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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Do you know how much it will cost for Chinese immigrants to the United States in 2018?
After entering 2018, the policies of the United States are always changing under Trump's leadership, especially in the area of immigration.
Nevertheless, it can not prevent people from immigrating to the United States.
There are still many immigration applicants planning their own American immigration dream.
Now, if you want to immigrate to the United States smoothly, you must always keep abreast of the changes in the immigration policy of the United States.
Of course, although there are many changes in the immigration policy of the United States, the basic framework for applicants preparing to invest in immigrating to the United States is relatively stable.
At this time, people would like to know more about how much it costs to immigrate to the United States.
To know this, we need to first understand what kind of investment immigration policy the United States has been pursuing before.
The requirements for immigrant applicants under the EB-5 Investment Immigration Project in the United States are as follows:
1. The applicant invested $500,000.
2. Explain reasonably the source of $500,000 investment funds.
That is to say, according to previous (including current) policies, applicants can apply for immigration to the United States by investing only $500,000 in investment projects approved by the United States Government and reasonably explaining the source of investment funds.
However, because the number of applicants per year is too large and there is a quota limit, the applicants have to wait for a long time.
After Trump took office, several changes were planned for this investment project, and according to the latest news, the US EB-5 investment policy may be formally changed in February 2018. Once the reform program of the Immigration Bureau is implemented, it will have a huge negative impact on investors.
First of all, a substantial increase in the minimum amount of investment will cost investors three times as much as explaining the source of funds.
1. The investment of TEA projects increased from 1 million to 1.8 million.
2. The investment of non-TEA projects increased from 500,000 to 1.35 million.
Bill changes are happening at any time, and the opportunity to emigrate to the United States at a fair price is fading.
Other elements include:
1. Change the definition of TEA (Target Employment Area); 2. Identification, maintenance and closure of regional centres.
From this point of view, the pace of rising prices of investment immigrants in the United States is getting closer and closer.
Therefore, if you want to immigrate to the United States at present, you should not only have a good understanding of the immigration policy of the United States, but also make adequate preparations for funds.
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