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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Vancouver, Canada, How much does it cost to live?
As we all know, in the traditional immigrant countries such as Britain, America, Australia and Canada, the high housing prices correspond to their highly developed economies.
So, in Vancouver, Canada, where Chinese immigrants used to live, how much did they really need to spend?
Buy a house In terms of living environment, first of all, it is undeniable that the weather in Canada is not good and the winter is particularly cold, but the natural environment is particularly good, especially in the Great Lakes region, where vegetation is abundant, the environment is clean and the air is fresh.
In terms of house prices, Canada has roughly two echelons.
The first gradient is in the areas of Toronto and Greater Vancouver.
The average house price of independent houses has reached C$1.5 million to C$2 million.
Almost all other areas are in the second echelon of house prices, where C$300,000 to C$500,000 can buy independent houses.
New immigrants can also borrow money to buy a house in Canada, up to 65%, which means 35% down payment.
The interest rate on loans is much lower than that in ChinA.Recently, the interest rate on loans has fluctuated between 2.5% and 3%.
In addition, there are land taxes and insurance, which is also a large monthly expenditure.
Trip Canadian cars are cheaper, and their prices are generally the same as those in the United States.
It can be said that they are the cheapest countries in the worlD.But car maintenance in Canada is not cheap.
In addition, gasoline in Canada is generally more expensive than in the United States, especially in BC Province, which is 20% more expensive than in other parts of Canada.
If you don't buy a car, you'll have to take public transport.
Toronto's subway and bus can buy one-way tickets, want to be cheaper, can do unlimited monthly tickets, Vancouver and Ottawa situation is roughly the same.
Bus tickets in Canada are generally around C$1-2, and fares for adults, children and the elderly vary.
Ticketing systems vary from city to city.
Vancouver is priced according to distance.
Toronto has a single ticket system regardless of distance.
The subway in Toronto and Montreal runs for a long time.
It stops running more than one o'clock at night and starts running again around five o'clock in the morning.
food Eating is relatively cheap in Canada, and food prices across the country are almost the same.
Unlike other prices, food is cheaper in big cities because logistics is developed and there are more choices.
Meat is especially cheap in CanadA.It can often buy a $1 pound pig elbow and three pounds a pound of pork.
Beef grades and varieties are also numerous, ranging from 4 yuan to 40 yuan.
Milk, eggs and sausages are not more expensive than in China, but the quality is much better.
The variety of snack desserts is more dazzling and can not be bought.
In cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary, almost all Chinese vegetable foods can be bought, as well as authentic Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian foods.
Generally speaking, a family of three to five people has 500 Canadian dollars a month to buy enough food.
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    ABOUT mississippi local customs, tourist attractions
    Tupelo Automobile Museum Tupelo Mississippi Automobile Museum is located in Tupelo, after 28 years, after many people for their help and efforts in 2002 opening, the exhibition area of 120000 square feet, more than 100 cars on display history can be traced back to 1859 years of antique cars, about 100 years of automotive design and manufacturing history.
    The Museum in the car can be divided into antique cars, rare cars and celebrity car, worth up to $600 million, the 1886 Benz represents the birth of the car, in addition, there are 1916 Owen Magnetic, 1920 cord L-29, 1929 Duesenberg Model J, 1937 Lagonda and other different cars.
    The Museum's opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 16:30, 12:00 to 16:30 on weekends, new year's day, Easter, Thanksgiving and christmas.
    Tupelo Automobile Museum
    Reason: one of the largest automobile Museum in North America
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state of Mississippi: [Mississippi State]
    Attractions: Tupelo city [Tupelo]

    The Mississippi Armed Forces Museum The Armed Forces Museum is located in the state of Mississippi Hattiesburg, founded in 1984, as the Mississippi Military Museum, about the state of military history, and to commemorate the 1 soldiers sacrifice, and display all kinds of weapons used in the war.
    Inside the Museum exhibition area of 16000 square feet, including 17000 items, 4500 of the military history books and 2000 volumes of historical literature.
    The Museum is divided into 8 large area, that is the end of the nineteenth century war, a war, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, desert storm, the global war on terrorism and the medal of honor, the exhibition of weapons, equipment, clothing and decorations.
    In addition to the indoor exhibition, there is a large area of outdoor exhibition, mainly display aircraft, tanks, artillery and other field.
    The Museum's opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 to 16:30, Monday, Sunday and public holidays.
    Mississippi Armed Forces Museum The
    Reason: the most important military Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state of Mississippi: [Mississippi State]
    Attractions: [Hattiesburg]

    Memphis: the "grinding city" on the Mississippi River At the junction of Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee, next to the Mississippi River, sits a city of music: Memphis, which enjoys the reputation of "the land of blues music" and "the birthplace of rock and roll music".
    The largest city in Tennessee is Presley's hometown of Elvis Presley.
    Half a century ago, a young truck driver was playing his cheap guitar in the solar studio here, playing the American household song "Don't worry, Mom."
    Memphis-based Elvis'former home Yayuan is a two-story villa, but the number of visitors is second only to the White House every year.
    Every August, people gather in Memphis for Elvis' Memorial Week to remember his outstanding musical contributions.
    Like most American cities, Memphis, where blacks make up nearly half of the population, will not and will not be able to escape a strong atmosphere of apartheid and discrimination.
    This is where the famous human rights leader Martin Ruud Kim was killed.
    FedEx, a fast-growing logistics company, has transformed the previously unknown Memphis International Airport into a world logistics hub in the past 40 years.
    All this makes the city unique.
    The Memphis Grizzlies, who joined the NBA in 1995 and then called the Vancouver Grizzlies, moved back to Memphis from Vancouver, canada, in 2001, renamed the Memphis Grizzlies.
    Grizzlies have only been here for 16 years.
    When they moved to Memphis, the first generation of fans were only 10 years old.
    Now they are 26 years old, just the right age.
    On any given day with a grizzly bear game, Memphis fans will fill up the FedEx stadium.
    The Memphis people love their team, love every player and treat them as their own family.
    If the Memphis can't go to the game, they will spontaneously watch the game in a nearby bar or at some fans'nights.
    The players here are very low-key, rarely exposed to the spotlight.
    The fans here are pure and more like college League Fans.
    The team is fully integrated with the city and her fans.
    can not keep pace with the times, the three point is the team injury.
    These characteristics of the grizzly bear, when Landoff and Gasol began to cooperate with the "black and white bears" combination, has become the foundation of Memphis basketball culture.
    From the day coach Hollins took over the Grizzlies, the Grizzlies believed in building a wall of defense and sticking to retro basketball.
    Yes, the grizzly bear's label is the hardest and fiercest defense.
    The slogan "Grind Grand Grizz" translates into "The city of Grind" and the home court FedEx stadium is known as the "penitentiary," which is the product of the best Memphis basketball culture.
    Still stubbornly being yourself in this age of small balls, you like grizzly bears because of their resilience, which is just like your heart.
    The more tempered, the stronger!
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