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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
In 2018, the number of Irish nationals reached 3000 +!
Irish naturalization is simple!
In 2018, the number of Irish nationals reached 3500, who came from more than 120 different countries.
Ireland, as the most integrated country in Europe, attracts many immigrants to Ireland!
The reason why so many immigrant investors are going to Ireland is that as Irish citizens you will have the same rights as every other Irish citizen, enjoy a sound health care system, excellent natural environment, safe diet and health, and a quality education system.
So how do you become a citizen of Ireland?
In fact, the quickest and most convenient way to naturalize Irish immigrants is to invest in projects approved by the Irish government and live in Ireland for five consecutive years or 12 months before the application.
In addition, the last eight years have accumulated four years, a total of five years can apply for naturalization.
What are the special advantages of Ireland where everyone chooses to become a naturalized citizen?
1. English-speaking countries, naturalization without language requirements!
Ireland is one of the six major English-speaking countries.
There is no requirement of language, physical examination and management experience for naturalized IrelanD.Without IELTS TOEFL, the living environment is the best way to learn English.
There are no English tests and no language tests at present, but judging from the data of Irish naturalization this year and in the past, it is still worth considering whether to add language tests in the future.
2. Go to England and go there if you want.
Say go, go!
If you become an Irish citizen and get Irish status, you can go to school, do business, work in the UK and enjoy most of the benefits of the UK.
If children want to enjoy British educational welfare, they can go to school in Ireland first, apply for English schools later.
British schools recognize the credits of Irish schools, transfer seamlessly, no cultural and linguistic differences, and minimize the pressure of children!
3. Why pursue EU permanent residence when enjoying EU welfare?
Ireland's permanent residence status will enable Ireland to enjoy local benefits, and the European Union benefits will be enjoyed after Ireland's naturalization, and the Irish resident status will be equivalent to the European Union permanent residence, because Ireland is a member of the European Union, after naturalization, it can pass through the European Union member States, and Ireland passport is exempt from 173 countries!
A passport in hand, say go!
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