watts express train" coming, and visitors can not only train a photo shoot, here you can also buy a very special photo, it looks as if you sit in the train.
    Visit the "Hogg Maude town", "Honey Duke" is Hogwarts students also love the snack shop.
    The unique magic circle, also need to experience oh!
    Ollie fanden wand shop.
    Senior wand in 382 Bc venture manufacturing shop.
    Here you can experience the scene in the movie.
    Of course, you can also buy their own wand.
    A popular drink butter beer tastes like a magical world, hard candy or butter cookies, alcohol free, so kids can safely drink.
    In the "Three Broomsticks" and "PigHead bar" are available.
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