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How much is the general tuition, accommodation and living expenses of American high schools in a year?
First of all, school selection and vegetable shopping are different.
There is no direct and inevitable relationship between the level of tuition fees and the quality of the school.
Tuition fees are generally a reflection of regional differences, so generally speaking, schools on both coasts of the United States will have higher tuition fees, while schools in the central United States will have much lower tuition fees.
So the most expensive is not necessarily the beSt.There are two rankings of tuition fees.
One is the ranking of tuition fees for day school (including boarding schools for enrollment) and the other is the ranking of tuition fees for boarding schools.
http://www.businessinsider.com/most-expensive-boarding-schools-in-america-2015-7 http://www.businessinsider.com/most-expensive-private-high-schools-in-america-2015-7 The tuition fees in these rankings are all for American students, while some international schools will also charge International Tuition fees.
There is no uniform standard for international tuition fees in each school.
There is no standard for International Tuition fees, either for 1,000 or for 10,000.
For Chinese students, choosing a school to study on foot will add the cost of accommodation to the cost of accommodation.
If a day school is a school that cooperates with an institution, then it has to pay a certain management fee every year.
Together, these costs are the real annual costs.
These costs vary from institution to institution and from school to school.
Depending on the location, tuition plus dormitory or boarding family fees can range from $30,000 to $70,000.
Other expenses are not fixed, and some are frugal.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Most mainland visitors to Arizona will choose the Grand Canyon.
    However, Sedona, another small town in the state, not only has the same red rock, sandstone, Canyon as the Grand Canyon, but also has a holy cross church, which is a new model of modern church architecture.
    It combines ingeniously with nature and is both approachable and respectful.
    The Church of the Holy Cross is located seven miles away from Sedona City.
    It is like a magic land suspended on fire-red rocks and can be seen from a distance on Interstate 179. Unlike ordinary Gothic churches, which have tall spire roofs and colored glass windows, this church is a simple modern building: the main facade structure is a reinforced concrete poured cross, perfectly embedded between two boulders.
    Stonehenge figurines knew early that thousands of years later someone would build a touching building here, cracking a small gap in advance, waiting for the arrival of the "Bole" architect.
    Around the cross is a whole transparent glass exterior wall, highlighting the straight line of the cross.
    The two side facades are concise exterior walls with inclined concrete, and the back is the entrance for tourists.
    Sedona's natural landscape is magnificent and magnificent.
    For this reason, the church chooses a smaller building volume, a gentle outer wall color and a lot of natural lighting.
    The humble world and the steep peaks merge together.
    From every angle, it looks like a permanent sculpture, which is amazing.
    The inner space of the church is not big.
    There are two rows and seven rows of seats.
    Next to each column is the Roman numerals, which are carefully combined in the shape of rivets.
    The moral is, of course, from the crucifixion of Jesus.
    The inner walls of the church are very simple, and people naturally focus on the front of the church with floor glass as the background.
    The church consists of three levels of low and gentle ladders.
    The above image of Jesus'crucifixion and the choir's music stand are symbolic contours carved and welded with steel wire in the shape of withered branches.
    They do not have the sense of killing by pretense, but have some artistic sublimation in the abstraction.
    Through the glass facade of the facade, people can see red sandstone groups, white clouds, everything is quiet, open and bright.
    Unlike the solemnity of most churches, the basement of the church is a small shop with red sandstone hills and cactus plants in the distance.
    In addition to small merchandise in the shop, there are relevant information about the church builder.
    The church was built on the idea of a female artist, Marguerite Brunswig Staude.
    Marguerite was born in New Mexico in 1899. Her father emigrated from France to the United States in the 1860s.
    According to American law at that time, he acquired 160 acres of land and accumulated some wealth in the medical business.
    So Marguerite is the second generation of the Little Rich.
    Although the Church of the Holy Cross was founded in 1957, Marguerite came up with the idea of building it as early as 1932, when she was studying art in New York.
    Inspired by the Rockefeller Center, she wanted to build a modern style church and draw a sketch of the church.
    She was convinced that churches did not necessarily have to adhere to ancient forms, but most importantly, to voice the hearts of the people of their time.
    She once said, "God can be seen as a modern man - so that he can shorten his distance from each of us.
    " At that time, Sedona was a pocket-sized city with a population of less than 500.
    There were only grocery stores, bars, gas stations, car repair shops, post offices, no churches, and worship was held in a school with only one classroom.
    To make matters worse, the roads were not clear, so Margerite, who had been afraid of airplanes since childhood, bravely flew the blue sky to find the right place to build.
    After deciding where she wanted to go, she ran to many government offices and even went to Washington, D.
    , where she was endorsed by members of Congress and finally got all the permits.
    The address is near the city of Sedona, two cleverly connected red boulders in the desert, about 200 feet high.
    The construction of the Church of the Holy Cross began in April 1955, which took 18 months and cost $300,000 to complete.
    In the spring of 1957, the opening ceremony of the Church of the Holy Cross was held.
    Local people and churchmen attended the ceremony.
    In August of the same year, after investigating 35 churches, the New York Times published "New Church Looking Forward rather than Recalling the Past", which ranked it as the best representative of the Church of the New Age.
    Later, the church was added to the National Historic List by the U.S. Department of the Interior to commemorate its fearless and innovative spirit.
    Marguerite Staude died on May 15, 1988. Interested friends can be reached 2 hours north of Interstate 17 from Phoenix or 4.5 hours east of National Highway 93 and Interstate 40 from Las Vegas.
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