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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Top 10 countries in China's Investment Migration Index:
Score (change) Country One U.S.A 9 (-0.
2) Two Canada 8.7 (+0.
5) Three Britain 8.4 (-0.
2) Four Australia 7.8 (+0.
3) Five Malta Six point five Six Portugal 6.4 (+2.5) Seven Ireland 6.3 (-0.
8) Eight Spain 6.2 (+0.
4) Nine Antigua Five point one Ten Dominica Three point eight In terms of individual scores, the United States ranked first in education, investment destination, applicability of immigration policy, overseas homeownership, passport exemption and Chinese adaptability indicators.
China's high net worth population has a high degree of recognition for Canada's education, health care and Chinese community.
In Canada, home investment, especially in Vancouver and Toronto, reached its peak in 2016. Toronto, Vancouver, ranks in the top 10 for home ownership and immigration:
Proportion (change) Overseas Home Purchase and Immigration Destination One Los Angeles 17.6% (-0.
2%) Two Seattle 11.8% (-1%) Three San Francisco 10% (-3.2%) Four New York 9.9% (-1.7%) Five Vancouver 6.3% (-0.
8%) Six Boston 6.2% (-1%) Seven Melbourne 4.8% (+0.
9%) Eight Toronto 4.7% (+2%) Nine New Zealand 4.1% (+0.
3%) Ten Sydney 3.6% (-0.
2%) American cities have an overwhelming advantage in choosing overseas home ownership and immigration destinations.
Canada's Vancouver and Toronto rank in the top 10. Top 10 cities with the most popular overseas home ownership and immigration destinations:
The survey found that the quality of education and environmental pollution in residential areas have been the main causes of overseas migration for four consecutive years, with 76% and 64% of respondents choosing the two items respectively this year.
Next comes the desire to live in the ideal environment (53%) and medical level (29%).
More than half of the people with high net worth expressed the hope that their children would integrate into overseas life (56%), 32% of them agreed that they had experienced foreign culture in tourism, 31% of them needed personal or family health, and 23% of them had high housing prices.
Canada has a pleasant natural environment, a high quality of life and a sound welfare system.
It has always been a country where overseas investors are keen to immigrate.
As a popular Canadian immigration project, Quebec Investment Immigration has been the darling of domestic investors for many years.
Favorite Canadian Quebec Investment Immigration Project First of all, from the application conditions, Quebec's investment application conditions are flexible and easy, only need to invest to obtain immigration qualifications, is the only one-step investment immigration plan to get Maple Leaf Card in place in CanadA.The advantages of low threshold and convenience make it the best choice for overseas high net worth people to emigrate to Canada.
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