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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Beware of the American immigration trap, how to find the best companies to invest in immigration in the United States?
With the soaring demand for immigrants from families to the United States for their children's education, living environment and other factors, news of various immigration fraud cases in the United States has been spread frequently, some of them believe in false propaganda, some of them are cheated by greencard investment, and some of them are beaten by eggs.
In a word, there are endless negative news about immigration to the United States.
How can we guard against the American immigration trap, find the best companies to invest in immigration in the United States, and ensure that we are not deceived, that we can get the American Green Card safely, and that we can get the best American education for our children?
Looking at the Project In the EB-5 immigration project, the choice of investment projects is the most vulnerable part of many investment immigration applicants.
It is also the most vulnerable link after being cheateD.Because the failure of the EB-5 investment project directly leads to the failure of the application for the immigration project.
And really good American investment and immigration companies choose reliable, credible, and well-backed projects.
For example, Yongming International's US Chartered Schools Project, which has successfully operated for more than 30 periods, has helped countless investors to successfully obtain the US Green CarD.The funds of previous projects have now been successfully returned to American immigrant applicants.
2. Looking at Strength Relevant laws and regulations of American investment immigrants stipulate that investment immigrants must be "venture capital", and project parties are not allowed to promise repayment and return verbally or in writing.
So some advertisement sales language on the market, such as "100% guaranteed repayment", "no risk, safety" and so on, are actually against the regulations of the Immigration Bureau.
Because an important indicator of investment migration is that "capital must be exposed to risk".
There are some arguments in China that projects investing in immigrants are generally high-risk projects, and those that American residents are unwilling to invest in are used to invest in immigrants.
Foreign investors are required to bear the high risks that their own people are unwilling to bear.
But this statement is groundless.
Many large EB-5 investment migration projects, EB-5 funds are only a small part of the pool of funds, most of which are the project's own equity and investment of domestic financial institutions.
Whether the investors get back the "green card investment return" depends entirely on the success of the project operation.
The project management and planning are carried out by the project side/regional center operators.
Strong U.S. investment and immigration companies, such as Yongming International, will analyse in detail the capital composition and risk control measures of investment projects with immigrant applicants.
Selecting the reliability of projects and reducing the risk of investors in project investment is essentially a double-edged tool to test the strength of companies dealing with U.S. investment immigration.
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