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What kind of geographical location should American high school choose?
Do you choose to be close to a big city or relatively remote?
Jessie 0 reply 10 answers Miss Li Experts studying abroad Suggestions can be made to be closer to big cities, so that there will be more opportunities for social communication and social opportunities.
00 reply Teacher Liu Experts studying abroad It's all about irresponsible parents.
Tell them:
Go to school and try.
How can such irresponsible parents pretend to care about their children's future?
Of course, if there is no choice, there will be no position.
How do you fly to a school three hours away from the airport?
How do I get to the airport?
How do I get back to school?
How few Chinese children are there in school?
No need to talk about extracurricular activities!
So if you have the opportunity to choose, location is very important.
00 reply American high school Expert 3 Experts studying abroad There is no standard answer to this question.
It mainly depends on the children's own preferences and the focus of parents'attention.
There are advantages and disadvantages in the distance between the school and the city.
In fact, many Mega and Gao schools are a certain distance from the big city, I think as long as the airport is less than three hours away from the school, it is basically acceptable.
Some schools far away from big cities will have very complete living facilities and conditions, which can fully meet the needs of all aspects of life.
In addition, schools usually arrange transportation to and from the airport during school and holidays.
Some remote schools are really helpful for students to concentrate on the school's various learning and sports activities.
Generally, such schools have large campuses and abundant space for students'activities.
And these schools usually arrange vehicles for students to go shopping and leisure in nearby towns on weekends, so life will not be affected by the distance from big cities.
The disadvantage is that there are not many opportunities to use the resources of big cities, and because of the distance, there are fewer inter-school activities with other schools.
The school transportation is very convenient, and the school will organize or students themselves to visit the museums, libraries, universities or government meetings in big cities on a regular basis.
There are indeed many learning resources available.
However, the campus of such schools is generally not very large, some sports can not be carried out, and students'learning and life and activities will be some interference.
So in choosing a school, it depends on whether the child's personality likes a busy or quiet environment.
Parents focus on transportation convenience or learning resources, etC.But even if the same remote school or the same school near the city, different schools also have their own situation, so school selection should be considered in a comprehensive way, considering a single geographical location factor is likely to be biased in school selection.
For reference only!
00 reply Teacher Wang Experts studying abroad Based on the purpose of studying abroad and the current competitive situation, geographical location will not be the preferred factor.
Sure, it's more convenient to get close to big cities in all aspects, but the United States does not seem to have too many "big cities".
There are also many high-quality universities and high schools that are not in a good position as we understand them.
So, we should choose schools as the main ones, with the location as the supplement.
00 reply Mr.
Jiang Experts studying abroad Personal feelings are related to individuals!
It is better to focus on Wa's character and school-related resources.
For example, school curriculum resources and activity resources are the main resources.
00 reply Teacher Huang Experts studying abroad I think choosing a school is much more important than choosing a place.
A good school is worth going even if it is far away.
00 reply Mr.
Zhang Experts studying abroad Northeast of Virginia, there are about 150 boarding schools, more than 20 in California, and the rest are distributed in various states.
Choosing a geographical location depends on the distribution of schools in a large area, the level of regional education and regional characteristics.
For example, California has a good sunshine, a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere and a large number of Chinese people; the Northeast has a long history and a high quality of education; the second is to see how children and schools make use of their geographical location, such as the schools near New York, although they are very close to New York, but it depends on how children make use of them, such as whether they will go to big cities on weekends and small festivals.
Another is how schools make good use of regional advantages.
For example, schools near New York tell me that they often invite celebrities to give speeches at schools, go to the city to watch football games and so on.
This is a comparative advantage.
Thirdly, people mention more traffic problems, and the relative area refers to countless roundtrips, which can even be ignoreD.In a word, geography should not be the most important factor in high school.
00 reply Teacher Peng Experts studying abroad Hello, there are many factors in choosing a school, and now the competition is so fierce, it's good to have a good school to be admitteD.It's not too luxurious to use location as an important factor in choosing a school.
We can figure out that boarding schools have an average of 5 students per school and only 500 of the top 100 boarding schools.
Now there are 50,000 students going to high schools in the United States, so only 1% of the students can realize their dreams.
Even if the average number of `10 students per school'(certainly not up to this figure), only 2% of the students can realize their dreams.
