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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Guidelines for Parents of Immigrants to the United States Many Chinese families immigrate to the United States to educate their children, but in the Mainland they also have careers, friends and relatives, so they need to return home from time to time.
Although there is no immigration prison in the United States, if parents who have obtained green cards leave the United States for too long or other acts show no intention of treating the United States as a permanent home, the United States government may decide that parents have given up their permanent residence status.
So how can we keep the green card and how long do we need to stay in the United States each year?
The following are for reference:
1. If you have not left the United States for more than six months and less than one year, you can use your permanent resident card as a travel document to return to the United States, and you need to cite sufficient evidence to show that you regard the United States as your home.
2. If you are leaving the United States for more than 12 months, you should submit Form I-131 (Travel Certificate Application, also known as Re-American Certificate) to apply for re-entry permit before leaving.
At entry, green card holders can also provide mailing addresses, bank accounts, valid driver's licenses, assets in the United States and related businesses or any other evidence that green card holders intend to live in the United States.
In addition, for green card holders who are prepared to travel overseas for a long time and cannot return, they should consult professional lawyers before leaving the United States and prepare as much evidence as possible in order to prove your intention to stay in the United States when returning to the United States.
In addition, if you want to record in the classroom, the teacher agreed to seek the best.
Usually the teacher in the school will have a fixed office time (office hour), about two to three hours a week, students should try to use the time to speak to the teacher to ask questions, let the teacher know themselves, writing can not be copied; cite other articles, sentence, must add notes or add colon, the format of the report can refer to the general guidelines, if can please a friend of the United States or English good people to help you read the exam is more ideal, there are many types, except for the final exam (final, exam) (mid-term exam) during the period of senior high school entrance examination, and quizzes (drop, quiz) there may be questions, short answer, on the check, do not cheat in exams, otherwise there may be expelled from the school gate.
In daily life, the handshake is a common body language.
Handshake should be generous, natural, powerful, not to hide out and leave a bad impression, is invited to eat American families, can prepare a small gift has its own national culture, not too expensive, about $6 to yuan, if the Party (party) (or go on a picnic picnic), there is no need to prepare a gift, ordinary Americans outside often with drinks, such as coffee, cola and beer, although it is not easy to make American friends, but should try to try to make their English progress.
Chinese of Americans used negative questions (negative queation), often did not know how to answer, are not familiar with some common sentence will be several words together to read, and the same word verbs and adjectives and phrases, different pronunciation, slang, we should all try to understand.
I couldn't understand asked, in order to increase the learning effect.
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