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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How to choose schools for immigrants to the United States?
How long do parents need to stay each year?
The vast majority of immigrants to the United States are for their children to receive quality local education as soon as possible.
California has the strongest public university system in the United States - the University of California system.
In recent years, the ranking of colleges and universities has been rising.
Naturally, California is one of the preferred American cities for Chinese to choose immigrants.
How to choose schools after immigrating to the United States?
What are the differences between public and private primary and secondary schools?
How long should parents stay each year?
Guidelines for Immigrant American Children First, is public school good or private school good?
Generally speaking, there is no uniform standard for choosing public or private schools to study in the United States.
Private schools are not necessarily superior to public schools.
But the following points can be used as a reference for parents to choose schools:
1. Family financial situation Every family has a different budget for education.
Public schools are free in grades 1-12. Private primary schools in Los Angeles are better, with tuition fees around $20,000 a year.
Junior and senior high schools are more expensive.
For families with many children, 13 years of education costs are considerable.
2. commuting Requirements Public schools are usually located near their residences, while private schools are far from each other.
Parents of working families need to consider their commuting requirements and local traffic conditions.
3. Planned time to settle in the United States Because many families who have already settled for immigration are still scheduled, children without identity can only attend private schools, but it should be noted that not every private school enrolls foreign students.
Second, how to choose excellent public schools?
Public schools in the United States are generally related to home ownership:
public schools can be enrolled as long as they live in the region.
How to judge a public school?
For public schools, California's primary and junior high schools will have a unified ranking or scoring system, such as greatschools, niche and US News and world report.
The California Department of Education also evaluates and publicizes the quality of teaching in public schools, with an assessment report for each school.
3. How to choose excellent private schools?
There are several types of private schools:
general private schools, church schools and charter schools.
In terms of tuition fees, private schools are the most expensive, followed by church schools.
Chartered schools are special.
They are self-governing schools approved by the local school districts.
They are free of charge because of government funding.
There are 3 to 4 top private high schools in the Los Angeles area, and the top walking high schools have more choices.
Since private schools generally select students, parents need to know about schools from many aspects to choose schools suitable for their children to apply.
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