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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Dominican immigrants are popular:
government bills support $100,000 North American passport According to the latest statistics, the number of Dominican immigrants issued in 2016-2017 is as high as 8000 copies per year.
From this astonishing number, we can see that the demand of high net worth people for Dominican immigrants is increasing.
They use this to achieve global asset allocation, children's education planning, rapid response to CRS, tax planning and overseas listing of companies.
In recent years, passport immigrants have become the criterion of high net worth persons.
Dominican immigrants have become one of the most concerned British passports with the advantages of simplicity, rapidity and high returns.
According to industry experts'forecasts, the demand for overseas passports will increase dramatically in 2018 under the influence of various policies.
One of the reasons for the popularity of Dominica's investment immigration is that Dominica's investment naturalization project is the first immigration project written into the Constitution.
Dominica's immigration was written into the Constitution of the Dominican State in 1993. The Dominica Government Bill guarantees the lifetime validity of an application and the safety of the applicant's funds.
Dominican immigrants are known as "ultra-cost-effective immigration projects".
The second reason for the popularity of Dominica's investment immigration is that the conditions of Dominica's investment immigration are simple.
After immigrating to Dominica, Dominica has obtained a Commonwealth passport and enjoyed Dominican citizenship.
Dominica passport exemption in more than 120 countries and regions worldwide.
Dominican immigrants have no educational background, no naturalization language requirements, no assets source requirements, no business management requirements, no landing start requirements, no immigration residence requirements, no identity renewal worries, really from the interests of investors, to solve the problem for investors.
The third reason for the popularity of Dominica's investment immigrants is that they have very low capital requirements for investors and only need to invest $100,000 to obtain a North American passport.
The Dominican immigration program is called the cheapest North American passport program.
Dominica's investment immigrants are sought after for four reasons:
Dominica's super natural environment, Dominica surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, whether living or vacation here will be a good choice, where you can enjoy both the peace of the Caribbean Sea and the turbulence of the Atlantic Ocean.
Perhaps you are not familiar with Dominica, but for Americans and Europeans, this is their holiday paradise.
So immigrate to Dominica and you will enjoy the beauty of nature more conveniently.
Dominica retains the best primitive rainforest, known as Nature's Oxygen Bar, a paradise for divers, climbers and explorers.
Far from the noise of the city, Dominica enjoys the beautiful scenery of nature.
Fifth, the reasons why investment immigrants are sought after are:
Dominica's investment immigrants benefit from the easy opening of accounts abroad with Dominica passport, the listing of companies, offshore financial centres, zero tax on citizens'overseas assets, no consumption tax, value-added tax, turnover tax and other taxes, and the global tax haven.
The sixth reason why Dominica's investment immigrants are popular is that Dominica's investment immigrants can get their passports as soon as 30 days without going to Dominica to collect them and send them back directly.
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