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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Detail the latest EB5 Investment migration process Speaking of the most popular immigration projects in the United States, EB-5 has always been the focus of investors'attention.
However, for many new investors, the basic knowledge of EB-5 project is still lacking.
Today Xiaoming will sort out the whole process of EB5 Investment Migration for you on several important stages of EB-5 application.
Preliminary assessment and signing of commission service agreement This is the first step in dealing with EB5 investment immigration.
Applicants should make a preliminary assessment of their own conditions according to the requirements of EB5 immigrants, such as the basic situation of family members, how to raise EB5 immigrants'funds, and whether the sources of investment funds are clear and legitimate.
After clarifying the above basic conditions, service agreements can be signed with relevant agencies to assist them in the EB5 immigration procedures.
At present, most of the domestic applicants are not familiar with the requirements and procedures of EB5 investment migration, their English level is not good enough, and they lack knowledge of investment migration projects.
They prefer to choose domestic immigration intermediary companies to help with immigration procedures.
In this regard, Yongming International Industry has been settling down for 14 years, and has a team of professional applicants for EB5 investment immigration to escort your immigration path.
2. Preparing immigration application materials and completing the investment of the applicant Our team of professional document planners will help you quickly complete the preparation of documents, including some basic personal information and related documents, as well as the relevant certificates of the legal source of investment funds and the EB5 investment immigration project documents signed by the applicant.
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Submitting I-526 Application to the Immigration Department When all documents are ready, the U.S. immigration lawyer will submit the applicant's I-526 application to the U.S. Immigration Service.
Receiving the Archives Number of the Immigration Bureau I-526 receipts from the Immigration Department will be received after the application has been submitted for a period of time.
This receipt only represents that the Immigration Bureau has received the applicant's documents, and does not mean that the documents have been examined and approved.
Approval by the Immigration Bureau With the I-526 receipt, the applicant can wait patiently for the schedule.
Once the applicant's "priority date" is earlier than the scheduled date published on the official website of the Immigration Bureau, it means that the applicant's temporary green card can be approved soon.
Of course, the prerequisite for approval is that the information submitted by the applicant is examined and approved by the Immigration Bureau.
6. Consulate to attend interviews and issue family immigration visas After I-526 is approved, the Immigration Department will transfer the applicant's information to the National Visa Center (NVC), which will notify the applicant to go to the consulate for immigration visa procedures.
7. Landing in the United States and obtaining conditional temporary green cards After the application is approved in the consular immigration visa procedure, the applicant will be granted an immigration visa valid for six months.
The applicant must land in the United States before the expiration of the visA.When you enter the United States with an immigration visa, immigration officers at the Immigration Department stamp your passport and you are eligible for permanent resident status.
8. Obtaining a Permanent Green Card I-829 application can be submitted 21 months after obtaining the conditional green carD.After the immigration bureau examines the project invested by the applicant and meets the required number of employees and other conditions, the conditional green card can be converted into a permanent green card.
9. Recovery of investment Upon the expiration of the investment period, the project party shall return the investment money to the applicant as stipulated in the contract.
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