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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What kind of population is suitable for BC employer-sponsored immigration program in Canada Canadian old-fashioned immigrants have always been the preferred destination for all immigrants.
Employer-sponsored immigration in BC Province is one of the immigration projects.
Because of its low threshold, low investment and one person applying for family immigration, many immigrants enter Canada through employer-sponsored immigration in BC Province every year.
So employer-sponsored immigration in BC Province of Canada is one of the immigration projects.
What kind of people are immigrants suitable for?
Canadian employer-sponsored immigration refers to a project in which an applicant first gets employment with a work permit and then applies for permanent residence after a period of time.
It is designed to help employers in BC Province employ and retain qualified foreign technicians with the required skills.
Employer-sponsored immigration in BC Canada prefers to select qualified applicants by enterprises, and agrees to support the applicants to apply for permanent residence through the Provincial Nomination Scheme, and then jointly apply to PNP by employers and applicants.
If the application is approved by PNP, the provincial nomination certificate will be obtained and the immigration application can be submitted to the Federation.
The Federal Department of Immigration will give priority to applications for provincial nominations for skilled migrants.
Unlike investment immigrants, employer-sponsored immigrants in BC Province of Canada need no explanation of the source of funds, have no federal scoring system, and process faster.
In addition, there are certain requirements for employers, which makes the project itself safer and more reliable.
Canadian BC Employer Guarantee Immigrants'Requirements for Applicants:
Bachelor degree or above (with degree certificate); IELTS 5 or above; 2-3 years working experience in management positions or related industries; Tax or social security records of more than one year; Health, no infectious diseases; No criminal record; The Employer Guaranteed Immigration Project in BC Province of Canada has three key points:
employment opportunities, work permits and documentation preparation.
Applicants should prove that they are suitable candidates for this position in terms of work experience, adaptability and English proficiency.
The applicant's work experience must be consistent with the Canadian employer's letter of employment.
Even after LMO has been obtained, great efforts have to be made in materials.
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