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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Without English and business experience, how can we invest in immigrating to the United States?
It doesn't matter whether you can't speak English or have no business experience.
Immigration to the United States through EB-5 investment immigration projects does not require these requirements at all.
The applicant only needs to meet the investment requirement of $500,000 and reasonably explain the source of the investment funds, so that he can apply for one person and his family can immigrate to the United States and legally get the U.S. Green Card.
Background of EB-5 Investment Immigration Project in the United States Congress created the EB-5 25 years ago to create jobs and attract funds for the United States by providing green cards to investors who invest $500,000 in a regional center project approved by the Immigration Service for five years.
The plan requires each investor to create at least 10 direct or indirect employment opportunities through investment.
At present, more than 650 regional centers have provided qualified investment projects.
Each year there are 10,000 EB-5 immigrant investment visa quotas.
Due to the limitations of education, language, age and business background, and the advantages of investment funds for inheritance, gifts and other sources, EB-5 investment migration project has been very popular with high net worth people since its launch.
In addition, the US Immigration Investment Program has no language requirements, and no residence requirements for the applicant after immigration.
Applicants are free to run their own businesses all over the world, and to truly achieve freedom of immigration and access.
In the three or four grade students, some inherited from the nineteenth Century secret association (secret society), a famous organization "skull and bones", "book and snake", "scroll and key" etc.
A few students and teachers are aware of their activities, just can know, they are the most outstanding figures in students.
Must be a member of the organization's recommendation, the students will be accepted outside of the people.
They all have regular activities, 1 place is the organization of the hall.
If you walk in the campus street, accidentally noticed a out of the ordinary buildings, you found the temple as magnificent stone house without any similar window holes, only the heavy metal like decades did not open the lock, as a kind of solid stone fort, around to see a sign a word or that, no matter what time it was after, entrenched in the corner, then it is probably a secret association hall.
Listen to an old professor in our department, they said, three generations graduated from Yale, he also taught for many years, but in a later his students became a member of the club, he was on a secret association has little understanding, many members of the cabal after graduation became famous, do great things who, a former member of the synagogue is built of stone money donated.
The house has now formed a Yale architectural landscape are divided, they are in their absolutely closed face to campus street and adds a bit of mystery.
But here, the mystery is a kind of value, the school is responsible to maintain its presence.
Because the university is a good environment for the all-round development of students where everyone can as long as Yushu, since here, have the root of land, is free to grow.
At any university, as long as the knowledge and knowledge of the thoughts of loyal to the dominance of the truth, or at least the valuable endless pursuit of the approximate truth.
We must not because the truth is non political, is detrimental to the interests of certain people or because it is ugly will deviate from the truth.
Believe in the absolute freedom of thoughts and unshakable Yale University of intelligence, which is an indispensable condition for the pursuit of truth.
With them, the pursuit of truth and value significance.
I called you, like a generation older than you and Yale alumni, accept these basic concepts.
- Benno Schmid Te (president of Yale) "continuity and value" Since very early, university education of Oriental and Western civilization state, have a general understanding of today's general education nature.
The number and shoot of the Confucianism China censor education connotation, the connotation of liberal education in western Greece since the aims to develop the whole person or person, we can say that the western traditional university education is qualitative in general education, general education = also means that university education is.
In the United States, is by the middle of twentieth Century, university education industry or the legend.
The concept of "University" -- Jin Yaoji
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