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Ask experts and predecessors, Skype interview should let the child alone in the room, parents should not be in the room?
Can the prompt board be prepared?
Thank you!
Mirror 0 reply 10 answers Teacher Zhou Experts studying abroad It depends on what parents expect to do in the room.
If your child needs the presence of parents to have a strong heart and not be afraid of loneliness, it means that the child's ability to act independently has not yet developed to the extent that he can go abroad to study by himself.
The children should be sent out later.
00 reply American high school Expert 3 Experts studying abroad When communicating with the interviewer, it's best for the child to be alone.
No hints are needed, just natural expression.
After communicating with the children, they usually have a brief exchange with their parents and suggest that they should make appropriate preparations.
If parents can't communicate in English, children can translate.
00 reply Mr.
Zhao Experts studying abroad It's better not to do this on the prompt boarD.It's very unnatural.
The original SKYPE signal is not gooD.Parents can stay in the room and sometimes arrange interviews with their parents.
00 reply Teacher Wu Experts studying abroad There is no explicit regulation, but in theory, children should be allowed to play by themselves.
Sometimes adults remind the children by the side and make them uncomfortable.
The revelation board is of course OK, but it's easy to distract children, and it's not necessary.
00 reply Teacher Xia Experts studying abroad Parents can't help much in the room, so it's better for the children to concentrate on the interview alone.
Children themselves can simply list some important points on the paper to remind them.
00 reply Mr.
Jiang Experts studying abroad Of course, it's good for children to have an interview by themselves.
They should be well prepared in advance, and there won't be any big problems.
~ 00 reply Miss Li Experts studying abroad If the parents are not in the room, the children can play better.
Let the child go alone.
He will have to depend on himself in the future.
00 reply American high school Expert 5 Experts studying abroad Tip boards are a real help.
Also, let your child try to answer questions according to his own words and ideas.
You can discuss and guide in advance when preparing, but don't give your answer directly to your child.
It's hard for a teenager to "pretend" before an experienced interviewer.
They're looking for confident children with their own ideas, not children whose answers sound "perfect".
00 reply American high school Expert 2 Experts studying abroad Very undesirable, this will affect the child's play, and the other side's experienced interviewer knows at a glance that the child is not natural, parents must be in the room.
00 reply Teacher Fang Experts studying abroad If the parents are in the room, the children are likely to be more nervous and unnatural.
It must be better to practice several times before the interview.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Chicago, Wendella boat, 100 minutes worth a lot.
    Those places that have no time to go have a long view, so comfort themselves have been to Ha.
    The cruise ship is slightly cold, remember to wear a scarf and hat.
    This cruise ship is my favorite project on this trip.
    Not far from the wharf just now, there is watertaxi.
    I remember the company on the Yellow boat, which seems to be a regular point.
    It's not very faSt. It's almost half an hour to Chinatown, but it's not expensive, so you can experience Xiaha.
    After eating, sit on red line and go shopping in state street.
    Only one hour, oh, after buying it, it rained, is it not willing to let us go? Walking back to the Union Station in the rainstorm, there is no hand to hold an umbrella.
    Boarded the train 10 minutes earlier and left.
    If you want to see Chicago's characteristic buildings in limited time, please go to the Chicago Architecture Foundation (224 South Michigan Avenue), where there are many one-day tours to choose from.
    Historic skyscraper tours (10:00 a.m. a day) and modern skyscraper tours (1:00 p.m. a day) are the most popular, and are well suited for a comprehensive understanding of the meaning of each building.
    On the way, you will also visit some exquisite building porches, which most tourists pass by in a flash.
    The foundation also organizes historic hikes and bus or boat trips in Chicago.
    World-renowned architects Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler designed the auditorium theater (No.
    50 East Parliament Avenue) and the Hall Building (No.
    430 South Michigan Avenue), which is famous for its iron frame, amazing decoration and almost perfect sound effects.
    Inspired by the decadent style of the French Palace of Versailles, the Cadillac Palace Theatre (151 Silentorf Street) has huge decorative mirrors, cracked violets and white marble in its porch, and gold leaves and wood decorations on its walls.
    Macy's is the site of Marshall Field Department Store (111 North State Street), a six-storey circular building with a Tiffany roof of 1.6 million pieces of glass.
    Chicago Loop Synagogue (No.
    16 South Clark Street) was built in 1957. Its east wall is unique.
    It depicts ancient Hebrew symbols across time and space with modern stained glass.
    Chicago Temple (77 West Washington Street) is Chicago's tallest church spire.
    Its Gothic spire is 173.1 meters away from the street.
    Sacred Name Church (735 Beizhou Street) is a model of Gothic Renaissance Architecture.
    The church was built in 1875 with bronze doors, a bronze-cast, red Rocco Alicante marble-framed image of the crucifixion of Jesus, a six-ton granite altar, and a 5558-tube organ.
    The late bishop's fringed hat was suspended from the top of the back hall of the semidome church.
    Marina City (300 Beizhou Street) is a unique joint jurisdiction and business district, including docks, ship warehouses and two 167.6 meters high cylindrical buildings.
    Lockley Tower (No.
    209 South LaSalle Street) is one of the oldest steel skyscrapers in the world.
    In 1905, Frank Royd Wright converted its foyer into glass curtain wall and skylight lighting.
    The Wrigley Tower (410 North Michigan Avenue) follows the triangular style of the Hilardata Cathedral in Seville, Spain, while the decorative design conforms to the French Renaissance style.
    Over 250,000 glazed red ceramic tiles are covered in the outer layer of the building, and they shine at night under floodlights.
    The Monadenock Building (53 West Jackson Avenue), built in 1889-1891, was Chicago's tallest load-bearing wall building at that time, with a wall 1.8 meters thick supporting 17 stories.
    Chicago's Most Valuable Restaurant 1. Deep Pizza No matter how tired, no matter how unaccustomed to eat! I personally like Lou Malnati's pizza.
    His dessert is very delicious.
    It's ice cream on the top and pizza baked crisply on the bottom.
    Then Lou and malnati are two deep dishes of pizza.
    Other brands include gino's East and so on.
    This is easy to find.
    But pizza and so on took a long time.
    2. Bubba Gump This is a chain restaurant.
    There is also a theme restaurant in New York, Forrest Gump.
    Eat shrimp.
    Per capita consumption is about 30 points.
    It's recommended in Navy pier.
    You can't make an appointment.
    3. The Jordan Restaurant at Bulls Home If boys like basketball very much, add a trip to the Bulls'home court and eat Jordan's restaurant.
    4. Niu A place for sushi.
    Environmental services are good.
    6. Horn Gyu-kaku Barbecue shop, if you go to Happy Hour, it's half price.
    7. The seventh recommendation is a small restaurant, a little south of Chinatown, called Golden Horse Car Tea Restaurant.
    It's cheap, and it's delicious.
    Cantonese style.
    Shops are small.
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