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Excuse me:
The proportion of Chinese students in one school is 10%, and that of international students in the whole school is 30%.
Is that too much?
Big 0 reply 10 answers Teacher Peng Experts studying abroad In better boarding schools, the proportion of Chinese children (mainland) should be less than 5%.
There will be some in Hong Kong and Taiwan, followed by Chinese people of other nationalities.
So that's a little bit more than 10% if it's just a mainland kid, for example.
Therefore, we should consider other indicators comprehensively.
Don't just look at the proportion of international students.
Jiang Experts studying abroad Chinese parents want their children to attend schools with fewer Chinese students and to give them a relatively pure American educational environment.
But in recent years, with the influx of Chinese elementary students into the United States, especially the younger age of studying abroad, the proportion of Chinese students in many private junior high schools in the United States has exceeded 10%, or even reached 12-15%, and some schools are estimated to be close to 20%.
Especially in the eastern and Western schools, it is almost impossible to find a school with a low proportion of Chinese students, and 10% of Chinese students abroad are fairly gooD.Once when I saw a famous private high school enrolled in summer school, there were more than 100 Chinese students in a total of 600 international students.
The local teachers said that there were too many Chinese students going to summer school and junior high school in the United States.
There were many schools in which the basic proportion was between 8% and 15%.
If we want to find a school with a small proportion of Chinese students, we should only consider the remote areas of the MidweSt.School.
So if you are a good school in the West or east, the proportion of Chinese students is not too high.
Of course, this ratio is only a reference figure.
Should we also look at whether the management of international students in schools is standardized, systematic, in place and detailed?
What is the overall performance of Chinese students in school, the atmosphere of getting along with them, the future trend of graduation, and so on?
These are the more important considerations.
Personal comments, for reference only.
American high school Expert 5 Experts studying abroad It is acceptable.
The composition of international students can be examined in more detail.
Whether it is available in Asia or in the world.
Zhao Experts studying abroad It depends on the specific situation.
Many good schools have artificially controlled the number of students from the same country, especially in mainland ChinA.But as long as the school is good, the proportion is acceptable.
It's not that the lower the proportion, the better.
At present, less than 1% of the Chinese students in high and middle schools in my school are very lonely and pitiful.
Sun teacher Experts studying abroad Thirty percent of international students are also considered acceptable.
However, we should not only look at this percentage, but also at the grade distribution of Chinese students and the school's enrollment plan for the next few years.
If at present Chinese students are concentrated in a certain grade, the number of Chinese students will be greatly reduced after graduation.
The school enrollment plan deserves more attention, which directly affects the enrollment of Chinese students in the coming years.
The above can only be used as one of the reference values for school selection.
Please take other factors into consideration.
American high school Expert 2 Experts studying abroad I don't think so.
At present, Chinese students are the largest group of international students in all American high schools, and 30% of the international students in this school are normal.
Teacher Zhou Experts studying abroad Some boarding schools go global.
International schools in the real sense.
Students come from Europe, South America and AfricA.It is the parents'own decision that such schools are suitable for their children.
American high school Expert 1 Experts studying abroad This critical data needs to analyze the development trend of schools in recent years.
If you feel that the growth of Chinese students is too fast, then it is too much.
Teacher Huang Experts studying abroad According to experience, most parents of 10% of Chinese students will find it acceptable.
Teacher Ma Experts studying abroad Acceptable.
Some people think that the language environment of schools with more Chinese students is not gooD.In fact, the key is whether the children have the courage to break through themselves and integrate into the local atmosphere of American schools.
If they can, they need not care about more Chinese students.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Out of Hollywood Studios, we drove all the way to the parking lot of Starlight Avenue, a famous Hollywood attraction.
    Then we strolled along the Starlight Avenue.
    Hollywood Walk of Fame is a sidewalk stretching along Hollywood Hollywood Avenue and Fujie Street in the United States, with more than 2,000 star-shaped medals inlaid with Hollywood Chamber of Commerce honoring celebrities to commemorate their contributions to the entertainment industry.
    I have been to Hong Kong's Starlight Avenue, which is located on the Victoria Harbour in Tsim Sha Tsui.
    All visitors to Hong Kong go to Starlight Avenue.
