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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
From the perspective of EB-1C immigration conditions, why is it the best choice for entrepreneurs to immigrate to the United States?
Among the American immigration categories, EB-1C has an annual quota of 40,000.
It faces entrepreneur immigration.
Therefore, it is a very popular way of immigration in the United States.
The following Xiaoming combines our internal immigration experts'data to thoroughly analyze the leading edge of EB-1C for you!
1. Simple qualifications The applicant only needs to hold a senior position in the parent company of China for at least one year in the three years prior to filing the application.
Others, such as sources of funds, educational level and language ability, are unlimited.
2. One-step Permanent Green Card is Guaranteed EB-1C applicants directly apply for permanent green cards in the United States, without the need for temporary green cards termination conditions and other steps, one step in place; EB-1C immigration visas are the first priority category with an annual quota of 40,000.
The U.S. government welcomes EB-1C immigrants very much, and the permanent green card is guaranteed.
3. Clear purpose and clear cost EB-1C executive immigrants in the United States have a clear cost of project search, packaging, start-up and operation in the United States, about $400,000, to ensure permanent green cards in the United States.
4. Simple application materials EB-1C does not require the applicant to explain the source of assets and the process of asset accumulation, so the materials prepared and provided by the applicant are relatively simple, which is another reason for the rapid acquisition of the U.S. Green Card.
5. Repeated application until successful EB-1C immigration applicants apply for U.S. green cards for commercial reasons.
Even if they fail to pass the first time, they will not leave a bad record in the Immigration Department and will not affect future applications.
Applicants can apply repeatedly until they succeed in obtaining a permanent green card in the United States.
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    ABOUT georgia local customs, tourist attractions
    The distribution map of universities in the United States and the popular universities recommended the selection of artifact.
    According to geographical location, American educational resources can be divided into five regions: New England, Atlantic coast, South, Midwest, WeSt. Today, we will introduce the distribution map of American universities.
    From the perspective of educational resources and social resources Educational and social resources in the United States are concentrated in the northeast, the Great Lakes and the West coast including Texas.
    Especially in the Northeast and the Great Lakes region, big cities have more N, which is the preferred area for the general chinese students.
    From a professional point of view Finance, art, and media will go to the Northeast, New York, Boston, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
    The computer goes to the west coast because Silicon Valley is on the west coaSt. There are some on the west coast of manufacturing, some in New Jersey, and though New Jersey is an industrial town, it's gone and it's gone.
    North carolina is also available.
    Lake area, then chicago, financial insurance are OK.
    One New England This area includes Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, connecticut and Rhode Island.
    Famous universities are Maine University, Harvard University, MIT, Boston University, Boston college, Northeast University, Tufts University, Brandis University, Brown University, Yale University.
    Massachusetts: The most famous schools in Massachusetts should be Harvard and MIT.
    Other schools include Tufts University, Boston college, Brandis University, Boston University, Northeast University and Worcester Polytechnic Boston college is one of the oldest catholic universities in the United States, and there are not many students directly recruited from the mainland.
    The majors in Boston University are ranked higher in the United States.
    Rhodes Island: Rhode Island schools are dominated by Brown University and Rhode Island Design college, one of the best art colleges in the United States.
    The number of schools is small, and Johnson &
    Johnson University of Wales and the University of Rhode Island, Johnson &
    Johnson University of Wales is known for its Hotel management.
    The science and Engineering Department of University of Rhode Island is also very good.
    Two atlantic coast New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland.
    In the nineteenth century, the region was a heavy industrial center producing iron, glass and steel, and New York is still the largest city financial and cultural center in the United States.
    Most of the region's heavy industries have now been relocated, replaced by the pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries and service industries, which have also created many new jobs for graduates majoring in pharmacology, medicine, EE, and business.
    New York: colleges and universities in New York are concentrated in the Ivy League school, columbia University and cornell University.
    In addition, there are famous New York University, Rochester University, Runsler Institute of Technology, Fordham University and Syracuse University.
    The University of Rochester is best known for its optics major.
    It is one of the three major optics centers in the United States.
    Business school accounting and finance are also popular with chinese students.
    Lensler Polytechnic's major in electronic engineering, computer, civil engineering and so on is among the top, and belongs to the school which pays more attention to scientific research.
    Ford ham is located in New York, focusing on liberal arts schools.
    Syracuse University is one of the top public affairs majors in the United States.
    New Jersey: New Jersey is the most famous Princeton University.
    The students who can go are the most elite students in china.
    In addition to Prince, Rutgers University is also very famous It is one of the eight earliest universities in the United States.
    Mathematics and other science and engineering majors are favored by chinese students.
    Maryland: Maryland is best known for its Johns Hopkins University, where medicine is well known in the United States, so is public health, biostatistics, biomedical engineering and electronic engineering in the direction of image processing.
    University of Maryland's computer, electronic engineering, information system management and other majors are very popular among chinese students.
    Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania's famous universities are the University of Pennsylvania, carnegie Mellon University, caspian Sea University, Pennsylvania State University, Pittsburgh University and so on.
    The Wharton School of Business at Pennsylvania ranks first in the us and recommends applying after about five years of work experience.
    cameron's computer ranks No. 1 in the United States, and california's Silicon Valley area has opened campuses for students to find relevant internships in california.
    Lehigh University, Pennsylvania State University and University of Pittsburgh are all strong schools in science and engineering.
    Three Southern Region Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North carolina, South carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas.
    One of the earliest universities in the South, William and Mary college, was founded in 1693. It was known for its political and economic aspects and produced several American presidents.
    Because of the mild climate, the south is very suitable for living.
    Recommended Universities: Georgia Tech, Arkansas State University, University of Florida, Florida State University, Tennessee University, University of Texas at Austin, Rice University, Texas University of Agriculture and Technology, University of Miami.
    Four Midwest The Midwest includes Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and Oklahoma.
    The Mississippi River is the lifeblood of this area.
    There are chicago and the famous automobile city Detroit.
    The industrial Midwest provides many jobs for science and engineering students.
    Recommended Universities: University of Kansas, Ohio State University, Indiana University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Illinois-champaign, University of Minnesota.
    Twin cities, University of Washington-St. Louis, University of Internals-Lincoln.
    Five Western Region New Mexico, Arizona, colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, california, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii.
    The western region is vast, picturesque and magnificent.
    Westerners are known for their tolerance and friendliness toward foreigners.
    They describe their relationships as "living and letting others live".
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