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In the United States, four years of high school, different states for the future application for university big difference?
It is said that schools in our state prefer to recruit students from our state.
Annual Address 10 answers 4 Is it true that there is little difference between local high schools and private universities, and tuition fees are preferential for the public?
Personally, it is more important to apply for a suitable high school for children.
It helps children to discover and discover themselves.
It is more important to cultivate children's ability to discover themselves than to choose which university.
Miss Li For international students, private universities alone can help, because they have a high awareness of high school.
But if it were a public university, there would be no advantage, because public schools would only give preferential treatment to Americans in the state.
Teacher Ma Different states have different policies.
When applying for public universities, they pay more attention to their own schools.
Private universities are better.
Teacher Yang Hello, I don't think this question is very different for international students.
Zhao Honshu schools like to collect students from Honshu mainly for public universities.
There is not much difference for international students.
Of course, schools near high schools generally recruit more students from this high school because of their good relationships.
Teacher Peng The advantage of geographical location is that in addition to the university's recruitment, the key high schools near trust are more enrolled and become feeder schools.
At the same time, because there are more applicants and more applicants, the number of admissions will also be biaseD.It's better to refer to the admission rate, and live in the same place for a long time, and have more parents (alumni) or more parents (alumni).
Brothers and sisters (sibling) are related to this university, which leads to a higher admission rate.
Teacher Liu I don't know the reason for asking this question.
If it's to choose a high school, I don't think it's necessary to consider this question as a key factor.
Children are not yet qualitative, more uncertain, pay attention to every step, and what is the standard of a good school?
It is also in the process of high school to constantly think and choose.
The foundation of Shangxinyi University is to know what you want, to strive to improve yourself, to be the best in our university, to be the best in our university - the process is well grasped, and to apply for undergraduate course is a matter of course.
What's more, what's right is the best.
Teacher Zhou Applying for university is very individualizeD.In addition to the opinions of the following experts and teachers, it is the students themselves that decide where they want to go in the enD.Honshu University knows more about Honshu University.
It is normal for students to be admitted to Honshu University because they are close to home and have preferential tuition fees.
Excellent students from other states can also apply to excellent universities in different states.
5 It mainly depends on the students'application backgrounD.For different states to apply for certain schools, the difference is more subtle.
It can only be said that the relative probability will be higher, depending on the grade and level of the applicant's application.
1 From a scientific point of view, there are two answers to this question.
1. The advantages of geographical location make you more familiar with your high school.
Naturally, you will be more familiar with your high school curriculum, the difficulty of the curriculum, and even know the teachers.
Naturally, you have a higher degree of truSt.Naturally, there is a natural advantage in admission.
This also explains why many high schools like California go to UC and Cal State.
2. It's also a disadvantage sometimes.
One of the characteristics of American education is diversity, which is one of the reasons why many American high schools and universities accept international students.
For some of the most competitive universities, they also want to know about students from relatively cold states in the United States.
For example, Iowa agriculture is famous, and they also want undergraduates with this background.
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