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If parents can't speak English and graduate from high school, will it affect their children's application?
Is it better to go to the campus for an interview or to have a domestic interview?
GraceBH 0 reply 10 answers Teacher Chen Experts studying abroad It's hard to generalize.
Generally speaking, it won't.
But when the following happens, it will have an impact.
In a school, there are obstacles to communication between the school and parents, which lead to unpleasant incidents.
When the school thinks that home-made English is not good, it is also a main reason.
Some factors will be taken into account for the students who apply for it later.
00 reply Teacher Huang Experts studying abroad Hello, it will not affect the children, as long as the children are excellent, the effect of the school interview will be better.
00 reply Teacher Ma Experts studying abroad Neither of these two factors will affect a child's application.
Go ahead boldly.
It will be better to have an interview on campus.
00 reply Teacher Peng Experts studying abroad It must be a campus interview.
It's a responsible behavior for myself.
00 reply Sun teacher Experts studying abroad This depends on the conditions of the children and what kind of school they will apply for in the future.
Campus interview can show the recruiters more intuitively and more impressively than standardized grades.
If there are conditions, it's better to have a campus interview.
And if your English is not good enough, it can also let the children act as interpreters for you, showing their unique side.
I wish you a smooth interview.
00 reply American high school Expert 1 Experts studying abroad That won't make any difference.
Of course, it's better to go to school for an interview.
~ 00 reply Teacher Fang Experts studying abroad Hello!
Parents'academic qualifications will not affect their children's application.
If interviewing, it is suggested that if you can face-to-face interview, do not Skype interview, after all, the meeting can see and observe more information.
If you can go to the local interview in the United States, you can face to face with the admission officer to better show the characteristics of the children, you can also inspect the school, when you get the admission, you can know your choice, because the school has seen and understood.
00 reply Mr.
Zhang Experts studying abroad Hello, it's not parents studying abroaD.As long as the children's grades are good, the school interview is better than the domestic interview, because you can also inspect the school.
Don't say you don't like the students who went to the American school the other day.
When interviewing, parents can ask their children to translate.
Children know what their parents like to say best, and Americans can't understand what their parents say.
As long as they communicate well with their children in advance, their children can get better translation performance. come on 00 reply American high school Expert 2 Experts studying abroad Parental attitudes are more important than language skills.
The on-site interview is better than the on-line interview.
If you have visited the campus, there is no problem in the domestic interview.
00 reply Teacher Yang Experts studying abroad From the perspective of responsibility for children, you can see what the school is like, whether you like the school, and the school can also understand the students more intuitively, so it is very advisable to come, especially the children's good oral English, good communication skills, good interview, will add points for the results of the whole application.
As for the impact of parents'education on children, there are individual schools in the United States, which pay more attention to family background and family strength.
But most American schools pay more attention to whether the children themselves are good enough or not, and whether the school wants the kind, after all, the school admits students.
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