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Hello, teacher!
Now better colleges and universities need to interview students and parents, but if parents'English is not good, can't communicate with the interviewer in English?
Children's English is excellent.
Can they be interpreters?
Will this affect the admission of children?
Thank you for your help!
Lanying 0 reply 10 answers Teacher Wu Experts studying abroad Hello, this parent!
After communicating with the children, the interviewer will communicate with the parents for more than ten to twenty minutes.
In the meantime, it is absolutely no problem for a child to translate for him, and he can be given extra points.
In addition, parents need to do some interview preparation with their children in advance, mainly divided into academic, activities and personality, which should reflect the way you train your children, family harmony, the advantages of the child's personality and the need for improvement, his interests, what activities have been done before, how you educate him and support him.
But be aware that you and your children should behave naturally and appropriately during the interview.
Don't let the interviewer think you are reciting the answers.
00 reply Mr.
Zhao Experts studying abroad The key is the students!
Parents do not need to speak English.
Admission officers can also feel it!
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Zhang Experts studying abroad Student translation is only the best, which is what the interviewer hopes.
00 reply Teacher Peng Experts studying abroad It doesn't matter whether parents'English is good or not.
If children can translate, it will not affect their children's admission, but will give them more marks.
00 reply Teacher Wang Experts studying abroad It won't affect.
It's also an opportunity for children to exercise, haha.
00 reply Teacher Liu Experts studying abroad Such a situation can only be a bonus.
Need to prepare in advance with the child, after all, the child has talked with the interviewer, you can also use this opportunity to clarify the things that are not clear, through the introduction of parents and answers to emphasize, while showing the child's ability.
It doesn't matter what your child's English is like.
After all, he's interviewed alone.
It's a good thing to say it better again.
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Jiang Experts studying abroad Parents'interviews, some arranged before the children's interview, some arranged after the children's interview, depending on the school situation, the time is about 20-30 minutes.
Body language should be 16 words:
good manners, strong handshake, focused eyes, and smiling face.
Interview, in fact, is a kind of communication and communication.
Therefore, when answering the interviewer's questions, you can't just answer yes, no or other two or three words.
Parents should know that the interviewer relies on questions to lead to a topiC.He hopes you can talk more about your child around this topic, so that he can understand more.
You can also use this topic to express your child's special and excellent qualities, and to guide the interviewer to topics that his or her children are good at.
In this way, it makes the whole interview more like a communication between the two sides, rather than a question-and-answer.
In addition, parents should pay attention to some of the application materials do not reflect the things.
If the child's standardization results are good and there are awards, these aspects can be reflected in the application materials, there is no need to repeat them many times.
For example, children's math is full, parents also repeatedly say that children are smart and good at math, which is not necessary.
We should talk more about children's "soft power" in limited time.
In addition, the person interviewed for you is very important.
When the admission committee is discussing, the person will usually be present.
First, the person will talk about the impression of the student's interview.
Of course, interview records are the way other teachers get to know their students.
Children's interviews are more important than parents'interviews.
Prepare your children well.
Parents just need to relax and be kinD.Of course, you should be prepared for the characteristics of your child and some important things in your growth experience.
Interviewers usually ask.
As for the questions parents ask about schools, they can ask some related questions related to the details of life, such as how to communicate between schools and parents, how to deal with schools when children encounter problems in their study or life, or how to take care of their children's special skills.
Children can translate during interviews, and schools may arrange for others to translate.
00 reply Teacher Fang Experts studying abroad Mega is not an interview parent for international students.
They just want to know more about their parents, so don't worry too much.
Let the child be a translator, I think it is possible to add points, at least reflects that the child is willing to accept challenges, regardless of how he translates, can give the admissions officer more impression.
00 reply American high school Expert 2 Experts studying abroad The child's English is good, of course, can let the child act as a translator, you can simulate in advance.
If you cooperate well, you can get extra points!
00 reply Teacher Yang Experts studying abroad Let the students translate, no problem.
It's about picking students.
Parents are an assistant, so don't make mistakes.
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