00 reply American high school Expert 4 Experts studying abroad Now it's not a time when we only read saints and don't ask about things outside the window.
Especially in the past from big cities in China, of course, it's better to choose the neighborhood of big cities.
Not only can we enrich our spare time, but also it's more convenient to participate in extra-curricular events.
It's not difficult to go to a nearby school for a weekend class.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    One weekend in early November, a sunny autumn day.
    After breakfast, my brother drove us to the Peace Valley Museum of Biology.
    In late autumn in Pennsylvania, the sky is blue and most of the leaves have changed color.
    Along the way, along with the ups and downs of the road in the hilly area, clusters of colorful leaves flew through the eyes as if shuttling through colorful forests.
    After this forest, it is our destination today.
    The green lawn beside the flat road is more delicate because of its red leaves and colorful branches.
    In a green and yellow leaves, this red maple is gorgeous and eye-catching.
    Deep in the woods is the Museum of Biology.
    Some old American families come with their children.
    Simple and elegant Biological Museum, with a line of letters spelled in colour on the outer wall of pale gray boards: "Learning people love living things and flowers, and do not destroy their lives and happiness.
    " Maybe that's the purpose of the Museum of Biology.
    The lobby is also very simple.
    The sign on the wall shows that this is a non-profit place for education invested by a founding foundation, which is equivalent to our youth education base.
    The small hall is full of content.
    All the local animals and plants are on display.
    It was the specimens of small animals, dressed in fairy tales, with a self-conscious manner, that made people laugh.
    That's true for adults, not to mention children.
    I sincerely admire the creativity of museum staff and design this small exhibition hall into a fairy tale world that children love.
    The narrative of each animal, its role in fairy tales and nature, its habits and habitats are described in detail in the exhibition boards and glass cabinets below.
    The museum also sells animal dolls and T-shirts with community signs at very close prices.
    For example, a T-shirt costs only $5. The spider web hangs in front of the window.
    At first glance, I think there are really two big spiders.
    This area is the children's world, their works can be posted on this wooden exhibition board at any time for people to see.
    At the corner of the exhibition hall is a display of the heating stove used by the community in the past, while the brick pattern on the wall shows the area where solar energy is used as energy in the county today.
    The strong contrast has aroused people's thinking on environmental protection, energy saving and ecological utilization.
    Watch the birds by the lake outside the window.
    Outside the doors and windows, the autumn creatures and their distribution in the area are displayed.
    Out of the back door of the Museum of Biology, Peace Lake lies ahead.
    A large group of water birds live on the lake, comfortable and comfortable.
    The view seen through the museum telescope was a surprise.
    I really want to praise the ecology and environmental protection here! Many people take their children to the museum and then go to the lake to see birds.
    Driving to the other side of the lake, the parking lot in American Park is generous, empty and free.
    No wonder Americans don't have good reverse technology.
    They don't use it at all.
    Behind the white car was a boat, which seemed ready to go boating in the lake.
    In the afternoon, the sun was shining brightly.
    Some people were running by the lake.
    Blue sky, green grassland, quiet lake water, and forest around the lake.
    We are intoxicated with the charm of nature and enjoy the sounds of nature.
    More than half a month apart, most of the red leaves on the hills across the bank have withered, leaving light brown branches.
    The sky and water are the same, and the lake is like a mirror.
    The breeze blew, the sky floated a few white clouds, the lake sparkling waves.
    A pair of wild ducks swam leisurely.
    Hurry up and keep a close-up.
    It's so beautiful! ____________ The waterfowl on this side is obviously much less than that on the other side of the museum.
    People who lament the location of the museum should have made a detailed investigation.
    A group of Canadian geese lazily enjoy the lake water and sunshine.
    Visitors to the lake, but tirelessly play with water sightseeing.
    A pair of lovely girls ran to the lake.
    Mother is reading under the tree, what a warm picture.
    Everything is so quiet and beautiful, although not willing to return, but eventually to leave.
    Let time solidify and leave a few more beautiful sceneries.
    Ready to leave.
    Such colorful leaves will not last for a few days, and an autumn rain will fall one after another.
    On the way home, I saw the horses in the private ranch.
    Pennsylvania is an agricultural state with a lot of pastures.
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