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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What are the main contents of Canadian employer immigration conditions?
For many immigrant applicants with immigration planning and adequate preparation, Canada is usually at the top of the list of destination countries.
The reason why many people like to emigrate to Canada is that they think highly of Canada's high welfare policy, high quality of life and good natural and social environment.
Canada, as an old-fashioned immigrant country, holds a pivotal position in the immigration community and will naturally be favored by everyone.
In Canada, there is also a large group of Chinese immigrants, which has always been one of the main destinations for Chinese immigrants.
There are many ways to emigrate to CanadA.The common ones are all kinds of entrepreneurship immigration and investment immigration projects.
But besides, there are other ways to emigrate.
In addition to those investment immigration projects, if we want to say that immigration projects in Canada are better, we have to mention the employer-sponsored immigration project, which has been welcomed by many immigration applicants since its launch.
Why is employer-sponsored immigration popular with many people?
The main reason is that compared with Entrepreneurship migration and investment migration projects, the applicant has more obvious advantages, such as safety, low threshold and fast speeD.The applicant does not need to start a business, and can land in Canada as soon as 6 months.
After 12 months of work, he can apply for permanent residence status in Canada.
For this employer-sponsored immigration project, which has no entrepreneurship requirement, no investment requirement and does not need to spend a lot of money, you must be eager to know what the main requirements are.
At present, the main provinces in Canada that introduce employer-sponsored migration projects are Sahara and BC provinces.
The basic requirements of employer-sponsored migration projects in these two provinces are not very different except for academic qualifications.
Saskatchewan requires a college degree or above, and BC requires a college degree or above (with a degree certificate).
Other requirements are as follows:
1. IELTS score 5 or above; 2, 2-3 years working experience in management positions or related industries; 3. Records of tax payment or social security for more than one year; 4. Good health, no infectious diseases; 5. No criminal record.
After meeting these requirements, you can apply for employer-sponsored immigration, but if you want to immigrate to Canada through this project, you need a professional and reliable immigration agency to plan your immigration.
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