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I want to show my children's art works to the school, but I haven't done much in junior high school in recent years.
Most of the works in primary school and some kindergartens are painted by the children themselves.
Mothers feel that they can reflect the imagination and observation of their children.
They are quite gifted, and the children also want to continue drawing.
Are these useful?
Henry's 0 reply 10 answers Teacher Wang Experts studying abroad If the students are good at art, they can show it to the school of works collection.
But unlike China and the United States, they will not stop their hobbies because of high school pressure, so if you want to provide a collection of works, it is recommended that students continue to practice.
00 reply American high school Expert 4 Experts studying abroad I think it would be useful if I could go to the United States for an interview then.
Now I have to do my best to prepare the supplementary materials.
00 reply Teacher Ma Experts studying abroad Yes, the system is sorted out.
To relevant teachers.
Although time is a bit long, but also a hobby, if really spiritual will help.
00 reply Teacher Zhou Experts studying abroad The works of a long time ago have no effect.
00 reply American high school Expert 2 Experts studying abroad Schools are interested in the performance of recent years.
Why not share the gifts of children in junior high school with schools?
00 reply Teacher Liu Experts studying abroad Previous works can not reflect the current level of children's painting, if you want to show that children have a certain painting skills, can be used, but choose the best two or three works can be.
00 reply Teacher Huang Experts studying abroad It is of little use.
Firstly, if you have talent, it will be bad if you don't go deep in the later period.
Second, parents'understanding of talent is easy to exaggerate.
In fact, many gifts, schools simply do not look up to.
The conclusion can be submitted or not, but don't emphasize it in the application materials.
00 reply Teacher Fang Experts studying abroad I can't show my children's interest in art, because I haven't insisted on it in recent years.
If I really like it, I don't think so.
00 reply Teacher Xia Experts studying abroad Hello, it's no use telling the truth.
This stunt, sports, music, art, is normal in boarding schools in the United States.
If the stunt is world-class, it can only play a role. come on 00 reply Teacher Chen Experts studying abroad Time lag is not very useful.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Start out to visit San Francisco.
    (San Francisco is a mountain city) San Francisco is located on the west coast of the United States, adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, with a population of more than 800,000.
    It is a city built on more than 40 hills of different sizes and heights.
    The roads in the city are either uphill or downhill.
    There are few flat roads.
    The first place to go is the Golden Gate Bridge.
    The bridge was painted orange, and I thought it was unfinished with rust-proof paint.
    It turned out to be foggy here in San Francisco, and orange paint made it easier for ships sailing at sea to find it.
    The Jinmen Bridge, completed in 1937, is a highway bridge.
    It is the portal of SAN FRANCISCO port.
    The wind and geological conditions of the Bay are not good.
    It is very difficult to build bridges.
    There are many earthquakes in the area.
    It is impossible to build more piers.
    The height of the bridge can also pass ocean-going ships.
    So it is built in this way.
    But maybe I have the plot of my hometown.
    I don't think it's as beautiful as the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge.
    When the Yangtze River Bridge was opened to traffic, I often went to play with my friends on the Yangtze River Bridge.
    There was a door at the bottom of the bridgehead, which could be automatically switched on and off.
    After entering, it could rise to the top.
    Oh, it was an elevator.
    This is the first time in my life to take the elevator.
    I can't say how happy I am.
    That scene is still deeply impressed in my mind.
    Fisherman's Wharf is also a must for tourists.
    It's too commercial.
    There are shops everywhere.
    Of course, what you sell is the kind you don't want to buy.
    Suddenly I heard music coming from there.
    Several blacks put their steel drums on the street.
    They were in high spirits, with smart movements and wonderful performances.
    I wanted to listen more for a while, but I still had some unfinished tasks.
    I took some pictures and left in a hurry.
    (Black steel drum band, great) The tour guide gave us two hours to have lunch and hang out at the Fisherman's Wharf, but Mr.
    Wang and I started our shopping trip in San Francisco.
    When it comes to shopping trips in San Francisco, we have to start with Denver.
    In Denver, MD and GJ took us to various shopping malls many times.
    Teacher W solved everything he wanted to buy in Denver.
    I blame myself for my incomplete thinking.
    I thought: I bought things in Denver, didn't I want to run half of the United States with them? Anyway, I still have time to shop in Los Angeles, so I'll leave everything in Los Angeles to settle.
    Out of Las Vegas, I was silly in Otelles, where Otelles had nothing I wanted at all.
    What to do? It's late in Los Angeles and it's weekend.
    It's impossible to have time to shop.
    San Francisco is the only remedial shopping place.
    So when I get to Los Angeles, I call my eldest sister.
    Gj laughs over there and says, "Look, don't listen to me.
    We'll take you to Denver for the best shopping and the prices are low.
    " You don't buy it, and now you regret it, ha! Ha! Ha!" Laughter never ceased.
    Call my sister again.
    She lives in San Francisco.
    Soon my little sister called.
    She didn't know where NIKE's store was in San Francisco.
    She just said that you could find some sales products.
    See if there were any.
    The telephone signal was not good.
    After a long and wordy talk for a long time, I was afraid to delay my little sister's time.
    I hung up the phone incoherently and hurriedly.
    Speaking of meeting my little sister, it was also a wonderful coincidence.
    They dragged the trunk forward and left the busy business district.
    On the road, there was a kind of tramcar.
    Its power was underground, and somehow they dragged the car forward.
    That's amazing.
    The sidewalks on both sides of the road are not wide.
    There are usually three or two people standing there, which makes people feel a little scared.
    When passing by them, they try to bow their heads and walk quickly, thinking: they will not suddenly attack us, right? In short, I feel a little insecure.
    According to the way that the beautiful woman pointed out, walking forward, feeling uncertain, he went into a shop again, and did not know what to sell, and asked the way again.
    A woman inside picked up the map on the table and drew our destination with a brush.
    I looked back and saw that the table was full of maps.
    It was originally an organization specializing in helping passers-by.
    After expressing gratitude, the woman came out again and stood on the street pointing out the direction we were going before turning away.
    We were filled with gratitude.
    The original grass-roots staff working for the U.S. government are so dedicated, so sincere, really touched, from the bottom of my heart, admire their quality is really very high.
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