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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Here are all consulting high school junior high school, but I want to take five-year-old children to the United States to study K, mainly to feel the life of the United States.
I will also study for one year and go back to primary school.
What I want to ask is:
1) Can children's F1 be done?
There is no known person in the United States.
2) I can only accompany the students as B2. I don't know if I can apply for an extension at that time.
I don't know if it is feasible to apply for an extension for the reasons of accompanying the students.
Winter sunshine 0 reply 10 answers American high school Expert 5 Experts studying abroad Class B visa can not be extendeD.Kindergarden does not issue Class F visA.If you study, you can only stay for a short period of time.
The longest period of stay is 6 months, but generally not so long.
If you are a class J visa, more than one year is possible.
00 reply Mr.
Jiang Experts studying abroad Many schools distribute I-20 forms in K and first grade.
00 reply Miss Li Experts studying abroad Some schools can issue kindergarten grade I-20, but it is difficult to find a school to send it to you, because the school is responsible for the I-20 issued by it.
In addition, even if I-20 is obtained, it does not mean that you can get a visA.Because:
from the limited information you provide, it can be inferred that you are not taking care of your children in the United States; B2 visa is not a legitimate accompanying visA.Therefore, it is very difficult for a 5-year-old child to apply for an F1 visA.On the contrary, if you are qualified, you can consider applying for the F1 visa, and your child may have the opportunity to apply for the F2 accompanying visA.To be careful, parents have a great chance to refuse to apply for F1 visas, so we should take this into account.
00 reply American high school Expert 1 Experts studying abroad It is estimated that K can not sign F1, which primary school will I 20.
Parents can't accompany their children, only one spouse can accompany the other.
Even then, accompanying students can't apply for an extension on their own.
They need to follow the deadline of F1, and how long does F1 stay with them?
00 reply Teacher Ma Experts studying abroad No, because F1 is an independent visa, that is to say, without any other visa validity as a prerequisite, the United States has not yet provided full-time boarding K schools, so parents should be able to stay in the United States as a prerequisite.
Unless you have other visas (e.
J or H), your child will follow you with an attached visa.
Some schools (such as small places where foreigners are not very many) are not so strict on visas.
You and your children can both get B visas and rent a house in the United States and go to school here for a short time.
00 reply Sun teacher Experts studying abroad Normal application, normal processing, to that point, we have not done, not sure.
My suggestion is to try.
It may be very simple.
In fact, there is a most secure way.
Immediately deal with immigration to the United States and settle everything 00 reply Mr.
Zhang Experts studying abroad K few schools can use F1, it is recommended that parents go to the United States to study, and then take their children to F2 on K.
00 reply Teacher Huang Experts studying abroad Five-year-olds can't get F1 visas 00 reply Teacher Fang Experts studying abroad 1. I don't know much about F1, but I don't think Kindgarden can take F1. 2. B2 does not have the function of accompanying reading, so it is not allowed to apply for postponement of accompanying reading.
B2 visa stipulates that the annual stay in the United States should not exceed 180 days.
I'm not talking about the rule that someone has been talking about for more than 180 days.
00 reply Teacher Chen Experts studying abroad Hello, your plan is very difficult to achieve.
It can be said that it is unrealistiC.Visas may be the biggest problem.
There may be no effect of one year's study.
This age learns quickly and forgets quickly.
The following teacher said that it might be better to go to summer school in the United States for two months every summer vacation. come on
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Chicago, a very special city, has a different flavor from New York and is worth visiting.
    Let's stop talking nonsense.
    This time, let's talk about my tour route and experience.
    It may not be the best, but it saves time and effort.
    Always remember that the Internet is the first information disseminator, all information can be found on the Internet (Google), personal comparison under the tourism project that summer is more suitable for travel to Chicago.
    Museums are sometimes free, Google for a specific time.
    Make good use of the internet, the internet, before you go anywhere.
    Eat, drink, play, shop and so on.
    It seems that I remember what other activities I had with MasterCard in a magnificent mile.
