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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How much is it for the family of four to immigrate to the United States?
$500,000 per person to apply for a family green card In the era of globalization, international education is a major trenD.The educational standards and multiculturalism provided by the United States attract a large number of overseas students.
Countless Chinese parents decided to immigrate to the United States for the sake of their children's education.
How much does it cost for a family of four to immigrate to the United States?
US$500,000 to immigrate to the United States.
One person applies for family immigration EB-5, the "Fifth Priority Employment Immigration Visa", is an immigration visa category established by the United States Immigration Law for overseas investment immigrants.
It aims to attract more people to immigrate to the United States.
It is also a convenient way for all immigration categories in the United States to apply for approval with the shortest time and the least qualification restrictions.
The main applicant only needs to invest 500,000 US dollars in EB-5 to invest in immigration projects, without educational background, language, age and business background restrictions, and create 10 jobs directly or indirectly in the United States, so that the whole family can get the U.S. Green Card and enjoy the favorable welfare benefits of the United States.
Children enjoy free basic education in the United States and attend world-class institutions of higher learning.
When the investment period expires, $500,000 can be returned in full.
It is worth noting that according to the immigration law of the United States, EB-5 investment in immigration projects in the United States must have certain risks.
Whether the investment money can be returned smoothly is closely related to the strength of EB-5 immigration project developers, the adequacy of collateral, the feasibility and prospects of the project.
At the same time, whether the applicant's green card can be obtained or not is also closely related to the project audit.
In the I-526 condition green card application stage, the Immigration Bureau will focus on the feasibility of the project and the qualifications of investors.
In the I-829 condition application stage, the Immigration Bureau will re-examine the actual employment opportunities created by the project.
If the project does not meet the requirements, the I-829 application will be subjected to.
Encounter difficulties.
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