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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
The most suitable country for Chinese rich people to invest in immigration ranks, Canada ranks second!
Canada surpassed Britain in ranking second for the first time this year in the ranking of countries most suitable for Chinese high net worth people to invest in immigration, according to a new survey report.
In recent years, the rich in China have been regarded as one of the important drivers of the overheating housing market in Vancouver and Toronto for some reasons.
According to a recent survey, the wealthy in China are attracted by Canada's lifestyle and investment opportunities, and Canada has surpassed Britain in their eyes.
The study was based on a survey of 304 high net worth Chinese immigrants with wealth of 10 to 200 million yuan ($1.5 million to $30 million) from April to July 2017, who are applying for and considering immigration.
The evaluation criteria include eight indicators:
education, investment destination, practicability of immigration policy, overseas home ownership, optimum personal income tax, validity of medical system, passport exemption and Chinese adaptability.
As a result, Canada's score increased by 0.
5, ranking rose to No.
2; Britain's score dropped by 0.
2, ranking dropped to No.
3; and the United States, though losing 0.
2, ranked No.
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