    In short, in short, we should use the network well and not take detours.
    First day At about 7:30 in the morning, I got on a small train in downtown lafayette.
    The train was 20 minutes late.
    It's said to be normal.
    Because I read the source code, I insisted on experiencing the feeling of the small train.
    It's a pity that I didn't sit on the two floors.
    Trains are much better than imagination.
    Individuals feel more comfortable than domestic Harmony and Intercity.
    They have more space and fewer people.
    One person can occupy two seats.
    The train is not moving fast, just to make up for a wake-up, waking up to enjoy the scenery along the road, pasture, animals, blue sky and white clouds, very good mood! ___________ The journey began in such leisure.
    The train arrived at the Union Station in Chicago at 10 o'clock and was on time.
    We decided to go to Museum Campus when we got off, but it was a bit difficult to find the bus.
    Out of the station, I don't know where it is.
    Finally, I touched the Quncy station of orange line.
    From the Jackson Street of union station, I walked along the Jackson street.
    During this time, I would pass Skydeck and find a station when I saw the subway track.
    We buy CTA cards, buses and trains, just pay for them.
    For two days, 15-20 is about the same.
    You can also buy 3-day pass.
    Orange line gets off Roosevelt and transfers 146 to Museum campus.
    Don't miss your seat.
    If we can get off at the entrance of the Astronomical Museum by going directly to the Adler Astronomical Museum, we are at the entrance of the field and walk to the Astronomical Museum, but we do not regret leaving the wrong station, because the scenery along the road is so beautiful and explosive.
    From the field storm to adler, on the left is downtown Chicago panorama and immense Lake Michigan, and on the right is a small port with private cruises and fishing people.
    Both sceneries are invincible.
    To adler, because of citypass, soon entered the library, and Citypass includes 3D movies and what experience (time is not enough), very valuable.
    After playing at upper level for more than an hour, I decided it was time to eat.
    It was already two o'clock in the afternoon.
    Adler has a cafe, invincible Lake view, and the food is delicious and inexpensive, they spent 22 knives to support death.
    When you get out of adler, you must take a picture on the terrace or lawn outside caf_, because behind you is the downtown Chicago panorama, handsome! When he arrived at the field, he was told to close the door early, so he decided to come back tomorrow and work on the aquarium.
    It took half an hour to find frogs in the Amazon forest alone.
    There were big snakes and very budding monkeys.
    When I watched 4D movies, I found that there were parents and children around me, all kinds of puddles, but they were very beautiful, and there were bubbles, go Dora and Deigo! Dolphin shows are also wonderful.
    I've seen many similar performances in N.
    But it's very special here.
    They tell you how to train dolphins.
    What they show you is a process.
    It's interesting.
    And jellyfish shows, suffocating little guys.
    The aquarium also has sharks, polar animals, super Q.
    Closing at 6 o'clock, we are willing to leave, continue to the next point, skydeck, invincible night view.
    After leaving the building at 8 o'clock, we began to think about dinner.
    Between the day of the rampage has been quite tired, plus four stars of Hyatt waiting for us, so bought a variety of food, take 151 back to the hotel.
    The 70-knife room on Priceline is just across from Monroe in Hyatt.
    It's also in a very good location.
    This hotel is too good.
    Two queen's beds, wash gargle is very good, superb.
    Seven hours'sleep, no dream at all.
    It's great.
    It's the best time to sleep in America.
    The second day Get up at 7:30, feed yourself, check out handsomely after self-portrait.
    There were only two and a half hours to go to the field, so I had to watch the flowers on foot.
    Animals are specimens, giant specimens, handsome.
    Mayan culture, Egyptian culture, underground exploration, dinosaur evolutionary history, anyway, are all kinds of surprises.
    It's better to come back here after a wonderful night at the Movie Museum.
    It's said that it works better.
    Then take 146 to go back to the river building tour.
    This time I really got off at Monroe's stop and could see the pier across the street.
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