    Here's what my wife and I saw when we traveled to Xingguang Avenue.
    Today, walking on the Starlight Avenue in the United States is naturally associated with the Starlight Avenue in Hong Kong.
    Hong Kong Starlight Avenue is very friendly because it has no language barrier and can understand.
    But Starlight Avenue in the United States is more famous.
    It should be the birthplace of Starlight Avenue.
    There is Starlight Avenue in Tsim Sha Tsui, which is absent during the day.
    When we get there at night, it feels like an excellent viewing platform for Victoria Harbour at night.
    Walking in, you can see a statue of a human body.
    It's probably something related to the movie that you hold in your left hand (because of the light, you can't see clearly).
    Visitors flocked to Starlight Avenue, which seemed a bit crowded.
    This is a venue on Starlight Avenue.
    It is said that Starlight Avenue has become a popular stage for Hong Kong people.
    Grass-roots people with artistic talent and love of art and star dreams can come here to find opportunities to express themselves.
    Inside the glass corridor on Starlight Avenue, there are shops selling souvenirs related to the centuries of Hong Kong movies.
    There are also tables and chairs on Starlight Avenue.
    Visitors can sit down and enjoy the night view of Victoria Harbour while drinking drinks.
    Starlight Boulevard is sparkling with lights on the other side.
    The ground of Starlight Avenue is inlaid with the handprints of Hong Kong film stars.
    Red Line Woman, I know, is a famous Cantonese Opera artist in China.
    It's very kind to see her handwriting and handprints.
    There are many sculptures related to film shooting and projection on Starlight Avenue.
    There is a famous building on Starlight Avenue in America, the Chinese Grand Theatre.
    We only visited the building outside.
    We felt that although there were many Chinese elements, we could not compliment the style of the building.
    I think if today the United States could invite Chinese designers to design a Chinese Grand Theater, it would certainly not be the same as it is now.
    Nevertheless, we are deeply fond of the Chinese Grand Theatre.
    After all, someone in the United States has funded the construction of such a Chinese Grand Theatre.
    I'm afraid every Chinese will feel proud to be here.
    Because it is a theatre named after "China".
    Hollywood's "Grauman China Theatre" was funded by circus owner Sid Grauman in 1927. It was built on Hollywood Avenue and looked like a huge red Chinese temple.
    A huge Chinese dragon sits at the entrance of the building, two stone lions guard the gate, and many dragons decorate the copper roof.
    Since its opening, the Chinese Theatre has held the premieres of numerous Hollywood classic films, such as The Wizard of Oz, and once served as the venue for the Academy Awards.
    In front of the theatre are the handprints and footprints of Hollywood stars, attracting about 4 million tourists every year.
    On average, there are more than 40 films premiered here every year, and many artists such as Chaplin have performed here.
    There are many people gathered in front of the Chinese Grand Theatre, including performers who engage in behavioral art.
    Perhaps the most attractive attractions of the Chinese Grand Theatre are the handprints or footprints of the stars printed on the ground in front of the theatre door, as well as their signatures.
    Visitors like to compare stars with their hands or feet.
    It seems that they can get in touch with famous movie stars at zero distance here.
    Hollywood Star Avenue, both sides of the street are equal distances on the ground mosaic of a pentagonal star.
    Because I don't know English, I don't know what the words on the stars say.
    And because they don't know anything about Hollywood movie industry celebrities, let alone who so many stars are talking about.
    It seems that only Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan are among the Chinese stars.
    But we can't figure out where they are.
    Starlight Avenue stretches along Hollywood Avenue from Gore Street in the east to Labraia Avenue in the west, and then along Fujie Street between Silan Street and Sunset Avenue from north to south.
    Each star is made of a terrazzo: it is made into a pink pentagonal star, inlaid with bronze and embedded in a dark gray square.
    Inside the pink star is the name of the Awardee engraved on the bronze, and below it is a circular symbol representing the field in which the recipient receives the stars.
    I saw a place where people gathered to mourn.
    According to Qiuqi, the flowers on the ground were dedicated to a comedian named Robin Williams.
    It seems that the star has considerable influence in Europe and America.
    I have great respect for such a comedian who can be loved by tourists, even though I know nothing about him.
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